Free Speech, Google Disinformation, Mind Control – Where’s the Hacking Truth?

Free speech is a persons right. Everyone has a right to speak their own mind. Sometimes what they say can have serious consequences. That’s what happens with free will!

For example if someone says… “I am going to _____ you.” Depending on what tiny little word is placed in that declaration… the outcome can vary. There are consequences to a persons words just as much as to their actions.

I’m sure Lin Wood, the defamation attorney, can answer what can happen with free speech rights much better than me. Smile.

Which bring us to, there is a certain well known figure who has said he was ultra mind controlled and not always in charge of his own thinking. That same person who I will leave nameless, and just refer to as a fallen rap star, has obviously either acted out for attention, or once again is being mind controlled, or he is just mentally unstable and maybe always has been. I’m not a psychiatrist… I just see the behavior and it is not pleasant, and looks crazy. But, no more crazy than listening to Klaus Schwab saying we will have nothing and be happy after they chip our brains, or listening to Harari tell us free will and soul is a thing of the past. So maybe he’s one of those guys? Or part of their new program for he certainly has lost everything and appears to be happy and he has given up his free will, but still has the right of free speech? Or whoever is programming him has that right and has pulled as many as possible into his programming with him. Or is making one grand attempt to do so.

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Who knows? But people are talking about his right to say whatever he wants. Well, he does but is he? He doesn’t seem to have control over his mind any more. That is sad, but then again… he is not alone in that. Many are being duped and now have entered into his new reality show and are taking sides on this fictional stage, and losing sight of all reality. But alas, he and those dragged into his reality show will also have consequences as he and they choose to abuse the right to free speech and they all begin to one by one cross the line and say things publicly that are harmful and hurting to others. But, then again… isn’t that the plan? A sinister plan to somehow prove that censorship is needed? Perhaps this will lead into censoring thought all together…but then again that is what Schwab and Harari are pushing now isn’t it?

Imagine, going into your work place and saying whatever you want to say to people because it is your right to say whatever you want… depending on what you say… because it is your right, you may find yourself getting fired. Now imagine signing up for unemployment and telling the judicator what you said that got you fired… and being denied unemployment because that was legal and good cause to fire you.

Well, that is what is happening to this one and many like him right now. His sponsors who were his employers have fired him, many of his fans (who were his employers as they bought his music brand, etc.) has fired him. Those who didn’t know of him or buy his brand, nor follow it before are now hearing him (some for the first time), and firing him as they don’t want to listen to him. And now even a rocket scientist who has a knack for being out of this world himself, has said, enough oh fallen one… you’ve gone to far into outter space where even birdies do not fly … bye bye.

Which bring us to the question, what are the rights of those who have been dragged into his unstable actions?

When a person goes public and says things that are self destructive to himself, that self destruction is a big consequence. No one does it to him. That one does it to themselves. Words are not always backed by a truth. Words are a way to describe and express ones thoughts, it’s called an opinion. This is what Harari says people don’t need. That is the ultimate censorship. They hate it when you tell a truth and they hate it when you give an opinion. They combat that by calling it disinformation. Some words can express emotion, such as oh _____. Curse words are not considered socially acceptable, but they are used to express. It is your right to say what you choose, it is your free speech.

But all of this mind programming is a seed planted long ago and watered carefully by the scientific and A.I. community… it isn’t new it is just now out in the open. There have been many TED talks about these subjects and many banned/censored over a decade ago. Read: Rupert Sheldrake’s banned TED Talk | Fully Human (

image 5


They describe “Free Will” through a hypothesis made by Dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer which he stated that “consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain, a field which lies in another dimension“.

They don’t know God so they leave that out of their science. They describe this “other dimension” as one that shares information with the brain through quantum entanglement, where particles appear to be connected despite vast distances between them.”

They know not that this other dimension, their so called quantum entanglement is a God dimension. And they know not that this strange thing called free will is a process that God has given to all mankind. Free will is a God given gift to us all to think, feel and choose. The mind is simply this process of thinking, feeling and choosing. The mind is not a body part… it cannot be defined in the same manner as the heart, the lung, or a finger.

Science wants to see it so they can control it, or rather remove it. This is the thing they hate because as they (Schwab and Harari) have said, we don’t know what a person is thinking. They want to know what a person is thinking so they can control them.

They don’t want you to pray to the one in the dimension they cannot see, nor do they dare to enter into it because they follow Satan and his demonic anti humanity, anti God realm and that is what Schwab and Harari and the KM Oligarchs want to force on all humanity. Their anti-God realm.

It appears that the goal here is to kill, steal and destroy God and all that belongs to God.

This is their reality show, and not mine. This is what they are trying to force on all of us and this will be their downfall. They have now gone too far for they have been taking away many peoples free will through their A.I. experiments for a very long time. They have just chosen now to force it on the entire world population.

At least Dr. Meijer knew that the mental field is both physical and non-physical. He stated, “The proposed mental workspace is regarded to be non-material, but in relation to the individual brain, entertains a non-dual wave/particle relation according to quantum physical principles: it is directly dependent on the brain physiology but not reducible to it.”

Translated that means….there is a devine creator that made this mental field….which is the minds decision making process called free will and they have no idea how to really hack into it permanently, except to destroy it.

Meir admittedly stated, “If consciousness is non-physical, then the transhumanist dream of “immortality” and conscious robots might never be achieved.”

[see Google’s LaMDA Has Exposed How Little We Know Of Consciousness And The Human MindThe 2045 Movement And The Many Paths Towards Human Immortality].Read: Quantum Entanglement May Explain the Mind Existing as a Field Separate From the Brain | Fully Human (

Now is a good time to mention…they’ve been working on mind control before Google was ever in existence!

image 14

Which bring us back to the rap star and the rocket scientist.

Are we that stupid that we will allow to be mind controlled by the one(s) they are mind controlling?

Are we going to be distracted and form opinions based on a mind controlled bot (fallen star) who has now pulled a lot of others into his reality show with him? He has taken us live from the show we are in with the stolen election, and into the show that is being created by his mind control handlers? We have gone from one show into another show with side shows to boot!

It was obvious to me that the reality show gig has now gone main stream into everyone’s private lives and social gatherings. That is an infringement on other peoples privacy and rights, but then again… Google calls it their future Jigsaw puzzle and fails to call it what it really is which is a support system for their secret mind control weaponry which is DISINFORMATION.

It appears they are getting proactive by introducing behavior interventions with one of those called “pre- bunking“. They even admit it is their next dystopian idea!

image 15

Enter Googles New Mind Control Program…

Google has now presented its new project dubbed “Info Interventions” based on what it says is a behavioral science that, if these “interventions” are used as directed, could “teach” users to the degree they will become resilient to online harms.

Their new propaganda is… “If you’re tired of censorship, cancel culture, and the erosion of privacy and civil liberties subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

They care about you so much that they now have what I am calling “Become Googles fact checker” where they promise you that by “pre-bunking misinformation” users can be “immunized.”

How is this supposed to work? Google has put up a site that states the goal is to provide accuracy prompts that would refocus users’ attention toward whatever Google decides qualifies as accurate information. Basically you will be given your free will thought processes over to Google’s Jigsaw puzzle so they will put your new picture together for you. Forget finding your own pieces to the puzzle…they will cut them out for you and eliminate all the hard work of coming to the knowledge of the truth… because they will give you your truth.

I’m sure the new think tanks thought of this… as they are unable to do anything cognitive except to figure out new ways to get everyone on their memorizing bandwagon. They can’t debate real facts when they don’t know what those are and they are tired of YOU HAVING THOSE FACTS because THEY CAN’T COUNTER THE TRUTH. So they need you to see their big picture on their big box and put their puzzle together so you will be part of their LOCKSTEP RESET PROGRAM.

It sounds to me that since the vax is not working, then they will have to do some extra mind control stuff and possibly some cell phone chip 5-G frequency stuff… but if you are willing to see things their way… it makes the entire process so much easier. Less arguing, less debating, and less facts that they can’t debunk. It’s all about learning to do as they tell you to do. Obey.

The “hypothesis” appears to be that “reminding individuals to think about accuracy when they might be about to engage with false information can boost users’ pre-existing accuracy goals.” Translated that means… interfere with peoples thoughts by spamming them with their propaganda before they can form their own opinion or apply their own memory process skills to discern the truth. It is an over ride of your own mind’s free will thought processes of thinking, feeling and deciding.

And to achieve this, they have a method that will effectively train users to behave in a desired way through drawing from Google’s behavioral science research that they say has been validated by digital experiments. Of which they say, Jigsaw, was set up to “explore threats to open societies, and build technology that inspires scalable solutions.” Which sounds like algorithms. And the term “open societies” reeks of George Soro’s and his open society foundation which funds social experiments and uses all forms of digital technology.

Instead, it is wise to apply your own Pre-bunking information from your own memory resources called thinking, feeling and deciding. Stay cognitive!

image 8

In the November 30, 2022 article titled: Google to introduce behavioral “interventions” by Didi Rankovic, it states:

“A Medium post by Jigsaw posted back in March 2021 declares that research suggests there could be a powerful way to reduce “misinformation” simply by reminding internet users to think about accuracy – in other words, goading them until they move to where you want them to go.

“There’s even an attempt to guilt-trip users into thinking they are helping spread “misinformation by being prone to distractions” – whereas having accuracy as defined by Google on your mind might reduce that.”

In the article, Rankovic explains how Google Jigsaw works their misinformation….

image 9

Rankovic states that, “Currently, Google explains on its “Interventions” page, if a user scrolls through a feed they may encounter “potential misinformation.”

“That would then activate “an accuracy prompt” that would partially cover the information already labeled as misinformation.

“The prompt contains a short explanation as to why a user is seeing it, but in general, a user’s attention is now supposed to shift from the content they wanted to see, to the prompt, which means they will be directed to consider “accuracy” instead.

“They will also be subjected to something called information literacy tips.

image 10

The user’s attention is now all on the “reminder” with the content left far behind – and more importantly, as far as Google is concerned, the next time they encounter similar content, the hope is they will “think twice” (presumably, about engaging with it.)”

To me this is called an INTERRUPTION. Imagine you are reading something … and someone comes up and asks you a question and disrupts your concentration of thought. Your thought processes are redirected. You are now answering someone elses question and your thoughts are on finding that answer and no longer on forming your own opinion. Which make it harder for the average person to refocuse their attention back on the words…actually now you are doing a memorizing fact checking process and no longer using your enhanced cognitive skills.

image 11

For example back in March of 2022, Jigsaw did an article they called…. “Prebunking Anti-Vaccine Narratives: An Effective Alternative to Debunking Individual False Claims

They point out the problem and that is, “Belief in vaccine misinformation is associated with lower vaccination rates and higher vaccine resistance: a survey conducted by The COVID States Project found that only 43% of respondents who believe at least one or more false vaccine statements are vaccinated, while 70% of respondents who do not believe any of the four false vaccine statements reported being vaccinated.”

Remember Misinformation and Disinformation is what is known as propaganda and this is their Disinformation campaign. We are seeking truth. They who are pushing Google’s fact checking information warfare are trying to replace the truth with their lies that they call facts. This is all deception and gaslighting. Pre-Bunking is a gaslighting and disinformation technique.

Jigsaw teach others:  “To get out ahead of fast-moving falsehoods, Jigsaw has been testing prebunking (or “attitudinal inoculation”) as a way to teach people to spot and resist manipulative messages. This technique has been tested and shown to work across a range of topics such as alcohol educationextremismclimate change, and health. By teaching people about the manipulative approaches (like scapegoating or anti-semitic tropes, for example) commonly used in misinformation, and showing what these might look like in hypothetical examples, viewers can better resist future attempts to manipulate them. We’ve worked with academic experts at the University of Cambridge, University of Bristol, and American University’s Polarization and Extremism Research Innovation Lab (PERIL) with promising results in using this technique to counter online misinformation, and common male supremacy and white supremacy messages, respectively.

NOTE: They use their psychology in reverse. For example when they say viewers can better resist attempts to manipulate them… it actually means resist attempts of learning the TRUTH!

We have all seen the propaganda news… such as the video below.

They say: “We worked with trained medical professionals to “prebunk,” or preemptively correct, common misleading narratives about vaccine safety. Watch all videos on YouTube.”

They have a wide variety of Jigsaw pre-bunking or shall we call it what it really is…’MINDWASHING’ how to articles from A to Z. Read: Prebunking Anti-Vaccine Narratives: An Effective Alternative to Debunking Individual False Claims | by Jigsaw | Jigsaw | Medium

image 13

The Jigsaw article on Conspiracy Theories Have Much in Common. Their Differences May Hold the Key to Identifying When They Turn full of tips on how to mess with people’s minds!

Excerpt: “In a study led by researchers at the RAND Corporation, the team conducted a modeling effort to analyze conspiracy theory discourse at scale, ultimately analyzing 150,000 social media posts covering four popular conspiracy theories — alien visitation, white genocide, COVID origin, and anti-vaccination.” These studies helped them to figure out how to get YOU to believe their lies instead of the truth. Read:Conspiracy Theories Have Much in Common. Their Differences May Hold the Key to Identifying When They Turn Violent. | by Jigsaw | Jigsaw | Medium

image 12

Which bring us back to the fallen rap star and the reality show in his head…

So now the buzz is that who ever and what ever he says about anyone is his right, because he has free speech. Meanwhile, those he drags into his show with him by surprise attacks are punished because of his mouth, his behavior, his actions, and his right to be crazy and appear mentally ill to the world.

Well, I’m not trying to give that crazy, dysfunctional person publicity here… not at all. This blog is not about the crazy, mentally confused person…it is about the way people are responding to the crazy, mentally confused person and the mind control techniques being used on us whether we like it or not. I do hope that has come across clearly.

It amazed me to hear people blame Trump for what this crazy fallen star and his uninvited tag alongs said and did at Mar-a-Lago, which are things that Trump has no control over. The same fallen guest who made the rounds on podcasts, and ended up suspended or fired from the birdie, who obviously is being mind controlled by someone with a joy stick zapping frequencies into his chip. I was amazed but it never surprised me.

So the question is… if you had a friend or family member acting out in public what would you do? Would you applaud that one or would you take them aside and talk to them about their behavior? Would you just watch as they self destructed or would you try to show them a better way?

image 6

In the real world, if there is such a thing as a real world, there is a difference between mental disorders, behavior disorders, the truth, and an opinion. There is a big difference and how one is treated has a lot to do with those differences. There are institutions and hospitals that can offer help to the mentally imbalanced. But, when it is mind control issues… that needs to be addressed differently. When those mind controllers start using their own who they control to controll the masses in our face… then it is time to wake up and call it out for what it is. Mind control!

We now know about Google and its Jigsaw mind control programming that matches fake news programming and now we see how it affects social media and that programming. When someone who is being programmed shouts for his right to speak… and doesn’t know from day to day what his reality is, nor how to reason what is or isn’t appropriate behavior… I say let him talk to himself in the park and hunt for blue birdies there.

One never knows what that kind of crazy will do so it’s best to leave it alone. Remember to stay focused on what is really important. A man’s nervous break down and or mind control take down is not my thing to watch. It’s sad actually. Pathetic, wicked and sad. Let him have his ideas and his full blown nervous break down. Just because he rattles off words it doesn’t make any of it truth. But it did lend for us to find a lot more on how the disinformation war works. In that … it did take a rocket scientist and a fallen star.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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