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Trump was excellent tonight at his rally in New Hampshire. He pointed out how Cruz was promising to build a wall on the border, and a great wall at that.  Trump was shaking his head asking, “Can you believe it?  Cruz is using my wall like it’s his idea!” Trump reminded the crowd how Rush Limbaugh said he got the worst incoming for his border ideas and illegal immigration than anybody he had ever seen.  Trump took such flack, he took the mocking, the laughter at his dumb idea of a wall.  Then the laughter and ridiculousness of his idea of having Mexico pay for it.  We all remember.  We also remember the other candidates, the pundits and media ripping Trump for that over and over and over again. Then, guess what it became a good idea.  So good of an idea that Cruz has adopted it as his very own.
Trump also pointed out the dumb proxy wars the other candidates were all so zealous to rage, along with their “No Fly Zones”, mentioning how you don’t just go shoot other nations planes out of the sky.  That’s starting WWIII.  (I smiled for I have been saying that since the first debate!)
He was great as usual.  Trump updated everyone on his high poll numbers and the newest rhetoric coming from the establishment, GOP, media and pundits – “Trump has the poll numbers but most people will not get out and vote.” Trump shook his head.  There’s just no winning with these people.
I say, if people will not get out and vote, the other candidates are in bigger trouble than Trump.  I assure you that this year, I will be knocking on a few doors helping to get people out to vote.  I am sure Trump supporters will have the neighborhoods looking like Halloween trick or treater’s going door to door!   It will be HUGE!
Enjoy the rally here:
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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