Why Rubio Misses So Many Important Votes – Trump Knows Do You?

            Rubio is doing what Obama did. But it isn’t going to work in his favor. Obama avoided voting on bills and was the king of absentee. So he didn’t have a voting record to work against him. Bills he didn’t agree to, he missed. So every vote little boy Rubio misses….you may as well know that which ever way would have favored the people he would have voted the opposite.  It’s time to call him out on the real reason he is missing the votes.
             He is so gullible he has no clue he is being played a fool by the dems and other RINO’s. They are using him big time. When they are done they will toss him aside. They all know he is not going to be elected and they all know they encouraged him to run to lose his senate seat. Why would they do that?  Remember, before Trump entered the race they wanted a few more horses in so they could get the voter bets up high.  With a big line up of candidates they could keep the votes at such low percentages that as they dropped out one by one, the votes would go to other players.  All they ever needed was for Jeb to have at least a 3 or 4 point lead.  In states like Florida the GOP rules were set for the winner to take all the votes.
           Thereby, making sure that the race continued to look close (as it does for those below Trump’s huge lead now) until eventually the GOP horse won.  Well that was working and would have continued to work but, they didn’t anticipate Trump.  Trump is so far ahead of the rest and now the GOP is going nuts trying to figure out what to do.  Their perfect rig has imploded upon them all.
           They will use Rubio to do all the dirty work they can get from him then toss him aside laughing their butts off at the foolish anchor baby.  They will probably use him in some Jorge Ramos outlet, and lobby for illegal immigration. But, he will never make it there either for by then Trump will have all the chess pieces rearranged on the board permanently!
           Bye – bye little boy Rubio, you will not be missed.  You betrayed America for your own fascist ideology to turn America into little Cuba to be run in dictator style – on the backs of the working class, which you thought you would be ruling over.  Well, think again.
           Written by Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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