Fake MSNBC Story? Who’s Lying MSNBC, Carly, or Chris Wallace?


I want to clarify I am a Trump supporter, but truth is truth and the lies have to stop. The media is lying to people daily and they have lost all credibility.  Who ever this woman is in the video (real or fake name) she is obviously a crisis actor. That being said…

Why would any woman put her stillborn photos on a personal web site….and then be offended that the child was used in another photo?

The baby was not a stillborn baby in the video – the baby was alive and did not meet the medical definition of stillborn. We are supposed to believe that the  mother  was holding the stillborn to her chest until his heart quit beating?  Why isn’t the doctor and nurses trying all they can do to keep the baby alive since it has a heart beat and is breathing?  No one, not even a preemie is pronounced dead until the heart stops beating.  That alone is enough to call this entire news program a fraud.

The video in question that Carly was referring too was not any video they are showing, nor was it the same photo.  See video below. In the video Carly was referring to it shows a person holding the baby in her surgical glove covered hand. The baby is moving its limbs and breathing.

Once again who would take videos in the hospital room of HD quality looking happy holding a dead still born child who is supposedly still alive?  And then take photos of the older sisters with the stillborn being held by the mother at her chest.  No one looks alarmed or shocked. We are to believe that small children have no reaction or sad facial expressions, no look of fear of sadness?  What a crock.  Is anyone else tired of these false flags yet?

My conclusion is that this is another propaganda video and not real news. It is fake, it is untrue.  The media is playing against all the candidates.  This is a phony video and a false flag.

So if we consider MSMBC is battling FOX in order to get ratings and to knock out Fiorina as a favor to Bill Clinton so Hilary can play the gender card?  Or is it just sheer Hilary hatred for her opposing the Ice Queen?  The media is the real freak show, the real clowns, the real unprofessional ones.

Someone needs to tell Chris Wallace of the video below, and tell MSNBC they are busted, and tell Carly take to the time to find the video she was referring to like I did.

Please compare the two videos below to see for yourself.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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