Will The Next President Continue The War On Terror?

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The War on Terror, also known as the Global War on Terrorism, refers to the international military campaign that started after the September 11 attacks on the United States. President George W Bush announced the United States perspective on this new concept of war in a very unique manner. He declared a war on terror and gave the nations of the world an ultimatum. He said, “You are either WITH us or AGAINST us”.   And so it all began… the United States led a coalition of other nations in a long, bloody, failed foreign policy against a boundless war on terror of which trillions of dollars and years later is thriving and out of control.

Putin has spoken many times of the failed foreign policy of the US. He has expressed his opinion on this warmongering attitude. He recently stated at the annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Russia,

“I know very well how this foreign policy is applied to the so called European allies. So they made a decision on Afghanistan. Did anyone even think to consult the allies? About what to do in Afghanistan? Hell no! They delivered the first blow and then started rounding everyone up around them. “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” Is that cooperation in their view? Cooperation per se does not exist.” “If you’re not with us, you’re against us!” Brilliant logic… Then all of a sudden you have a break down in relationship, difference in opinion. We do not intend to exist a country that is surrounded by enemies. That will never happen.”

Putin pointed out that again the world witnessed the same scenario in Iraq. “They delivered the first blow. Then they summoned everyone else to go in after them. Is that cooperation? Is that mutual decision making? Cooperation implies consultation and mutual input. It implies the development of a schedule toward meetings on mutual threats and their mitigation. While everything that I am saying is the complete truth, we do not intend on practicing our foreign policy in a way that makes us feel ostracized. That will never happen.”

So how long will the war on terror continue and who else will be slaughtered along the way as collateral damage? Will the next president continue it?

Recently the “Doctors Without Borders” hospital was bombed by Obama drones and summed up as the dreaded “C” word (collateral damage). They have demanded an independent investigation and are pursuing the Geneva Conference for US war crimes in the bombing of the hospital in Afghanistan where 19 people were killed including 12 staff members, and seven patients, three of them children. 37 were wounded among those 19 were staff members. They believe it was a war crime and there was no reason for the bombing as there were no Taliban militants at or near the hospital and no warning was given before the hour long bombing on the hospital.

The executive branch of the United States of America has made its’ claim that they have the right to kill anyone on earth at any time for a secret reason, based on secret evidence, in a secret process, undertaken by unidentified officials. The question is – why on earth would any nation, let alone all of them, allow this bold action to take place to begin with, and why are they allowing it to continue?

The CIA of the United States created al-Qaida and it is now known that they created ISIS. They have also continued to exercise their right to use their drone program to attack al-Qaida, and ISIS anywhere in the world, of which they have now placed terrorist refugees everywhere around the world.

The former U.S. national security adviser to President Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski stated that a war on terror is absurd for terror is a “tactic” not a specific state or persons of which to declare a war on. It seems that he is of the same mindset as Putin on this one.

It is obvious the war on terror has un-nested all the hornets in the middle east and they are swarming very angrily right now at what they perceive to be the so-called “axis of evil” which is the United States and its’ western coalition.

So what exactly is the plan here? Shoot at will and kill all but around 500 million world citizens or so? Is that the agenda for the 21st century here? If you want that end game vote for any of them but Trump. If you want another adult to enter the room that has the reasoning to help Putin end this mess, vote for Trump. That is the way it is.


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By Dianne Marshall

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