Those who have been orchestrating the psy-op manipulation are now the ones going publicly stark raving mad.  They are all getting old and running out of time to see their new Orwellian order come into its final full phase.
Then, to complicate the matter you have Donald Trump warning the people that ISIS refugees are nothing more than a Trojan horse and one is too many if that one seeks to kill us.  Cruz, follows along picking up on the momentum of Trump agreeing that we must stop refugees, but in his next breath he wants to invite more in under B-1 visas.
The majority of Americans agree with Trump and definitely agree that no Muslims should be allowed into the US until the government figures out how to vett  their backgrounds!  We need to know who these people are.  So, in America the Trojan horse has been halted at the border, at least for the moment.  This has the world’s mastermind of social manipulation George Soros absolutely livid. He is now throwing his own subtle methods out the window, coming right out and stating to ignore the warnings of  Islamic terrorism from Trump and Cruz (who is now mimicking him).  Soros wants us to believe these terrorist know their days are numbered and they will go away if we ignore them.  After all living in peace is over rated, open our borders and let them in.  They can’t kill us all.  Don’t be so small minded.  What he really meant was, “Trump is ruining the plans of the new world order and world war III.  His friendship with Putin is making our entire plan go south!  He is stirring up people around the world and our plans are backfiring on us!  He must be stopped!”
I swear these NWO people are morphing into frogs and possessed  looking things. Soros looks ill. Puppet Master George Soros does not want people to think for themselves, he only wants you to listen to his paid puppets like Obama, Hillary, Rubio & Jeb. Follow their establishment agenda and be silent or be ridiculed.  But even George can see that no one is listening to them anymore and all the money in the world isn’t going to change that. He had to do it himself. It seems Soros is very frustrated that people want to survive the scheduled preplanned onslaught and that is really ticking him off.
“That is why, as 2016 gets underway, we must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be.” George Soros.
Read his entire message here:
So it’s obvious that the majority of Americans aren’t following the puppets of the puppet masters any more.  That was something the establishment had not planned on.  You see, the puppets of the puppets generally flock to whoever they are herded toward.  It has always worked. The method has been to tear someone down and redirect their followers to the desired puppet.  Keep redirecting until everyone is grazing quietly.  That method doesn’t work with Trump supporters .  For Trump is a leader and he has encouraged his supporters to think for themselves and apply common sense.  He has mentored the people on the campaign trail and  assured them they are strong individuals and not puppets.  He has offered nothing but truth and emboldened each one to stand up for what is right.
This has created a huge problem for the puppet masters, for their puppets cannot get critical thinkers to follow them when they don’t agree.  This creates a huge problem for the establishment. Especially when these thinkers are the silent majority and they have a much respected leader named Donald John Trump.
Trump has not tried to manipulate any of them.  Instead he has helped them see who they are and shown them the power they hold. He has created a mass awakening similar to the 100th monkey syndrome. That by the time the 100th person knows a thing it becomes  mass consciousness- a great awakening. Read more here:
One by one, more people are being empowered to think for themselves. They are questioning all things; weighing out their thoughts and forming their own opinions. They are realizing that the real hate speech is political correctness and the names they allow the puppets to call them when they don’t believe as they do. Terms like Islamaphobe, racist, truther, birther, you name it and it is a word used to shame another person into behaving like the establishment wants them to behave. People are just now seeing this and they don’t like it one bit.
So, I ask you, why would any one ever desire to give up their individual liberty to a society that wants them to conform and not question or think for themselves?  The truth is, the puppets are running out of puppets to herd, while the real leader Donald J. Trump has awakened the silent majority who think for themselves and stand at his side. The numbers enlarge each day amassing into a great and powerful army eager to help make America great again!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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