I used to love to listen to Mark Levin. I tuned in every night at 9 PM in my town. And when I wasn’t in my car,  I even tuned into the radio station to hear him on the internet.  Today….I must say I have not listened to him in almost 5 months.  I could care less about hearing any dang word that comes out of his blaspheming mouth.
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Why?  Because the Levin I knew was for America…this new guy is for Cruz and lies.  If he had a solid argument, I might listen…but he is going full throttle into “hate mode-shut up and then hang up”, on callers unless they are Cruz Kool-Aid drunks.   I am not.  Therefore, I am no longer with the Levin propaganda machine that sold out for what?  A fiancée?  Or  was it “promised” ratings that are now in the tank? Was is money?  All the sell outs for Cruz sponsors are now facing dropped viewer and listener audiences.  Maybe they will pick up a few liberal listeners?  They have lost their common sense conservatives and their God loving patriots.
levin nolevin
They can lie  to themselves about who their audience is…or was….sooner or later they will have to look at the stats and see they are now talking only to the left liberals they so -called hated.  Next they will be looking for a syndication to pick them up because their sponsors have left and their shows are in the tank….which means they will have to become something else (like liberal) or just cave in. RINO’s don’t have a big audience once they are proven RINOS.  No one wants them.  Not the left nor the right.
Americans will forgive…if there is an apology and a true statement like, “I was wrong…”  and only then.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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