Mandel, Timken, Gibbons: U.S. Senate race backseat at Ohio Trump rally

Meanwhile there are a bunch of so called conservative republicans going around chasing the republican party carrot trying to decide who to vote for in 2024. Having “Dream a Dream” style ticket wish lists that do not have President Trump’s name attached. I have even read social media bla bla that says Trump is too devisive so let’s look at who else to vote for?


I rarely check a FB page I made after I was taken off two years ago for simply being an administrator for a 600 thousand plus Trump Group page…everything I had disappeared with no reason given, my Marshall Report Page, Author page, personal page, Days of Noah Page, and the Trump Commander In Chief Group Page. And no coming back unless I sent Birth Certificate, drivers license, and a list of other….of which, of course, I did not send. But this morning, I checked to see what was taking place in my “incognito” new name page, and as I scrolled down my wall, this post pushing for a new president to support pops up and smacks me between the eyes.

The post was simply this:

are you ready trump rally in sarasota florida

So of course, it caught my eye and out of curiosity I read through the comments. Most were so eye opening of the problem we are facing of division and sickening to read. But then I remembered the RINO republican brotherhood and knew I was staring it right in the face, and so, I had to say something. The poster, whom I now call “SMART ARSE CONSERVATIVE”, really showed their Never Trump side. I had forgotten about these types being among the voter base…we seem to just look at the ones in congress and the senate, but the rest are still alive and well.

Here is my conversation with the smart arse conservative:

Me: Trump has not conceded. The election was stolen.

Smart Arse Conservative: Yes and hillary is a gangster what about it??

Reasonable Trump Supporter: What happened to TRUMP? What kind of supporter are you? Several months as Gov and you are willing to trash the best president this country has ever seen.

Me to Reasonable Trump Supporter: I agree. We see the ones that deserve not a Trump. They want leaders? Good grief. Trump has not conceded. The entire election fraud situation is full of fraud for future elections and they are talking who they want to vote for next? That is why they deserve another stolen election…because they don’t even understand the first one was stolen, nor what the audits are all about, nor the entire situation at stake. There will be no future anything but a RESET for global government…and if I wasn’t involved in the suffering I would sit back and laugh at the lot of them…but it is sad and pathetic. God is watching and he isn’t amused at their little hearts desires.

Smart Arse Conservative, (responding to me): Could it be that Trump was too busy selling MAGA hats to do what needed to be done to not lose the house senate and presidency?? Maybe you need to step back and think too. ??? This is the conversation we need to have and this thread was designed for that. I suggest you contribute in a positive manner because there are those who know as much or more than you.

Then more from Smart Arse Conservative (responding to me): Do you think Desantis hasnt combatted voter fraud first hand and come out on top??

And more from Smart Arse Conservative (responding to me) Rapid fire, I must have hit a nerve: They said Obama was going to jail and or illegitimate for a decade same with hillary. Are we wrong to think nothing will happen to reinstate Trump?? Life is what happens while your scheming dude.

Then another divider chimes in with Smart Arse Cons.: Trump did a good job, but he was not able to bring our country back together after Obama and Biden is further dividing. We need someone that 75% of the people can get behind.

There was a stream of comments that could pass for a Pelosi site…but I only listed my conversation, of which I picked up the pearls I had cast before the swine and departed, forever. Let the dead bury the dead.

The truth is what they are doing is creating the worse type of division! Another truth is that President Trump has not conceded and audits are coming to a conclusion, and until election fraud systems are dismantled, there is no fair election. Another truth is that these proud self perceived leader RINO types who shout “I’m a proud conservative” are just as much a part of the problem as the likes of Pelosi. Why? Because they divide and push in opposite directions that head those who follow down a dead end road. Then they will blame those who didn’t follow them for their failure.

At Ohio rally, Trump knocks Biden on border, hints at 2024 plans | Reuters

This is what we are up against, and there are a lot of Romney, McConnell types out there walking among us. Many of them are into masks and jabs. This is definitely a sheep and goat moment in America. The sly foxes are harder to spot, but now…they are out in the open for all to see, hear and look at. They are so proud to trash President Trump and too stupid to understand the seriousness of the global bio/cyber warfare situation, and it is obvious they have no clue of the entire cabal takeover process, nor the corporation in D.C.

Meanwhile, President Trump is pushing forward, Sidney Powell is manhandling the audits, General Flynn is warning of false flags and showing people how to get involved in local politics…and Lin Wood is pointing out the RINO’S in the republican party getting his share of flack.

Hold the line and keep on pressing forward! Don’t waste your breath on smart arse RINO’s….just keep pressing and strengthening those who are standing with the true freedom fighters! Remember at the Freedom Conference, Sidney Powell stated that the Republican Party (RNC) is doing Nothing to help! They are sitting on the sidelines figuring out campaign strategies to get your last dime. General Flynn said, don’t give the RNC a dime. They are not doing anything to help you. DON’T GIVE THESE RINOS A DIME! Only give directly to the person you are for!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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