Conjuring Up Some Sort of Future? For who?

Why are there yet those who desire to talk to demons from hell? Why do some desire to conjure up these disembodied spirits to make their wishes come true? Do they really believe they can be granted an honest contract with the devil?

Are their fleshly wishes really granted or are they tricked? Those who believe not the truth and blindly open up to dead spirits know not that they place wrath upon their heads, but instead choose to believe they are so wise? It is sad really. All they want is a bit of communication… what could go wrong with that?

And some are just atheists and deists. Atheists deny there is a god and deists believe there is a god just not a Son of God named Jesus.

Then there is contacting the dead, which is not a new thing, it has been going on throughout the ages. The Bible warns against doing any of this. What is new for us today is the realization that the “Spirit World” is what we are fighting in our SPIRITUAL WARFARE and the realization that our Lord told us of this quite clearly and how to stand against the wicked ones in the realm we cannot see.

Oh, many will say we knew that, how can you dare say this is new and we are just realizing it? Well, look around and see. For every post on “having faith and putting on your armor of God”, there are twice as many showing you how to contact the spirit world and even doctrines in churches showing you how to pray to those who have died. There are all sorts of “Universal” you bring about what you think about sort of spirit world programs out there and those whose very form of worship centers around it.

Now these all take the Bible and twist it into being the very same thing as what they are presenting in their ideas of what is meant by “believing” and “faith as a mustard seed” sort of practices. They have lectures, programs, retreats, and gatherings to learn how to be the master of your own destiny and call on the Universe to bring you what you desire. All in the power of the mind which is a process of thinking, feeling, and choosing. This process is “free will”. And that can be tricky. For free will allows you to choose the one true God who created all things, or it can allow you to follow a delusion of the fallen creation who is still at war with God and all of God’s creation.

The Founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LaVey’s last death bed words were, “Oh my, oh my, what have I done! There’s something very wrong, there’s something very wrong, there’s something very wrong!”

image 42

Read a list of death bed confessions from those who did their own form of worship or lack there of it: Finding Faith Too Late: Last Words of Famous Atheists – Preach It Teach It

We are in a realm of choices and each choice leads to good or evil. There are even mega churches that teach this in their idea of what God desires for you.

They say things like you are to “Think of what you desire, feel as though you have obtained it, and choose to claim it”… live your best life now and don’t stand in your own way. Free yourself to allow the universe to bring you all you desire in joy, happiness, love, wisdom, and watch your life materialize the wealth you so deserve? And don’t forget to give to the head of whatever thing you are attending for you won’t receive until you give, give, give. Pay your last mite like the widow at the well, pay the price, obey the commands and universal laws and you shall…bla, bla, bla.

Then there are those who say “Come let us gather in the groves and give our first fruits, sacrifice your children to Baal and your crops will be fruitful and multiply”, after all… didn’t God promise to offer up his only son to sacrifice for all as well? (See how it gets twisted?)

But then, there are some who just like to gather for world retreats and have some innocent fun while deciding what shall be what in the world? So what’s the big deal?

This is not new. It is ancient and it started with the lies spoken to other angels in heaven by Lucifer who sought to usurp God’s throne and take over heaven. It continued on into the Garden of Eden and with that fall…. the battle between good and evil has been raging ever since. It is all a mocking of the Heavenly Realm of God and Truth.

The system of this world is manipulated and mind controlled by Satans from the demonic realm we cannot see. This realm needs the flesh to do its bidding, for it cannot do it on its own.

Which bring us to Nikola Tesla and the Electronic Voice Phenomena.

No one can deny that the world of A.I. has forever changed our way of life. There are electronic controls and computer chips in everything from the small household appliances to the cars we drive, and every satellite launched. But let’s take a deeper look into the birth of this modern day era. The conjuring is ancient, but many of the methods are new.

For a number of years some people have claimed that electronics can also be used to contact the dead, or at least allow the dead to contact us? These claims are based on many ideas of what happens when one dies. Life after death and the dead who make contact with the living. And as Tesla claimed the mysterious signals he received were linked to what is now called, “Electronic Voice Phenomena” (EVP). Tesla experimented with his electronic receiving equipment which is the same technology used today to receive the so called same EVP communications. Many claim to have received messages from “the other side” through radios, tape recorders, computers, and other electronic devices.

We really can’t give Tesla any credit for his “EVP” discoveries, for it is more or less ancient. But we can give him credit for programming the public to believe it is aliens from other planets and not the conjuring of the spirit world. After all, he knew no one would allow such ideas to be invested in and applauded. But… aliens from other planets? Now that could be entertained by all the gullible.

Tesla was a part of something and what exactly that something was is still out for debate. He was pretty much owned by the ones who were out to rule the world and as we have discussed before, he was working in lockstep with those in the military complex out to take other peoples patents and have Tesla put them together first. For those who don’t know that reasoning… Tesla told a reporter that his inspiration came from a spirit guide whom would leave him drawings of what to invent on his nightstand and every morning all he had to do was pick up the paper and go to his laboratory and put it together.

image 36

He said he would leave a note pad and pen on his night stand and every morning there would be a drawing of a new invention for him to put together. Either Tesla was duped to believing this was so, or he knew how they magically appeared on his night stand. The patent office is a good resource for such ideas? And Tesla had a habit of saying everyone else stole his ideas and inventions. What we know now is that the deep state always accuses others first of doing what they do. Ponder it.

Regardless, Evil Spirits love to tell lies to anyone who will listen and so do those who are guided by them. Conjuring up spirits is an ancient Baal practice and what got King Saul in big trouble when he had the Witch of Endor conjure up the spirit of the prophet Samuel. Whether it was the actual spirit of the prophet Samuel or a shape shifting demonic spirit impersonating him, Saul was cursed by God for doing it. Read 1 Samuel 28:7-2.

The point is, none of this is new. There has always been the demonic forces battling to kill, steal and destroy mankind. It has always been a battle of the mind. The serpent philosopher’s tree of knowledge versus the Word of God.

image 37

Whether true or not, it has been written that Edison and his assistant, Dr. Miller Hutchinson, were seriously at work building a machine to achieve spirit communication. Tesla wrote in his journals that Thomas Edison had heard from other engineers that he, (Tesla) had been receiving mysterious voices and sounds over radio frequencies that were not of the human voice. Now why would he do that?

Could it be because Edison, had publicly mocked Tesla and his experiments, and privately believed that Tesla had managed to find the correct frequency to enable communication with spirits of the dead? Edison was aware that Tesla was into “psychic research”. It appears more that as he was determined to expose Tesla’s secret, and not be as others have said which was to be the first to get a thing called the “Spirit Phone” on the market.

It is also said that Dr. Miller Hutchinson wrote in his diary: “Edison and I are convinced that in the fields of psychic research will yet be discovered facts that will prove of greater significance to the thinking of the human race than all the inventions we have ever made in the field of electricity.”

Edison died before any of it could be realized but did believe Tesla could listen to spirits. And of course Tesla noted in his journal that Edison was trying to use his patents to talk with specters. And he believed he was hearing people from other planets – who knows what is truth and what is a lie, but I believe Edison more so than Tesla. Who or what do you believe? I’m sure stories were changed and worded selectively to fit the belief system of the listener.

To sum it all up, the lost journals bought at auction by Dale Alfie in 1976 and confiscated by the government 20 years later, revealed parts of the scientist’s secret life that up until this time, had never been mentioned by Tesla, or documented by biographers after his death. Truths that when the dots are connected… are not so divinely inspired.

It appears that in 1899, while in Colorado Springs, Tesla intercepted communications from extraterrestrial beings (or fallen angel demonic spirits) who were secretly controlling mankind. These ones have been called “creatures from other planets” and said to be slowly preparing humans for eventual conquest and domination, using a program that had been in place since the creation of humankind, but was now accelerating due to Earth’s increased scientific awareness.

Tesla wrote about his years of research to interpret the strange radio signals, and his attempts to notify the government and military concerning what he had learned, but his letters apparently went unanswered.

Tesla spoke in confidence to several of his benefactors, including Colonel John Jacob Astor, who owned the Waldorf Astoria hotel. These benefactors listened to Tesla and secretly funded what was to be the start of mankind’s first battle to regain control of its own destiny. A battle set in motion by Nikola Tesla. Tesla appears to have elaborated on the subject in an article called: Talking With the Planets in Colliers Weekly (March 1901).

Back to the present…

Today we are watching the manifestation of the conjuring’s of Tesla and all the little minds that worked collectively with him then and up to now, to give us the extreme programming for this show and the sequel they are already promoting!

Is this a Patent on weapon of mass destruction?

The patent states that a ship using the technology would be able to surround itself in a type of quantum field that subverts the laws of physics as we know them. This would theoretically allow the craft to move through air, water, or space, without succumbing to any of the effects of thermodynamics, or in the case of water, hydrodynamics. 

Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

Application US15/141,270 events 


Application filed by US Department of Navy 2016-04-28

Priority to US15/141,270 2016-04-28

Assigned to DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY 2017-11-02

Publication of US20170313446A1 2018-12-04

Application granted 2018-12-04

Publication of US10144532B2 Status Expired – Fee Related 2036-09-28 Adjusted expiration. Craft using an inertial mass reduction device


A craft using an inertial mass reduction device comprises of an inner resonant cavity wall, an outer resonant cavity, and microwave emitters. The electrically charged outer resonant cavity wall and the electrically insulated inner resonant cavity wall form a resonant cavity. The microwave emitters create high frequency electromagnetic waves throughout the resonant cavity causing the resonant cavity to vibrate in an accelerated mode and create a local polarized vacuum outside the outer resonant cavity wall.

Images (2)

image 38


The invention described herein may be manufactured and used by or for the Government of the United States of America for governmental purposes without payment of any royalties thereon or therefor.

Everything that surrounds us, ourselves included, can be described as macroscopic collections of fluctuations, vibrations, and oscillations in quantum mechanical fields. Matter is confined energy, bound within fields, frozen in a quantum of time. Therefore, under certain conditions (such as the coupling of hyper-frequency axial spin with hyper-frequency vibrations of electrically charged systems) the rules and special effects of quantum field behavior also apply to macroscopic physical entities (macroscopic quantum phenomena). Read: US10144532B2 – Craft using an inertial mass reduction device – Google Patents

An article by Forbes from 2019 titled, “What Is Behind The U.S. Navy’s ‘UFO’ Fusion Energy Patent?” Raised a little curiosity then, but not much.

Yes, the U.S. Navy was granted a patent on “theoretical aircraft” that is not so theoretical any more. This craft resembles the same Tesla patent that looks just like the reported UFOs since they were first reported (After Tesla’s design)! It is said to be able to bend the laws of physics to fly through water, air and space.

image 39

Excerpts: “Think of the long journey from J.J. Thompson’s discovery of the electron (1897) and Rutherford’s atomic model (1911) to the Manhattan Project (1939-1946). There are defense applications to most physics breakthroughs, and that is plenty incentive to invest in any potential Enrico Fermi, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, or Andrey Sakharov. The patents could be a sort of hedging, ensuring the United States can claim it was there first.” Read: What Is Behind The U.S. Navy’s ‘UFO’ Fusion Energy Patent? (

Well yes, we can think of all that… as we already have prior to finding that article. It appears the journey was full throttle and tax payer supported along with labeled top secret and established in our face in live theater! Complete with human guinea pigs being gaslighted into generational identity tags, whose mind was filled with false programming as to the actual mind war programming taking place. What did they tag your generation as, in order to keep track of your programming?

TODAY FORBES HAS AN ARTICLE TITLED: “National Labs Guide Critical AI, Energy Storage, And Grid Research”!

EXCERPTS: “The electric grid may be the greatest invention ever, delivering power to the masses and fueling the global economy. Artificial intelligence and other technologies will take it to a new level by increasing reliability, reducing emissions, and cutting costs.

“Artificial intelligence or AI “will drive unprecedented innovation,” says Steven Ashby, director of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. “An AI-empowered grid could make autonomous decisions to manage load and generation in real-time,” adding that AI could also help streamline the permitting process.” Read: National Labs Guide Critical AI, Energy Storage, And Grid Research (

Meanwhile, another one in the news is Jeff Bezos. An article titled, “FBI File On Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather, A DARPA Co-Founder, Has Been Destroyed“.

Tyler Durdin writes, “What’s not widely known is that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ grandfather, Lawrence Preston Gise, helped form the Pentagon’s supersecret Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA—renamed DARPA) in 1958. Years later, DARPA developed the internet and spurred breakthroughs in high-speed networking, voice recognition, and internet search

image 40

“John Greenewald Jr., who operates The Black Vault, a website dedicated to revealing declassified government documents through obtaining Freedom of Information Act requests, posted on X that he went after Gise’s “FBI file, but found out if there was one, it has been destroyed.” 

“News website Leading Report’s Patrick Webb commented on Greenewald’s findings, saying, “There has long been speculation that DARPA has been involved in the creation of many popular big tech companies, using “frontmen” for the allusion of a startup led by outsiders.”  With the contents of Gise’s FBI file unlikely to ever be unearthed and likely never destroyed, just inaccessible to FOIA requests or the public, other X users commented on Webb’s and Greenewald’s posts, pointing out how DARPA possibly created other big tech firms: Questions swirl about DARPA’s involvement in creating Amazon, given Bezos’ grandfather’s connection to the secret agency.” FBI File On Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather, A DARPA Co-Founder, Has Been Destroyed | ZeroHedge

Is the tower they built beginning to lean? Is it falling? It sure is being exposed!

Which take us back to a Marshall Report from 2017 titled “Will President Trump Free The Internet?

image 41


We know President Trump said he caught them all, and he has everything. The question is, “Are we watching the tower of “Babylon the Great” falling – one illusion at a time?”

Deception is everywhere and at every turn, even in little whispers in your head. Hold fast to the hand of the Lord and pray unceasing. Take all things to the Holy Spirit for discernment. Stay strong in your faith and be not deceived!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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