The Great Illusion Versus Reality…

Discernment is a gut feeling that helps to correct perception to avoid deception? The Holy Spirit gives it in abundance to those who seek God’s will.

Every rabbit chased and or seen pulled out of a hat, every rabbit with long ears and those carrying time pieces are clues to seeing all the illusions in front of our faces. We all come to awareness at different levels. For some, awareness is realizing the face mask does nothing to stop a virus but a lot to cause infection and respiratory issues. When they learn this… they finally take it off.

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For others it is reading the executive orders and applying those to what they see taking place, for the news does not report any of it. Then they see things unfolding that others can’t and they share it with people who are still wearing their mask and get no where.

For others it is looking at the executive orders and laws that govern the land and the laws that govern when emergency acts are signed into place and activated by federal emergency management teams, and how the military code of Justice works separately and the laws therein. These are the direct facts of how they are implemented, yet the facts of if they are and where they are in doing so is left unclear. Therefore the digging gets deeper.

Derek Johnson gives a good explanation of executive orders and military law, and how it is all working and how we know that it is.

At around ten minutes in Derek gets to the heart of the issues.

Still others are looking at the systems… federal banking, currency, stocks, trade, wallstreet, BlackRock and Vanguard… the 1% wealthiest in the world and how that affects economies. They see the games and find the culprits controlling the systems that make and break the markets.

While others are hot on the corrupt trail of bioweapons, jabs, corrupt medical schemes by corrupt overseers like CDC, WHO, and foundations such as Gates who fund bioweapons and commit atrocities in smaller nations on their population and livestock. Big Pharma toxic medicines and Big Food GMO’s and tainted foods, upside down food pyramids and medical treatments that are detrimental and opposite of sound and proven healing practices that have been hidden from the public. Let alone all of the hidden United Nation’s RESET “Smart City” agendas and sustainable development that is designed to control and enslave all nations and the entire world population.

Others are horrified at the attack on the american school systems and have no idea this dates back to Horace Mann the so called “father of education” when they brought the corrupt Prussian school system into New York state and then spread it throughout the land. The system’s philosophy that children are a blank slate and they can be programmed to believe what you tell them. Basically that children are empty vessels and you program them with what you desire for them to believe, obey, memorize and do.

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Using the basic philosophy prescribing the “duties of the state”, combined with John Locke’s view (1690) that “children are a blank slate” and lessons from Rousseau on how to “write on the slate”, Prussia established a three-tiered educational system that was considered “scientific” in nature.

All of these are relevant to everything taking place today. It is all out of control and has reached a level of lawlessness that is off the charts. The list of what we need to know is so long and vast it is mind boggling. And then, in knowing all of it… what can you do about any of it?

From mind control to biolab experiments, bioweapons, weapons of mass destruction, United Nations usurping sovereignty of nations and exploiting every small country they are supposed to be helping…along with humanity at large. This is the cold hard facts of the world in which we live and most have no idea who is fighting to have it all and control it all.

For those who are sick of calling this a show…

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The military term for what takes place in the battlefield is called live theater. So now you know why it is called a show… it’s a battle field… a war between what is good and what is evil and who will win and get their way with what happens to the masses. Read: theater (US DoD Definition) (

The truth is we are dealing with a system of people called citizens who have been conditioned to follow the rules and do as they are told from obtaining licenses to fish, hunt, drive a vehicle, own a gun, put a fence in your yard, add a porch to your house, and the list goes on and obeyed and it is long, from vaccinations, to what you are to believe or else you will lose your freedom that does not even exist!

So, when approaching a mass of people in their process of learning what has been taking place… where do you begin?

The best way to begin any of this journey is to come out of her my people and grab hold of God and His Son, our savior, our Lord of Lords and King of Kings who gave his life and conquered this hell. Start there and your eyes will open and your ears will hear according to how God sees fit for you to understand and make your way through it.

The answers to what is taking place are in the Word of God in all of the books. But there again, each one coming out from the world are at different levels of understanding. That is why we are to pray unceasing and use the Holy Spirit the Father sent us to teach us and to guide and comfort us on our journey to stand for what is right in God’s eyes and love God with all of our heart, mind and soul and love our neighbors as ourselves. The Lord simplified it for us. So, when we pray unceasing with faith that God will hear our pleas and deliver us from the evil… we are promised that He will hear us and lead us through the storm.

Of the trouble in the world, it is too big for us but not for God. He has this and even now has found others to stand in the gaps, by His own order of command. His angelic forces are in action and shall lead the ones who call on Him, so pray unceasing for those whom he has sent to labor behind the scenes to stop the wickedness that has spread out and is eating away at all creation like a cancer.

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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