Establishment Scared Of Trump Supporters!

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The establishment is running very scared at Donald John Trump and his supporters.  Apparently they have discovered that the Donald has aroused their curiosity and brought their ability to critically think to the forefront of this election.
In my book “Burning Whispers” I wrote in 2007, I have a chapter on the Prussian school system that was introduced to America by the father of education Horace Mann – it was the beginning of teaching kids by wiping their minds clean and rewriting what they think from a clean slate. Brain washing. And we call him the father of education?  Evil it was all evil. In the chapter I called those who learned what they were taught, and taught only to learn and not to question – memorizers. Not free thinkers.
Free thinkers get bored, they get antsy. They think of other things when the teacher sounds like they are saying bla, bla, bla.  Why?  They know what the teacher is saying already and their mind is way ahead. Quite simply, they are bored. Meanwhile instead of listening to the teacher,  they are composing Mozart in their head or figuring out how to rewire that project they are working on at home.  Then the teacher calls out their name – making a spectacle of their not paying attention like the rest of the class.  Bring the kid back to reality via embarrassment. It is very difficult to be thinking how you can fix that broken gadget when you get home when you are told to now sing Mary Had A Little Lamb.  It is that sort of frustrating thing for the child who wants to think but is told not to.
Over the years, as the dumbed down process progressed, the answer to these independent souls  was to send them to the doctor to find out why they could not just sit still and go through the memorizing process.  Then, a wondrous new condition was diagnosed by psychiatrists called ADD, ADHD and other strange alphabetical letters.  The alphabetical disease (my term for it) swept across the land and drugs were introduced to calm these free spirited independent thinkers so they could drool over their papers and be stationary in class.
Well, I attended school when thinking and restlessness was considered class clown and so medication was not required.  Whereas, in my parents day, it was considered energy and the kid needed to run it off. The label was – that kid would really be successful one day.
If Horace Mann were allowed to look out from the grave he would relish  the very thought and design of common core. Common Core would be his very dream realized.  What perfect thing to place upon an empty slate (child’s mind) and add all the confusion to insure a sexual confused dependent who needs the government to guide him.  For on his own, the child has no sense of 2 plus 2, let alone why anything is as it is.  It just is. The United Nations educational concept of from the cradle to the grave would have Horace singing praises to all those who enacted it.  Now imagine the look of horror on  Horace’s face when he sees Trump elected and dismantle the entire concept. Trump vowed that his first act as president would be to dismantle Common Core and return education to the states.  For Trump is not for wiping a child’s mind clean and mind washing, he is for encouraging free thinking and applauding ingenuity.   Trump does not support selective teaching limited  to the children of the upper elite, he is for teaching every child how to critically think and solve problems.  He is for encouraging development and supports the value of extending a true education to  every child so they can be what they were meant to be. Not just extoling the art of thinking upon the children of the privileged class.

Trump’s message rings out loud and clear to all ages, all classes, all nationalities and minorities.  He is a sounding cymbal in an era of clashing brass and slammed doors.
What Trump has done is totally awakened the people who were sleeping. He has made all who were obeying the politically correct police snap out of their stupor.  He gave them all permission to think and to say what they saw.  Then they began to do the unthinkable….they began to say what they thought.  Oh my.  And guess what?  The people loved it and they had a taste of it and I doubt if any are going to reverse.  They are going full steam forward and waking up their family and friends.  There is a great new thing going on. People are awake and they are hungry for knowledge of the truth.  Real truth.
Thank you Donald John Trump for waking up all the people who over slept and now have a lot of catching up to do!  We are ready to help you make America great again!  We have talent, skills, ideas, energy and we are ready!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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