President Trump said he doesn’t like using names on people… doubles?????

“So now I call her beautiful Hillary.”

So what’s up with Good Lion Films? Or is that just ‘Good Lie-on’ Films?

What happened to that “Crooked Hillary”?

So, Good Lion Films shared this clip on Telegram that says Hillary was just sick and died and was not handcuffed and tripped and fell head first into the limo?

image 143

So do Secret Service always handcuff sick V.I,P.’s  hands behind their backs as protocol while they wait for a ride and let them stumble head first into limos?  Not buying it ‘Good lie-on’ films.

But wait… who’s this? What about Nick Alvear and his Good Lion Films? What?

It appears some podcasters are either into trying their luck at the soap opera genre for ratings or there are some real troubles in podville? It makes a person wonder where some of these guys came from that popped up around 2020? Especially the bold Brits, Canadians and other European accents, I mean some are appearing to have some real temperment issues. Or are they simply testing the waters to see what it will be like to live in the new SMART city A.I. program where all privacy is gone? It’s like we’re watching their version of the Truman show… only X rated.

image 144

Airing opinions and unpleasant truths about the war we are in on line is one thing, but to air private conversations and personal dirt that is no one elses business, well shouldn’t that be handled elsewhere? I mean if spousal fights and business disputes become the new wave of podcast fund raising efforts… then it’s time to say… that ship has sailed and it is definitely time to turn them all off!

The creator of Total Disclosure, Alessandro du Chatel is apparently at odds with Nick Alvear of Good Lion Films and is warning the whole world to beware, and at the same time asking for funding so he can set up his own business? Is this all a test to see how people will respond to trashy personal stuff and business cheats fighting on line? But after watching Schwab’s WEF and hearing the lion’s share of their ideals going south … the signs of their upside down, inside out world of mind control podcast programming could just be ready to implode. At least that looks like it is in progress. It’s definitely on the horizon. And it explains a lot about the psyops we’ve been watching.

Before you will ever understand what I am actually talking about and getting ready to explain… you will have to watch this YouTube video first… and after you wonder how it was allowed to stay up? The next thing you might consider is why in the world did he make this public in the first place? And the title “Controlled Opposition Chronicles”, well that is very revealing. Read the title a few times and ponder it.

This Total Disclosure Video suggested for you to follow along using the transcript below. (I suggest to read it before).

My name is Alessandro du Châtel and I created Total Disclosure in early 2018 as a means to expose human trafficking, pedophilia, high-profile murders, and occult secret societies. I strive to unite patriots worldwide to fight against the tyrannical New World Order and the WEF’s Agenda 2030. I helped to expose Sacha Stone and the ITNJ as an MI6-controlled opposition front that was used to control the testimonies of the victims. As a result, the ITNJ is no more. I also collected evidence on Volafile and finally got the nefarious cloud website shut down under evidence of child sexual abuse material.

“Promises made, promises kept: I promised you evidence. Many times, I felt like totally dropping this for obvious reasons. It can be cringe to see two men dish it out in public, but one has to be firm and steady when it comes to family. Anyone messing with my wife will get the worst side of me: Take that as you wish. While he is pretending to take the high road with his followers, Nick has been stalking me on Telegram and sending me emails and messages threatening my wife, making all kinds of absurd statements, and even admitting he works for the FBI. Nick Alvear’s lies and crimes are exposed in the following teaser. He is a dangerous criminal and needs to be stopped. Please share this open wide. Today is us, but tomorrow, you can be his next victim.

image 145

“As for Alpa Soni, I want to make clear this is not published to expose her but to back her up in case she is still trapped in a violent relationship. Going after women is not what we do. Alpa, I will testify on your behalf if needed. ”Hate begets hate and love begets love. But it doesn’t mean we can sit idle while someone continues to lie, cheat, and steal from our family and friends. Leaving room in our hearts for forgiveness does not mean allowing evil to continue.” – Millie This is your opportunity to support an endeavor that will serve as a refuge for those who need to speak out and can’t out of fear, or social pressure.”

We pause for a moment here… just the read alone is a wad to unload.

It reads as though someone should be calling a lawyer and perhaps a hotline somewhere or the police? So now you see what is meant by soap opera and real troubles in podville.

In looking at several of the Good Lion Films, and the new one “The Greatest Show On Earth”, we see that Alpa Soni is an Executive Producer. Note: In the film industry, an executive producer(s) is one who invests the most funds in a film and gets their investment back first. A producer is also an invester in a film and gets their investment back among the first profits also. This is generally done at a percentage rate of film proceeds and paid out in royalties as income is generated. The beginning fund raising phase is called preproduction and all monies generally go into an escrow account until the total monies needed to begin and complete production are raised. Then production begins and the funds go to produce the film. (In the podcast film production world, it appears to be a totally different system. And buyer beware because it could easily get all over the place. But anytime you donate to the cause… you don’t get paid back. You just donated so those who are making the film can get it produced.) So, if enough money is raised by donations… the producers can get their investments back faster. Other people who work on the film such as content writers get whatever percentage of the proceeds that are negotiated in their contracts. Some settle for a lump sum up front with no percentage of the royalties on the film, and some a smaller lump sum and a percentage… whatever the person works out and agrees to in their contract.

So, in the film Alessandro said he was cheated because he only got 6 percent and Nick got $40K a month. He also said, he had no contract. That was not smart business on Alessandro’s part. And he has no strong legal legs to stand on, except to offer no more services until a legal contract is drawn up and agreed upon, of which it appears that isn’t going to happen, especially after launching the YouTube war. Or soap opera. However, knowing how contracts go, Alessandro’s 6 percent is triple the going industry contract rates for content writers. The majority of screenwriters get paid between 2% and 3% of the production budget of the film. See: How much should a writer get paid for their screenplay? (

image 151

But outside of the film industry… we have a bold new world of podcast broadcasting… that goes directly to you, the fearful sheep where anything goes and funding is the new forever and ever thing. Do you see how this works and the podcasters can raise mega dollars on an ongoing basis? It’s the wonderful bold new world of social media donations and go fund me cash! Like box office ticket sales at the local theater in your home town. You are both their distribution cash cow and audience. Podcasting and mind programming are now among the fastist growing small business big money makers and have gone off the charts during and after COVID. We have Oligarch funding, political funding, money laundering funding, and honest sheep, Christian and Patriot funding. There are both honest podcasters and grifters who are not so honest. And you must discern who is telling the truth and who is a psyop… who is making honest miscalculations and who is mind washing with disinformation. You are the decider.

Now that you understand how that works… let’s continue with the last part of Total Disclosure’s message….

“In the next weeks, the relaunch of Total Disclosure will arrive with a truther forum, daily news feed, and a citizen journalist blog. After this will release our groundbreaking streaming platform where we’ll premiere Louder Than Love: The Murder of Chris Cornell. (…) If you believe in my work and feel I deserve a chance at justice please consider investing in our project. Please join our fundraiser: (…) We need to pay for coding work, software, and licenses. This is the only way we can start operating. Check my catalog HERE! (… bless you always, Alessandro du Châtel Founder, Total Disclosure.

The question to ask is this…

“How is this video disclosing such dangerous truth and still being allowed on You Tube?” How are any of the other videos, such as “Good Lion Films” allowed on You Tube when truth is banned, censored and shut down?

Another question to ask is this…

“Are the powers that be creating a double podcaster war to gather people from both sides? If so, which side are you choosing? Or are you saying no to both sides?”. He said, “Today is us, but tomorrow, you can be his next victim.” Is this the type of permission warning we are supposed to be given according to the dark side rules or is this a true warning? I smell double rats here. Or dangerous levels of poor judgement? Discern all things. I find it hard to believe Alessandro would dare to put his life and other peoples lives and reputations on the chopping block on You Tube, Bit Chute and Rumble et al if he was truly having such a deep, dark battle with such a culprit. Do you?

But, as always there is a “go fund me” call. So? When does the average little guy get to have someone set up a go fund me so they too can go into business? There are many ways to serve thy fellow man in this aweful psyop we are in. Why does all the money from the little people need to go for podcast people and road show carnival barkers with seers who need either business seed money or money for lawyers? This is sounding more and more like a form of collectivism. Gift offerings from little people seeking a source to explain what is going on while many are losing homes, transportation, jobs, and their peace of mind – and in return receiving the latest fear porn, bank closures, jab warnings, and all manner of distractions of misery and arguments? That appears to be what is selling and on demand. And as our friend Tammi said… “That’s what people are addicted to… and why they need the popcorn. The fear porn is click bait… they have studied us like lab rats and know what it takes to get us to click to see what they know.”

Watch some “Mud Flood” goodies, or some “Gnostism”, or Hillary killed or The Greatest Show on Earth. Meanwhile, miss what is taking place before your eyes, and let the Bible gather dust to dust. That is what happened to put us in the position we are now in. We were watching things that distracted us from what was taking place and listening to the fake news who wasn’t reporting the facts. They were reading scripts. Sadly the script writing did not stay in the fake news rooms…they moved into social media, blogs, podcasts and documentaries. So while studying to find the truth is good, the point I am stressing here is to not fall for the mind control psyops. The hardest things to discern are the things that are 98 to 99 percent true… and all it takes is that 2 to 1 percent to snare you.


Meanwhile Nick Alvear’s newest release is going viral…”The Greatest Show On Earth”… Among the executive producers are Alpa Soni…. and Derek Johnson gets a credit up front for it somehow being based on his ABC’s in memorizing work. Not sure what his NEW CONTRACT offers him… but maybe Derek will complain about that later too? Time will tell. (My hunch is it will lead into a falling out by the time it’s all done. Unless he’s happy with the contract.) Who are these people?

image 141

The video is going all over the place and there is more to come. Wait for the BOOM DA LA BOOM!

We posted this before, but this time if and when you watch it, look for the subliminal messages…

The film seems to follow the new podcast trend to give credit to Obama for being the dirty nasty villian of lawlessness, when the truth is he was a paper clipped puppet for the KM Oligarchs. These guys have given the Obama double so much hype when he’s been gone for a long while now. But if we are looking at him, we don’t need to look behind the curtain… instead we are supposed to focus on the puppet dancing and giving speeches…and believe that Obama master minded it all and is serving his third term, or something like that? Forget the New World Order Lizards in Babylon the Great, and forget the Illuminati ones who made and funded him. Just focus back in time on Obama. Get refocused. You see, we were starting to look at all the junk floating in the air when Pandora’s box was opened…so now refocus back on Obama the Manchurian Candidate. You can… yes you can! In the film, it all started in 2008. Forget anything but 08.

image 147

Do you really believe the paper clipped puppet named Obama and his paperclipped family and life history with a botched up birth certificate, vetted by Pelosi, put together by think tanks, funded by Saudi’s, approved by Bilderbergs, groomed by political Democrat puppets Dick Durbin, Valerie Jarrett and the entire Chicago machine that moved to DC with him was his own master mind plot? Think again. Oh my head hurts! He was an appointed candidate and a deep state puppet. The Obama rise to power was a perfect arranged set up – Obama won his senate seat with his campaign manager David Axelrod’s magic touch, ending up throwing all of his opponents off the ballot based on technicalities. He ran unapposed. You could vote for Obama or stay home and Obama would win anyway.

In the video, the question is asked, “So is Trump a white hat, a black hat, a great deceiver?” Then they say… “What do you think Obama was?” That sounds like the way Jan Halper Hayes phrases things. Don’t ya think? It’s like our friend Tammi says, “If you just read their words and don’t listen to their voices, they are all speaking in the same rhythmic variations and you’d just swear they all have the same script writers.”

image 152

Speaking of Jan Halper Hayes, could she have really changed her looks that much since 2016? This doesn’t look like the same Jan making the podster circuits today. What happened here? Is this the 1.0? Is she now a 2.0? Just asking.

The film moves right into the Pentagon, et al knowing they have to drain the swamp to free the world. They don’t mention that DARPA has mind control programs, stolen patents from Leader Technologies to create social media and control it all, nor that the pentagon as well as military had already been infiltrated long ago, along with the corrupt agencies put in place by and for think tanks of the Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Club of Rome, Committee of 300, Tavistock Institute sorts? Not to mention WEF and a host of other little side shows, like the UN, EU, Bank of London, the Vatican, Jesuits and secret societies.

I have a feeling when the REAL GREAT AWAKENING HAPPENS A LOT OF GRIFTERS ARE GONNA BE NEEDING SOMEONE TO HOLD THEIR HANDS! I have discovered that they are the ones who are losing their minds… not the level headed silent majority that is the real majority!

Meanwhile we have some serious issues that need addressing and we have some moms that have said ENOUGH!

Please tell me who thought up this “Readers added context?” in the tweet above? Is this the new mis and dis information fact checker? We really have had enough of this, haven’t we? They have one agenda, one way of doing their beat downs… and they rinse and repeat.

Now, back to the film… it covers a lot of information, however, throughout the film there are a lot of auto suggestions, such as citizens being willing controlled subjects of our captors. Which gives an errie undertone indicating that the deep state has conquered us all… which it has not and that simply is not so.

They also say “This video is for believers and doubters?” I shudder at that choice of word salad. Why? Ponder it. You either choose to believe in executive orders and laws or doubt them. Well, there are a lot of scary executive orders in place that I do not believe in like REX 84 and the laws like Patriot Act that stole our rights. Read those. They are still in place. If something ever happened to President Trump… then, according to that type of belief… our nation is hopeless, it is over, done. Therefore, the one to put our belief in is God and God only. Our Commander in Chief is the one who God has positioned to stand in the gap and to lead us. He is a powerful man of leadership, and even President Trump has said, we put God first. And if, something were to happen to him, I trust that God would send another. For God is not dependent on one man only. But, I believe President Trump has been sent for such a time as this and he will lead the men and women of valour to victory for he is called and chosen and God goes before him. We see that daily. And that is all I need to see. I also believe it is the time for all to speak out and not remain silent of what the wicked have planned to do.

Esther 4:13-14

13 And Mordecai told them to answer Esther: “Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king’s palace any more than all the other Jews. 14 For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

The issue I question in the film is giving life to 2.0’s or doubles as though they are still the real person and not a replacement. However to its credit they do recognize Biden’s funeral during the inauguration ceremony. If we are truly waking up in the great awakening… we should point out all the fakes. But, the film is good. I’m just looking at all of the Good Lion Films a bit closer now that we have the pod wars starting. This inappropriate way to settle a business matter on YouTube in the manner it is presented with defamation if false written all over it, or a big fat pay check if someone put you up to it… or a joint effort to pull a publicity stunt to begin a downfall of the podcasters? A downfall that just may be useful to herd people to someone elses feeding trough.

I just don’t trust the the new game of clue the deep state wolves in sheeps clothes started in the middle of the one we were already playing.

image 149

I’m finally in the habit of not letting the lies infiltrate into my thinking once I see the truth. The other tricky thing is to put our hope in the same military that has been infiltrated and operating under the Lizard control of the deep state cabal and USA, Inc. which is the problem in the first place! I’m leaving that up to God and Trump the Commander in Chief.

Not to take away from the importance of executive orders, you all know I post them a lot, and have full trust and respect for the military and all the white hats out to stop the black hats, but to put our faith and hope in men first and not in God first is doomed to disaster. Jesus never said it like that. It was always God first, even in the days of the prophets, the Lord went before the armies to lead the battle to victory in the Ark of the Covenant. Today there is a new covenant and that is the Lord God resides in us and us in Him. Fear not for God shall prevail. Put your hope in God and His promises are given freely to all who believe in Him for he lives in you and has given each who believe the power of the Holy Spirit.

And once again, as Tammi has said, “When we memorize more executive orders and Q coms than we have Bible verses… then we’ve got a problem!” It is our choice.

image 146

The answer we seek is within us. We have the power to repent and return to the Lord in all of our ways according to the commands of the new covenant to love God with all of our heart, soul, strength and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. By doing those two things the Lord said we will have done all the commandments. He gave all who believe on Jesus the Holy Spirit to teach them wisdom, comfort them and guide them. God made it so simple for all of us. Yet, many ignore that and keep looking all over the place for answers, and going to and fro searching like some podcaster is going to tell them what they want to hear? Shouldn’t we all be reading our Bibles and discovering what God wants us to see and hear?

By talking with the Lord and the Holy Spirit you will find the answers for your eyes will be opened and you will just know things… that is how the Lord has set this all up. There is an armor of protection that is free… we can all armor up. But, unless we read the word of God and know what it says we have no clue when someone is feeding us a lie. And if you do not have the Holy Spirit guiding and leading you, teaching you wisdom… you are on your own and your army will not save you!

Trust the plan is a counter intelligence plan!!!! Wake up stop listening to podcasters that tell you communist phrases! Pied piper operation, suck you in and string you along!

Read the Word of God for that is the sword of the Spirit that God has given us to wield, and hold up your shield of faith that none of the firey darts of the whispers of Satan can mess with your faith. Adjust your belt of truth and shod your feet with peace… and shine up your helmet of salvation. Talk to God about what you need to know and how to fight off the fear that is being thrown at us from all around.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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