Deep State Falling… Big League!

So while the EU, NATO, and UN were sanctioning Russia, as though that were a new idea (they’ve been doing that for decades), Putin and the BRICS stayed focus on their plans to continue their economies and build the gold backed dollar.

image 328

And while the lizard people puppets were putting on their CGI green screen war and blowing up Ukraine bioweapon labs and child and human trafficking evidence which was everywhere, Putin was able to outsmart the Khazarian Lizards for Mother Russia and free the African nations from the colonial thefts of the west. Or at least make great strides in doing so.

So while the UN, NATO, EU, Joey Avatar race was on to destroy their own western economies, thus crashing the banks and wallstreet, so they could emerge with their ultimate WEF lizard financial and head chipping plans…. an apposing alliance was busy doing their own restructuring. The type where you build things instead of tear them down. And so they did. The gold ruble is sanction proof. The lizards can keep their paper, and their melting crooked bank cards… what Putin and the BRICS devised was much better for them and it also gained an alliance of super powers.

And to the KM Oligarchs dismay… they fretted for whitehats had the major mother load under wraps and Joey Avatar’s regime couldn’t go near it at Space Force. He could only meander around his green screen studios and try to keep the bankrupt USA, Inc. alive long enough for a bail out… that certainly wasn’t coming like they thought it would.


Meanwhile the Central Banking systems are creating havoc as they can’t seem to find enough collateral to stop their crash… did they go a bit too far with drinking their own kool-aid? Somehow they lost some fiat dollar numbers in their own systems. Or so it appears.

China’s property crisis: Evergrande, Shimao and other fallen tycoons rush for lifelines to fix US$232 billion debt headache!

image 327

MyNews: “China ‘Evergrande’ stretches patience among creditors after two years of swimming in rising debt tide before unveiling its workout plan this week. Other debt-stricken developers are putting March 31st as a marker after many false starts.” Read: China’s property crisis: Evergrande, Shimao and other fallen tycoons rush for lifelines to fix US$232 billion debt headache | South China Morning Post (

Laura Logan says it all…

“To say this war is about Russia and Ukraine is a bold face lie.”

Trump said our biggest threat is our own high level politicians that work in the United States Government!

The level of “stupid” or lack of comprehension, or lack of understanding… or lack of cognitive ability, or lack of common sense in our congress and senate is astounding!

image 321

The only saving grace for our land is knowing none of these were fairly elected, they were early ballot wonders. That is the only way they made it to the DC. Swamp. In fact, being mindless is a requirement for the lizard people appointees.

The great merchants of the earth have set these conditions up and have no problem with slave labor.

These horrible working conditions are what the lizard people they desire for the entire world of theirs.

African nation of “Chad”, frees itself from colonial exploitation!

image 322
Check out what Chad offers and ask why most haven’t heard of this other than the Sahara Desert? Chad Maps & Facts – World Atlas

In an article titled “African country nationalizes ExxonMobil’s assets – Reuters”, it states, “Chad’s energy ministry has announced the nationalization of all the assets and rights that belonged to a subsidiary of US oil major ExxonMobil, including hydrocarbon permits as well as exploration and production permits. Exxon’s assets reportedly included a 40% stake in Chad’s Doba oil project, which comprises seven producing oilfields with a combined output of 28,000 barrels per day (bpd). Read:African country nationalizes ExxonMobil’s assets – Reuters — RT Africa

It sure appears this underdeveloped nation is taking back the lousy deal that kept them impoverished. We’ll see what other nations follow this lead???

In Waco, Texas, the people point and cheer at the arrival of Americas true president on Trump Force 1.

They gather not to idolize this man, but because he has the platform to speak out for We The People. He is the voice that keeps the heart of America beating!

I doubt there are any at the rally looking to hear why they should vote for him in 2024. That isn’t even on their minds. They came to hear the state of the Union and what he’s going to do to help restore America.

image 325
I agree.

And now a word from the Mexican President…

image 326

Meanwhile Mitch McConnell fell at the Waldorf Astoria on March 9th, and now it is rumored he’s not coming back…

Oh how heartless was the meme Ellis put out and caught flack over at the time. Just heartless they said. It was so awful that after CNN blamed and shamed her – they did a big story on it where they put the turtle picture really, really BIG on the top of the page and posted the video in two places in the same article! I suspect the CNN crew lost no sleep over it either. (I wonder how many times they watched it and laughed?) See: Freshly-censured Trump lawyer called out for mocking Mitch McConnell fall with tortoise video | The Independent

McConnell was hospitalized for six days before released, only to then be transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for further treatment of his brain injury, which it was noted can cause some people to suffer from “loss of consciousness, convulsions, seizures, loss of coordination, slurred speech, agitation, and confusion.” Now rumors are that he may retire early. I bet he already has. Read: Report indicates Senator McConnell may have to retire early due to severe concussion suffered in recent fall (

image 323
That doesn’t count FTX campaign funds in 2022. Nor any J-6 plots, nor treasonous acts.

That being said… in light of all the recent and past events… who wants to bet there is something else taking place? I have several things I believe it is and they do have to do with a fall, just not a physical one. Smile.

That being said… CATTURD is also asking the whereabouts of a few…

image 324

The question is…“Do you really think Deep State would remove such prime players at such a critical part in this war?”

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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