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On the money: Yellen’s next milestone is name on US currency (

So, is this a joke? I thought it was illegal to write on US currency? Is this like a book signing at Barnes and Nobel only with currency? Do we stand in line and have them autograph our fiat paper?

But to clear the air… it is only fitting to have the right names on the Fiat dollar as it crashes and burns…..

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Way31ABC wrote an article titled: “Yellen sees her signature printed on US bills for the first time”.

“Yellen and Malerba viewed the official engraving plates of sheets of dollars, using magnifying glasses to see their signatures. Yellen was then shown how to engrave a number into a conduction plate that will be used to produce the currency. She even got to push a button to print sheets of new bills.

“Yellen said in remarks after her tour that she was “truly honored” by the banknotes, which will be delivered to the Federal Reserve this month and begin to circulate to Americans’ wallets “starting in the new year.”

“You would think this would be a straightforward process. But the founding fathers did not account for what seems to be a common attribute for Treasury secretaries — namely, terrible handwriting,” Yellen joked.

“I will admit I spent some quality time practicing my signature before submitting it,” she added.

“The newly printed bills feature the signatures of “Lynn Roberge Malerba” and “Janet L. Yellen,” both written in clear, legible script.

“The Fort Worth facility is one of just two places where paper currency is printed in the United States, a Treasury official told CNN, and prints more than half of new bills every year. The new bills are only being printed at this facility as of now, the official noted, but will begin to be printed at a second facility in Washington, DC, eventually.”Yellen sees her signature printed on US bills for the first time | News |

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Now for some facts… back to…


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Steven Terner Mnuchin was (or is?) not only the United States Secretary Treasurer, he is a producer and actor, known for Mad Max: Fury road (2015), Edge of Tomorrow (2014) and Wonder Woman (2017), among many others. See full list of films: Steven Mnuchin – IMDb

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So who knew? Many did and most did not. But being an Executive Producer means you have to know numbers, account for every penny and estimate total costs of projects and make sure the financial costs are budgeted correctly above the line and below the line and make certain all surprises are budgeted in accurate and allowed for. So, his financial background proves he was well suited for the job.

The Trump Presidency has certainly been an “Edge of Tomorrow”, coupled with “Mad Max Fury Road” and a lot of “Find Your Flock”. “Wonder Woman” of the year has to be the former FLOTUS, for how Melania survived with grace, and dignity through the constant bashing from all Hollyweird and the press is amazing.

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So we aren’t finished yet, and President Trump is staring in the sequel titled “Trump Drains Global Swamp 2023 and beyond!” I always said this was like watching a movie and I had no idea this reality show would slap us in the face so hard that THE MAJORITY WOULD NOT ONLY WAKE UP – THEY WOULD JUMP TO THEIR FEET READY TO MARCH! It has been a combination of the Truman Show and Mad Max with a side bar of sheep trying to find their flock all under the guise of the Apprentice. Who gets to keep their job and who gets fired. Then there is Fauci/Gates depopulation and Covid world plandemic which seems to fall into a little bit of all the sci-fi horror films.

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According to any in the business one thing is true…the show must go on. And – nothing can stop what is coming!

Mnuchin promised “Unlimited Liquidity” from the Federal Reserve and US Treasury to stop the markets from crashing and keep the economy going.

So the plan to crash the US economy by the lizard puppet masters during the preplanned shutdown…. was thwarted by the unlimited liquidity. And now we have a situation where Yellen just got her name on a “five” and a “one” fiat paper bill. And today she is flailing her arms in the air shouting, “Well, look… I was wrong about the path inflation would take.”

Yellen bet wrong on her support for the war in Ukraine, an event that has impacted gas prices and global food supplies among other things. A Treasury representative said later that Yellen also had in mind ongoing lockdowns in China and new strains of COVID that have further affected supply chainsaccording to Reuters.

So what that sounds like to me is Yellen thought the global plot would succeed in taking down the economy… but wasn’t expecting bank seisures and the “too big too fail” fiat cash air central to crash and burn!

Remember in March of 2021, when Yellen downplayed concerns about inflation, telling ABC News  that she only saw a “small risk” of inflation as Biden moved forward with a $1.9 trillion stimulus called the “American Rescue Plan.”

And remember in June of 2022 when Joey Avatar and Yellen were sending billions to Ukraine and selling gas reserves to Europe while we were paying over $5 to $10 dollars a gallon at the pumps and all she had to say was… “Gee, I was wrong.” And added that she thought, quote: “The Federal Reserve is taking the steps that it needs to take. It’s up to them to decide what to do.”

Oh did your head hurt then? And I never understood what she meant when she said, “For our part, President Biden is focused on supplementing what the Fed does with actions we can take that can lower the costs that Americans face for important expenditures they have in their budgets.”

All while we watched food plants blow up here and there and electric cars catching fire at the same time she was spouting her Yellen, “I was wrong”. Read article from June of 2022 titled, “These Are the 20+ Food Facilities That Have Burned in 2022”...These Are the 20+ Food Facilities That Have Burned in 2022, So Far – My Patriot Supply


Quite simply this all gives the appearance that Joey and Yellen have no control over ANY OF THIS. But… someone else does.

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I wonder who?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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