BOOM! Fingers Point To Ukraine and US for Nord Stream Sabotage!

Winter is coming!

The deputy speaker of Russia’s Federation Council (upper house of parliament), Konstantin Kosachev, said on Wednesday on his Telegram channel, the gas pipelines’ rupture was beneficial only to two countries“One is Ukraine, which is becoming a monopolist transiter of Russian gas to Europe. And the other is the United States, which is ousting from Europe a significant share of Russian pipeline gas – the competitor of US LNG.”

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Deputy speaker of Russia’s Federation Council (upper house of parliament), Konstantin Kosachev.

Kosachev said if he was right, everybody would soon see the Americans and Ukrainians “persuading Europe in unison that it was another attempt by Russia to split the collective West and the EU’s newcomers.”

“Europe faces a stark choice between buying falsehoods, thus demonstrating notorious Euro-Atlantic solidarity (cowardly loyalty is a far better term, though) once again or mustering up the courage and conducting a real and honest investigation. By the way, Russia is absolutely ready for this,” stated Kosachev.

So here we have Joey Avatar and puppet Zelensky being called out once again for their naughty self destruction to blame on Russia. This Russian blame game they play has been carried out so sloppy that it can no longer be hidden from the public eye, and the EU can no longer play their hunger games to RESET acting like Russia is some type of villian. They have been caught in their own web by their own comrades. The question is…. will the EU continue to suffer and have their “Winter Demise” or will they end this insane idea to transhumanise the planet and turn their heat and electric back on?

Kosachev goaded the RESET maniacs and wrote, “Surprise, surprise, the choice will have to be made right now, without delay. Hiding inside the European castle and turning a blind eye on the harsh and cynical realities of the Anglo-Saxon world is no longer possible!”

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Now what European castle is he referring to? And who are they who are hiding? It appears like he’s flushing out Khazarian NAZI Oligarchs. And for Joey who suffers from RmL Disorder… it sounds like he has been weighed in the balance and his Burmisma ties have been found wanting. Where’s Hunter? Where’s the laptop from hell? Joey Avatar’s Puppet Zelensky is in deep doo doo and has committed a host of naughty things…one being treason to the people of Ukraine. There would not even be a Zelensky Regime in Ukraine had it not been for the Biden, Obama, Nuland, McCain, Clinton machine toppling it in the first place in 2014.

Kosachev believes that it will not be an easy choice for them to make – “literally and figuratively between the ‘TV’ (indiscriminate Russophobic propaganda afoot in the West) and the ‘fridge’ (the real interests of the people).”

Russian Ambassador states US is turning into a party to the conflict

TASS reported that the Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov stated, “the United States is approaching the red line, becoming a party to the conflict in Ukraine, and diplomatic efforts to resolve the current situation will not be effective as long as Western countries use the Kiev government as a mercenary against the Russian Federation.”

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Earlier US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, said that Washington does not object to the use of Western weapons by Ukraine for strikes on the Donetsk People’s Republic, Lugansk People’s Republic, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions that may become part of Russia following the referendum results.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov stressed, “Our steps to protect the Fatherland will be firm and decisive. By encouraging Kiev to continue using the military hardware received from the West, Washington does not realize the riskiness of its actions. The patrons of neo-Nazi criminals are coming very close to a dangerous edge, which we have repeatedly and clearly warned about. The United States is becoming a party to the Ukrainian conflict.”

Meanwhile, NAZI Zelensky has Ukrainian military in Khokhols, dragging kids from universities to send them to the front line.

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Khokhols is 3.3 miles from Kiev.

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Zelensky has already admitted to the UN that their troops were unprepaired and unorganized for battle. He said because it was to little time to do any more. So let’s look back at how he did from the start and is continuing to repeat the same idiotic and failed military strategy. Remember when he gave guns to the citizens and told them to defend themselves.

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We saw mocked footage of wooden guns and rogue untrained people now getting shot left and right as Ukraine bombed its own Ukrainian schools, hospitals, homes and other infrastructure blaiming it on the Russians. He has a habit of grabbing untrained people and throwing them on the front lines while he shouts and demands for billions of dollars from Joey Avatar and cries for nukes in between photo ops with Vogue Magazine. The man is certifiable crazy. He is unfit to babysit your pets let alone govern a nation.

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It is obvious he needs removed and should surrender his war effort for he has lost both the war and his mind.

Someone tell Zelensky that Russia will decide on results of referendums without regard to NATO’s opinion – it’s over!

TASS reported today (Sept. 28th), “Russia reserves the right to decisions on the results of the referendums in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), and in the Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions without taking into account the opinion of NATO member states, Konstantin Gavrilov, head of the Russian delegation at the Vienna Negotiations on Military Security and Arms Control, said at a plenary session of the OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation, according to the text of his speech published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website on Wednesday.”

“We keep hearing emotional statements that the results of the referendums will not be recognized in the West. What is the response to that? To begin with, if NATO enlargement could be implemented without regard to Russia’s opinion, our country will also be taking decisions on the results of the referendums without taking into consideration the opinion of the alliance’s member states. We have every right to do so,” Gavrilov said.

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In Gavrilov’s words, Russia resolutely rejects “the reckless insinuations of the foreign policy leaders of European states, who are spreading tall tales alleging that voters in the referendum ‘were shot, raped, forced to put a cross [on a ballot paper], while soldiers were standing nearby with Kalashnikov rifles in their hands’.” Read: Russia to decide on results of referendums without regard to NATO’s opinion — envoy – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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