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It is quite amazing to watch all the underhanded voter fraud, super PAC created scandals, and all the lies being spewed from the propaganda media and then listen to commentators blame candidates for all the venom the establishment puppets have created.  All in the name for the almighty paycheck.
To listen to John Kerry speak of the disgrace this election has shed in light to the world at large is a joke.  What is actually taking place is a cleansing of all the corruption that the likes of Kerry have kept hidden while they do the bidding for their own establishment elite puppet masters who covet the entire world as their own marketplace to control as they so desire.
Kerry loves to point a finger at the political propaganda mess his own masters are brewing up, after all, that takes the focus off of the failed Iran deal and all the USA created ISIS wars they have funded and fueled.  Meanwhile, the Washington ilk squad is pushing for radical refugees to enter our land so we will be on board with European nations and their level of mayhem and self destruction.
What part of “FAILED FOREIGN POLICY” is not clear to them yet?  Unless the foreign policy is to create world chaos (of which it appears to be the only solid answer for all the blunders) then it has failed miserably.
Trump is the only candidate who is pointing out the flaws in the past and present administrations international policies that have toppled sovereign nations and  is on the road  to destruction of a civilized Europe.
The government denies a North American Union as a goal to the American public, yet, the same government has integrated policies to bring it about.  The same government denies a one world order, yet, implements every aspect of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the 21st Century New World Order that it can openly and in secret accomplish.

The confusion and chaos the world is witnessing in the 2016 presidential election is by design and  shameful.  The outcome of this election will mean – we either have a country or we don’t. 
One thing is sure…the confusion, lies and mayhem is coming from the establishment and the great merchants of the earth who pay their  puppets well for doing so.  One thing has proven itself….the election process has never been by the people for the people.  That was an illusion.  The outcome of this election process may be like the Iceland Pots and Pans Revolution.  Time will tell.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.