BRAZIL CENSORSHIP- What Happens In Brazil, Stays In Brazil!


Glenn Greenwald has an exclusive report on Brazil banning of communications of anything happening in Brazil! See video below.

Brazil is banning  cititizens from posting anything on social media and holding a list of social media companies liable if they do not remove their list of names in TWO HOURS from their platforms. Fines of 100 thousand Brazilian Reais per day will be charged which equal  $20 thousand US dollars a day. 

The list of companies include Facebook, Rumble, Telegram, Tik Tok, Twitter and YouTube. I wonder if Musk will comply?

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Some of the names on the list are elected congress persons in Brazil and some are commentators and activists. This is a total social media ban to those listed on any information to anyone about ANYTHING TAKING PLACE IN BRAZIL.

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Glenn Greenwald and list of more names being ordered to remove from social media. Listen to the details in the video below.

So now we see the censorship in a broader context. It appears the western world RESET machine, the one that is out to rule all the nations for their KM Oligarchs, have now been slowed down since getting busted in the US on Twitter and having the FBI and the mis and disinformation campaigns exposed. What was working like a charm for the liar RESET gaslight show has been exposed for the propaganda campaign that it was and yet still is.

Since the outbreak of Rubber Mask Syndrome spreading like wild fire… people just aren’t able to get away with a lot of their regular stunts. Even the cries of pencil neck (Adam Schiff) screaming to have his list of people banned from Twitter are falling on deaf ears. According to the Daily Wire internal company documents provided by Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk, have shown that federal law enforcement agencies policed content on the platform and asked executives to remove certain posts. The latest release showed that staffers working for Schiff, the former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, wrote to Twitter “quite often” asking for posts to be removed. Read: New Twitter Files Release Shows How Adam Schiff Staffers Harassed The Company With Absurd Ban Requests | The Daily Wire

But…here comes the propaganda machine where they blame social media for the people not being happy that their election was stolen. They are turning this entire coup into a reason to ban social media. This world order bunch are revealing their next move to remove everyones right to free speech. They will not succeed. Are the CIA ANTIFA agents still doing their riot work for the western world?

But, even in all the banning on Twitter, no one had a Judges order to fine them $20,000 a day if they didn’t ban someone. At least not that we know of yet? Who knows what muscle they used… it had to be something and now that we know what Brazil’s censor guards are doing… we may find there might have been some of that at play as well? Who knows in this show?

But now that the FBI has been outted on Twitter and Musk has reinstated the list of banned voices…. he gets a BIG CHALLENGE! BRAZILIAN COURTS ARE GOING TO FINE HIM IF HE DOESN’T DO AS THEY SAY.

My, my that is a strange thing now isn’t it? It sounds like a ploy at the control center for we all know who controls Twitter and Facebook…and that is DARPA’s In-Q-Tel…(CIA) and they control the faces of service providers who front them.

So if we look at the order as one from Brazil to the Pentagon… as that is the head of the propaganda machine here… and we recall that the CIA took around 500 ANTIFA style people into Brazil to stir up riots that ended with them ramsacking government buildings… we may have some serious issues taking place behind the curtain.

One thing of propaganda (among other things) in this video is that the CIA does have ANTIFA bussing causing the riots and attacking police. The CIA is rogue at this time. JFK was right, it needs dismantled and a new intelligence agency built from the ground up.

So the media (CNN below) can spread their version of Brazil but any truth has to go? Trump and all the Trump supporters and those who want fair elections are the culprits? This is what we are all dealing with. Propaganda pouring out in buckets! And they are still losing and they are desperate to shut up all truth!

The fake news is spreading one sided disinformation right on cue. Blaming the innocent for the paid ANTIFA rioters.

If the KM Oligarchs had its western alliances and corrupt agencies interfere with a foreign election and made sure the machines stole it from Bolsonaro and give Lula a Biden type win, well that would make a big mess in Brazil. Especially after Bolsonaro had such an overwhelming turn out of voters.

So, we have many things in play and to figure out what is the truth we have to look at many things at the same time. One thing is certain… there is a war taking place and it is global.

We will see how the military handles this one. I have a feeling this is going to open up a whole new level to the soap opera, I mean show.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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