Who’s Telling The Truth?

Bearing false witness….

We have been watching the “false witness in your face show” with attacks on Trump, Wood, Flynn, Powell, and many others. We have heard the false witness accounts from the likes of Rhittenhouse, fake news, Handcock, Byrne, Pelosi, Schumer, you name it…there are many out there bearing it… floating through the air waves. We are now looking at Flynn, Powell and scratching our heads. We are looking at high school behavior from the ones we thought were professional and big, important, smart, intelligent, people. Who are now appearing like cousin Joe and aunt Sally. And reminding all of us of our high school years and how in our immaturity we responded and reacted to things….and in some cases grade school.

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Bearing false witness is a serious thing. It is defamation of character. Murdering one’s integrity. Slaying the person via false witness is very real. Destroying one’s character and professionalism is not a light matter. Law suits have been awarded millions of dollars for such defamation and destruction of character via bearing false witness against a person publicly.

When as a child who sneaks a cookie and is asked by the mother who ate the cookie…the child who did denies that they ate it and suggests brother Tommy did it. And Tommy who always does such is blamed, even though Tommy said…I did not eat it. That is bearing false witness.

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Imagine in the adult world, a person is at work and there is talk of another worker, gossip and hearsay, and people chime in and add things that are not true but fit the itching ears who are wanting to hear more…that is bearing false witness.

Now imagine in a situation between husband and wife…the wife suspects the husband made a mess in the kitchen and accuses him of doing so. He denies he did it, but she continues to accuse him of doing so…the teenage son is overhearing the squabble and he is the one who made the mess. He remains silent about it and let’s his dad take the brunt. Now we have one bearing false witness who is the wife, the accuser…and a silent guilty party who says nothing? The penalty for admitting he made the mess…is what? Possibly having to clean it up? The penalty for the wife accusing the husband falsely has now broken down trust and has created a riff between the two. Especially the husband. The wife’s unbelief is very disturbing to the husband…and although she believes she is right, she is bearing false witness. What is the point of punishment if she is wrong? A mere apology.

Aggressive man arguing with wife at luxury kitchen. Angry husband having  conflict with wife. Business woman running away from kitchen.

That being said… if people are so easy to bear false witness with no real penalty…what do you believe people will do when there is stiff punishment facing them? If you are going to jail, or locked up…how much more of a tendency is there to deny it and blame another?

We are watching this type of bearing false witness daily on the news, in the congress, the senate, the social medial wars, in the court trials we are watching, it is everywhere….people bearing false witness. Some for the sheer joy of it, some for money, some to enlarge a deep state coup, and some to avoid taking responsibility.

There is no difference between a sibling bearing false witness against their other sibling or a man in the courts bearing false witness that some one did something they did not do. and congress, oh that congress lie after, lie, after lie. There is no sin greater than another. How then ought we to be?

Democrats jostle for prized impeachment manager gig - POLITICO
Bring on the next bearer of false witness. Every lie shall be revealed. Congress has shown us the lion’s share of chewing up the innocent.

So…when the ones in suits that with professions that we were taught means they are smart act like this, we are reminded that there is no man greater than another. It shows us that no matter who it is…man is sinful in nature and the only one to be trusted is God and His Son, Jesus. Man is man. Woman is woman. There is nothing greater in any of them…than in the least of us little people. It is the little people who give the power to any man or woman. Be careful who you give your earthly fleshly power to. We are at war. Nothing is as it appears…discern all things with the Holy Spirit. Stay focused on the Lord and be not deceived. Propaganda is everywhere…this is a war of lies. Truth is all that will stand once the shaking has broken the strongholds.

Keep pressing into the Kingdom, press, press, press!!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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