The 12,000 Pound Tall Boy Bomb, designed to miss its target and instead cause the earth to Quake. Who needs HAARP? Only those who don’t want to be caught!

Turkey is shouting “Enough is Enough” and is not going to sit down and take the man made Earth Quake with a grain of salty warning! “Enough of this!” is also the shout from a Senator in Romania among others who have eyes to see! The nasty ones using tectonic plate shifting technology are being called out! Whether it is Direct Energy Weaponry or the old fashion bomb the heck out of the techtonic plates, the fact is there are ways of destruction that cause earthquakes!

Romanian Senator Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă spoke out against the uses of HAARP technology crushing Turkey with earthquakes in the Parliament. She did not hold back!

“The fools are playing as God and they think they have won the game…”

“Warning to the psychopaths of the world: if you need people to die, we need you to perish too””…An eye for an eye”. Senator Sosoaca.

What are the odds of ten countries withdrawing their diplomats and another country calling a travel warning to Turkey just 24 hours before the earthquake struck? Did they just have a feeling? Or was it sheer coincidence? The fact is… THEY KNEW!

Just days before the earthquake, strange clouds were seen over Turkey. Coincidence?

So while mis and disinformation propaganda campaigns are shouting on social media that there is no such thing available to cause earthquakes, they fail to point out that there are international laws describing how these can be used and how they can not be used. The international world decided that nations can use these strange things on their own nations, but not on other nations. Now, I ask you… do you believe they adhere to the rules of their wars on humanity?

Gee… why does the US boast of their floating DEW machines like the HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX)? The ones that control weather and can zap things for national defense… of course defense… and can cause techtonic plate shifting or earth quakes.

image 69
HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX)

Some have said the Sea Based X Band Radar was in the waters near Kahramanmaras and others have denied that report. Who and what do you believe? Whether it was that or another source… all the people who have been following the truth are full of suspicions.

HAARP is not new, it is just monsterous and no one wants to admit they use such things on people and nations in the manner they do. That would expose their cruel, wicked agenda and put an end to their goals to keep a slumbering stupor waved over the minds of humanity.

In the State of The Nation News, they had an article titled, ” *ZOG Earthquake Weaponry Strategically Inflicts Overwhelming Catastrophic Damage Across South-Central Turkey—Whodunit & Why?

Among the highlights of the report (meaning the things that make you ask questions) is the revealing of the great “ZOG” and what on earth ZOG is? Well, they tell us that ZOG stands for Zionist Occupied Government such as those which currently rule the United States, United Kingdom and the State of Israel. Now the question is… why would ZOG be using their earthquake weaponry on Turkey and what part of ZOG is doing it or is ZOG all in it together?

Here are some excerpts of the State of the Nation News Article:

*ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government such as those which currently rule the United States, United Kingdom and the State of Israel

image 70

SOTN Editor’s Note: The videos in the following post reveal the sheer enormity and gravity of the immense back-to-back earthquake and aftershock that just struck Turkey and Syria in the red areas shown above.

Because of its highly geostrategic location, there is no doubt that these 7.5 and 7.8 quakes were triggered by highly advanced earthquake weaponry which only very few countries possess.

What that really means is that all the usual suspects — US, UK & Israel — are the most likely perpetrators.  How so?  Because when the $64,000 question is asked — “Cui bono?” — those three geoterrorist states always come up first, second and third—THAT’S WHY!

Triggering Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Earth Movements

The unusually widespread and extraordinary degree of destruction wrought by these earthquakes serves as the first major clues proving that this was yet another barbaric act of Zio-Anglo-American geoterrorism.  But why?  There are actually many reasons why the Axis of Evil is hellbent on bringing Turkey to its knees.

• Turkey has refused to permit Sweden (and Finland) into NATO pending the outcome of the “harboring terrorists” issue

• Turkey has been working closely with Russia, Syria and Iran to permanently resolve the Syrian conflict

• Turkey has been collaborating with Russia all along to help negotiate a peace treaty with Ukraine

• Turkey’s territory has become Russia’s Plan B where it concerns natural gas pipelines that were once operative in Ukraine, as well as presenting an alternative to the destroyed Nord Stream pipelines

• Turkey has made major purchases of armaments from Russia including the S-400 air defense system against the strict demands of the United States

• Turkey has been in an intensifying cold war with fellow NATO member Greece which is viewed as highly disruptive to the central mission of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

• Turkey has also recently attacked the Syrian Kurds who are considered the U.S. partner in the fake fight against ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)

• Turkey was targeted by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis just last week with economic sabotage after the US and several European nations shut down their consulates in Istanbul after falsely warning of terrorist attacks

• Turkey’s Interior Minister recently lambasted US ambassador Jeffry Flake, accused Washington of “working to hurt his country” and incriminated the Western nations for waging “psychological warfare” to undermine tourism in Türkiye, all just 3 days prior to this transparently vengeful geoterrorist attack.

KEY POINT: Artificially induced earthquakes by DEW geoweapons have been perpetrated for decades by the Western powers.  “All the earthquake experts say that with such a large earthquake of almost 8.0 on the Richter scale, these two tremblors were unusually shallow at a depth of only 10km.  Earthquakes of that magnitude usually occur at a depth of at least 30km.  In addition, a pair of large earthquakes of 7.8 and 7.5 in such a short time is also a rare phenomenon.  Moreover, huge flashes in the sky were seen by many just before the earthquake.  They especially lit up a large part of the sky in that specific area just before the first 7.8 earthquake.

(Quote originally posted by commenter named Israel at:

End of Excerpts. Read full article: *ZOG Earthquake Weaponry Strategically Inflicts Overwhelming Catastrophic Damage Across South-Central Turkey—Whodunit & Why? | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary (

Which bring us back to another fact… did you know that on March 14, 1945 the Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb of World War II was Dropped?

image 71
“Grand Slam,” a 22,000 lb powerful bomb.

The  British Lancaster heavy bomber dropped a bomb known as the “Grand Slam,” a 22,000 lb behemoth that was the largest and most powerful bomb ever used up to that time. It was called an “earthquake bomb” because it didn’t have to hit its target, it just had to delve deep into the earth before blowing up, thereby causing shockwaves through the ground similar to an earthquake, destroying reinforced concrete and other materials indirectly. So… even a bomb that burys into the ground deep can do what HAARP does. Who’da thought?

How it works….the bombs are constructed with heavier than normal casings on the front to allow deep penetration into the ground, and a delay fuse ensures the explosion takes place below the surface. When the vast amount of explosive (Torpex) is poured into the bomb casing, it takes a month to cool and harden! For years, only a nuclear bomb would be more powerful.

There was also a “Tall Boy” bomb, a 12,000 pound monster “earthquake” bomb that was used to attack hardened targets such a submarine pens and the German battleship Tirpitz (which was finally sunk with Tall Boys). Wallis also designed the “bouncing bomb” that was used to destroy dams in German held areas. Read more: March 14, 1945: Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb of World War II Dropped – History and Headlines

Know the truth and don’t let the propaganda machine fill your head with lies. The truth shall set you free. The only way to battle propaganda is with the truth.


This was never funny… just exposed for what it was. War mongers doing the bidding for the puppet masters.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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