It’s 2023 In The Land of Babylon The Great!

Wait… it’s just Miss Universe 2023…or is it?

Will the ones going to DC win over the wicked man behind the curtain? Will the ruler of this world annoint its Queen? Will Babylon the Great’s Emerald City Fall?

Watch for yourself and tell me what you see my pretty? It looks to me like every peacock angel since the time of Adam unto this very day… and the ruler of this world is…..drum roll please …….

The enchantments are in the air… with a flair and very wordy at that! The announcements are bold – presenting everything from Sun Gods, Greek Gods, Mayan Quetzalcoatl and Peacock Angels from the days of Adam and Noah to this very day!

So as we continue to wade through the poppy fields of 2020 and many are put into a trance of sleep watching the ‘goddess to be’ on parade…. who will awake and see what is really taking place?

Who will be a Dorothy, Tin Man, Scare Crow and Lion? Who will be a Toto and pull back the curtain?

image 178

Above we have El Salvador’s Alejandra Guajardo with her ‘Bitcoin suit’ at the competition in New Orleans! Remember El Salvador was the first nation to make Bitcoin a legal currency.

Below we have the Miss Universe Guatemala and her Las Pinturas pyramid in San Bartolo, a pre-Hispanic archaeological complex in northern Guatemala, and the Mayan Calendar…is the world coming to an end as we know it?

image 181

Below, Ukraine boldly claims to be the angel of light Michael. Seriously?

image 182

And USA… that moon reminded me of the ‘Greys’… not sure what they are getting at, but the back side of the moon… at a distance it sure looked like an alien more than the moon???

image 183

Meanwhile the world is watching the take down of Joey Avatar by his own Rubber Masked Administration. They can no longer hide it!

image 176

WHISTLE BLOWER Edward Snowden points out that Biden is a puppet and his administration is a shell!

image 177


Fact checkers, Mis and Dis Info and WEF have been weighed in the balance of their lies and found wanting! Wanting a weigh (way) out!

Renato Cunha said: “So the Davos men are asking for unvaccinated people to fly their planes. Apparently now the vaccinated are no longer safe. Vaccinated people driving vehicles have become a danger to themselves and to others and Davos created this danger.”

Gee, why is that? Why also is it that the government officials pushing the vax all seem to fair well after so called taking it? Maybe they got a saline solution? They always tell on themselves.

Those with eyes to see knew this, but now the show has become so rubber masked and blown apart that even a child can see how the puzzle pieces fit!

Remember Ursula von der Leyen was held accountable and they are looking into what deals she made to push such a horrible death jab!

When you have the WEF proudly announcing they are meeting their DEATH GOALS OF 50% FOR 2023… YOU HAVE AN ADMISSION OF MURDER!

Question on Harari – is he still free or are we watching a transhumanized version? Does anyone know how he processes his thoughts yet? Do we know what he is feeling when he thinks yet? Former CIA Chief of Disguises, Jonna Mendez said the CIA and Science has tried to replace humans in the agency and they just can’t achieve it. She said the CIA tried satellites and all sorts of new AI high technology but they will always need the human to work in the agency for the “gut feeling” that people have just can’t be replaced and that is what makes a good spy. LOL. We all have that gut feeling the same as free will. Yet, when you add the Holy Spirit to lead, teach, guide and direct you… it becomes the most powerful protection and discernment ever imagined! And it doesn’t need a battery, wires or connected to anything manmade… the Holy Spirit connection is a direct link to God Almighty!

In 2023 will Gates assets be seized for his murderous and treasonous acts – from a to z. The question is, have they already been frozen?

In 2022 President Trump said, “Our Country is SICK inside, very much like a person dying of Cancer. The Crooked FBI, the so-called Department of “Justice,” and “Intelligence,” all parts of the Democrat Party and System, is the Cancer. These Weaponized Thugs and Tyrants must be dealt with, or our once great and beautiful Country will die!!!”

Yesterday he reposted it!

image 185

Today Trump posted all these CIA and other Agency criminals.

image 184

So we have the CIA making a lot of appearances to push the greatness of it. Why? Why the heavy push to make it a super hero power?

They actually began their CIA awareness where they shouted, “here we are and this is what we did” campaign during the Obama years. Ask why?

image 186

I have a strong feeling that while President Trump is saying we need to dismantle the agencies and start over… these ones are pushing harder to become super heroes and they are being shoved out on a speaker tour that just keeps on rolling and rolling and rolling and recruiting for the CIA. I wonder what part they play in the dis and mis information campaigns? Also wonder how much they say in private about the new terrorist that is patriotic, and loves God? Just wondering.

Think about it… why would they be allowed to tell the world how they operate? And why would they be allowed to tell the world who they brought down and how? Do you believe all, some, part, or can you sift and see what the hidden message really is? It makes no sense, unless they have a motive… what could the motive be? Remember this “new reveal” started with the Obama administration. It started with recruiting a civilian army just as powerful as the military – with one advantage to the administration… they (new civilian army) were much more gullible and easily bought!

Why not use the secret spy agency to build a new secret spy world? Obama was a community organizer… remember the little acorns?

Project Veritas made its debut cracking open Acorn!

image 187

James O’Keefe went undercover as a SPY for America…. he busted ACORN wide open for their scams which were many. ACORN was a master at working the system from government assistance to gathering votes to save their democracy. ACORN was Obama’s little voter fraud brigade of his ‘art of community organizing’. Read: ACORN | Project Veritas

image 188

Something is going down… and today the American People are all needed to become SPY AGENTS!

image 189

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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