TRUMP SAYS, “THIS (destruction) CAN’T GO UNTIL 2022!”

PRESIDENT TRUMP ANSWERS THE PEOPLE’S QUESTION WHEN VISITING THE BORDER! We can’t wait until another election we need to stop this mess now!

I AGREE, SO STOP YOUR DREAM TICKET CONSPIRING! PRESIDENT TRUMP DID NOT CONCEDE AND HE IS STILL IN PLAY! President Trump has not walked away as many are saying. He has continued to fight for America and those who can only cling to Babylon the Great will soon see the error in their RINO ways.

TRUTH ALERT FOR EVERY RINO – Remember it was your party that stood in the way of Trump. It was your party that sabotaged him at every turn in the 2016 election and continued to sabotage him in congress with RINO Paul Ryan…who conspired to assassinate President Trump and slide Pence into the Presidency with himself, Paul Ryan, as the new V.P. The Paul Ryan, Mike Pence assassination, coup email chain. Says it all! Why would they risk hijacking a National Presidential Election? >> Four Winds 10 – Truth Winds

In my past dealings with helping the Republican Party…I found such evil, mindless, zombies follow the leader idiots and chose, early on to go back to being an Independent, but remained on the Republican ticket mainly to vote in primary elections. People are people and you can stick a party tag on them, or put them in a MAGA hat, with an American flag in their fat hand and it still means….”same stupid person”. No matter how you dress up stupid…it is still stupid. Or maybe the better term is bought and paid for? You can choose whatever you want to call it…many will just say, “that’s just politics as usual”…so move along and welcome to the elections. That attitude is exactly the reason why we are having such huge election problems. It’s the stuff party controllers like Stacey Abrams relies and builds on.


Pence holds his bloody hands around the conservative movement. Is that what you want America? A Pence Conservative ticket? Enjoy this show…for it is a globalist one.
Meet the globalists…the conservative never Trumpers hate it that the party is now in the hands of the people and not the cult conservative swamp! We The People don’t care what any of these corrupt politicos have to say. Franken and Kristol are not conservatives, they are globalist puppets!

I remember asking our great Republican Party leader, on a bus trip….who they were voting for in the primary. This great not so smart leader answered me, “Oh we don’t vote. We wait until the party tells us who they want to head the ticket and then we support that person and vote for them.” It was at that very moment, I literally wanted off the bus. And the road trip had just begun.

If any of you have been involved with campaigns and partys….BE HONEST, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, and I am sure you have a mountain of your own stories to share! Well that is the difference in a party and WE THE PEOPLE. A party system is part of the corporate structure. We The People are the Republic. Parties are not fun…unless you don’t understand how they function, and you are more into rubbing elbows with people with some clout and money…if you are like me and money and power is not impressive…you won’t like working for the PARTY. ANY PARTY. You will like hanging with WE THE PEOPLE, and long for the days when you didn’t know how crooked the corporate USA is.

Once you see the white wash is fading…it’s time to come out of her my ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ and don’t look back. It’s time to follow a true leader and raise up more true leaders WHICH ARE MOST LIKELY BORN AND NOT CREATED…people like Trump were born with an innate love of country, the same as the likes of Kristi Noem of South Dakota. Some things cannot be taught, like integrity, self respect, determination, and love of God and Country. Few will stand up for the people because of the handlers who own them. Those that are born to lead don’t need handlers…they have a firm grip on truth, justice, doing what is right for the people and God leading their decisions!

Melania Trump to start raising campaign cash for her husband - POLITICO

It is time to take the sheeps clothing off of the wolves! Especially when their teeth are so big and sharp and bigger than their mouths!

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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