Dots That Connect To Keys That Open Gates…

Believe what you see then question it, for nothing is as it appears!

There are some who possess a lot of curiosity, and others who have but a little. Some have to see a thing play itself out before they can see it and say it is so and others merely can sense it and in so doing maneuver ahead to avoid it. Or at least prepare to meet the thing they sense. Now this is not to be misconstrued to mean one is gullible and believes their own imaginations in a whimsical way, but more so that they are following their God given intuition enhanced by the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that God has given to his children to teach them Truth, guide them, show them Wisdom, protect and comfort them.

That being said, when we seek to find the truth in a matter with the Holy Spirit guiding us, we come to the knowlege of the truth. So in all things we learn in part, we press onward to find all the dots and clues that hold a truth and when we gather these nuggets of truth one by one, and find how they connect we rejoice for we know we have been given a key. A valuable key that will unlock a gate that leads us onto another path to explore.

So in all we explore and consider in the findings of others, we must do so with the discernment of the Holy Spirit. We know in part and learn in part and sometimes listening to another person’s thoughts triggers a truth that they are missing or one that we are missing. So in all the things that are presented, we must explore these things with the Holy Spirit’s guidiance and discern the truths within them. That truth can be that a thing is true or the thing is not true. We take what is true and leave what is untrue but heed its warning.

So let’s go down the rabbit hole again and see what there is to discover.

Ewaranon has taken the dots and strung them into an easy to follow trail for others to observe and contemplate. This video shows the way the same fake news that President Trump has shouted about since before he even ran for president operates. It points out the exact same facts and how this is called “PROGRAMMING” as well as propaganda. It is NOT NEWS. It is a gaslighting machine. But in watching all of these, remember to use discernment and everything is not always as it appears.

Remember after J6 when the capitol was surrounded by national guard and there was a wall built around it. Do you really believe that they were doing some building updates at that hour? When DC was under martial law? What were they really doing? There was some construction taking place… and some of the pictures were thought to be current but were said later to be from when they built the Capitol Visitors Center in the year 2,000.

image 82

That was supposed to be finished in 2004 but wasn’t finished until 2008. Adding about a half a million square feet and costing around 600 million dollars.

Now I ask you, does the Visitor’s Center in the photo above match the extreme escavation (deep digging) that was performed? Especially around the Capitol steps? If the extreme excavation was for the visitors center… what was it they put under the ground? And if not… ??? What is hidden underneath the walking pathes and park like setting? That is the question to ask.

image 75

The question is…. what did they really build? And how do you answer the strange amount of digging equal to the height of the Capitol itself, minus the dome?

Why didn’t the news show us any of this interesting architecture that was buried in dirt? Why didn’t they talk about any of this when it was taking place? Why do and did we not know when exactly it did take place?

image 76

Looking closer, this is obviously the foundation with several basement levels…who knew it was as tall as the building itself?

image 77

Why is this structure protruding out from the main building?

image 78

Who knew the escavating would turn out to be an archeological dig?

image 79

When our eyes tell us one thing and their lips tell us another we learn to ask questions. Some of us just can’t lump everything together and call it fact. All things must be measured out and questioned. Anyway, that is how I see it. So when we keep digging… (pun intended) we find….


image 84


image 86

It all looks so spiffy now doesn’t it? Yet in 2013, after spending over 600 million on the visitor’s center…(just 5 years after the restoration) there was over 1,300 cracks in the dome and it was leaking onto the inner floors when it rained. In an article from 2013 titled “The U.S. Capitol Dome Is Cracked 1,300 Times, Needs Repair”, no one gasped at the moneys just spent, nor asked how long it was leaking? Well, according to the article… a dozen years.

Excerpt: “A dozen years ago there were 300 and some cracks, a few more years there were 500 cracks, then 900 cracks, and now 1,300,” says Ayers. “Now is the time to intervene and make sure it’s preserved for generations to come.” Nearly $60 million has been appropriated over the next two years to fix structures riddled with rust and remove 14 layers of paint, some of which is lead-based, to add safer alternatives. In the spring, scaffolding will begin to be built around the Capitol.

Another excerpt says, “The Architect of the Capitol has been looking at newer techniques since at least 1990, when a bird nest channelled water from a gutter into cracks that left pools on the Capitol’s floor.” 

The question is, why were they spending 600 million on a visitors center in 2000 when the dome was in need of repair since 1990? Didn’t they look at that during the eight year visitor center project? Something is not adding up here. Read: U.S. Capitol Dome Is Cracked, Needs Repair |

image 89
The  first dome of the U.S. Capitol, designed by Charles Bulfinch. Does that look like a dome?

Which bring us to the story of the Capitol Dome. Believe it or not it was added later in 1822 and found to be too small and rebuilt later again in the 1850s, especially for the vastly enlarged Capitol Building.. But, to prove this today, all we have are paintings. I wonder if they are from the Smithsonian Institute? Read: Capitol Dome | Architect of the Capitol (

The story goes that in 1854 Walter hung in his office a drawing of the U.S. Capitol as it would appear with a new cast-iron dome with columns, pilasters, brackets, scores of windows and a crowning statue. For only 100 thousand dollars. President Franklin Pierce signed the legislation to do it on March 3, 1855.

image 90

Below is a photo dated 1857 of the construction. Is this the real deal?

image 91

So the statue of Freedom was added to the Capitol Building during this time frame according to history. What is interesting and quite unusual pill to swallow is that the offer to build this was accepted in February 1860, placing the work under a single contract, even though the picture is dated 1857. Because of this contract, construction of the dome was uninterrupted by the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861.

Let me say that again. “Because of this contract, construction of the dome was uninterrupted by the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861. But, the work stopped on the U.S. Capitol extensions for a year, but the dome continued to rise above the Rotunda.

On December 2, 1863, the last section of the Statue of Freedom was put in place on top of the dome amid a great celebration with military salutes. The interior of the dome was finished in January 1866 when the scaffolding was removed from below Constantino Brumidi’s great fresco, the Apotheosis of Washington, 180 feet above the Rotunda floor. Walter resigned on May 26, 1865, and was succeeded by Edward Clark, who completed the last details of the dome.

Pay no attention to the fact that on April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was assassinated. It sure makes one wonder what is the other side of the story?

Read: Capitol Dome | Architect of the Capitol (


In the beginning of the construction of the Capitol Building… we are told that…

The capitol construction underwent a succession of architects before it was completed, or so we are told. These were Stephen Hallet (1793), George Hadfield (1795-1798) and James Hoban (1798-1802) architect of the White House, who completed the Senate wing in 1800. Benjamin Henry Latrobe was hired in 1803; by 1811 he had renovated the Senate wing and completed the House wing. In 1814, British troops set fire to the Capitol as well as the White House and other District buildings during the War of 1812. Yes, we had another battle with the Brits and it was a harsh one… but we didn’t lose our sovereignty thanks to the Cherokee Nation and other Indian Nations that sided with us instead of the Brits. But, that’s another story. One they don’t talk about at all. Why is that?

This center section of the building was completed in 1827 under the direction of the third Architect of the Capitol, Charles Bulfinch. It was called the U.S. Capitol Crypt because they said it resembled similar areas in churches, which were often used for chapels and tombs. Ponder that.

Directly beneath the Crypt is a space where Congress had hoped to place the remains of George and Martha Washington. However, their graves remained at Mount Vernon, and no one has been buried in the Capitol. Ponder and read: Crypt | Architect of the Capitol (

The Capitol was completed in 1826, but by 1850 they enlarged the building to accomodate the expanded representation of the territorial growth of the nation.

Architect Thomas U. Walter was hired to construct the large northern and southern wings containing new legislative chambers. As work progressed, Walter also designed a new cast-iron dome to better suit the enlarged building. By 1868 the larger building was completed, and the grounds were also enlarged.

On Christmas Eve of 1851 a fire broke out in the Library of Congress destroying over 35,000 volumes of work. Wonder what started the fire? What were they destroying? Or was it an accident? Just asking for a friend.

image 81

So when we see the history of the building of the Capitol in DC. It leaves us with much to ponder. Do we believe the history presented to us? Or do we believe the ideas of all these structures were here and they were part of an energy grid that lit the world? Or are part of them a grid and others built?

So now you see why I said earlier, “remember to use discernment and everything is not always as it appears”. We take what appears to be a truth… and investigate it. We take what applies and keep it and what doesn’t we rule out. We often find clues to other things by looking at everything, even that which is off a bit.

With that in mind… enjoy the videos…

Meanwhile…. remember this from the CERN Tunnel Opening Celebration?

image 83

Well now we have this….

Meanwhile… in Palestine, Ohio… hazardous chemicals are filling the air and the reports of it are being suppressed. Public safety is at risk.

It appears this was a deliberate event!

We are at war and the weapons are in our face. They have no shame. God be with us all as the wicked do wickedly.

image 87

All to much like the NETFLIX movie “White Noise”… filmed in…guess where? Palestine, Ohio! Read: After a train derailment, Ohio residents are living the plot of a movie they helped make | CNN

image 88

If you are ready for it…. here is a five hour documentary filled with hidden rabbit holes. Click on You Tube and download it to watch later. It is a must view for all ages. Watch it a little bit here and a little bit there. Ponder it.

Remember to discern all things. Ask questions and dig!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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