When The Walls Come Tumbling Down….

That’s when you will shout and leap for joy! And they are starting to tumble as we speak!

Deep State Lawfare is front and center like a runaway train while President Trump and Lin Wood are front and center along with the entire Trump family and many other Americans who are going through the very same corruption on different levels throughout America’s court systems.

There is so much history on all of the corruption that it is difficult to narrow it down to current history for this beast has been building for thousands of years… we are merely at the end of its ghastly and horrible reign… the true history of all of this is interconnected and when you take one little thing out of context… it feeds the monster! Therefore… be patient and be strong in your faith in God as it all comes tumbling down.


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America is sending the B.A.R. back to the Crown in a hand basket as she restores GOD’S TRUTH, JUSTICE, and LIBERTY FOR ALL!

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When mis and disinformation psyops lose the propaganda war they shout and call you names! They even go as far as to tell others not to listen to you or the F.B.I. will come and get you! You will know them by their fruits!

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Just ask President Trump and Lin Wood! Lin has a simple truth about how that all works…..

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Where the good military alliance goes for the head of the snake, the snake puppets go for the little guys and shout they are liars. They are bullys who like to lie about granny and grandpa and lock them up J-6 style. Why? Because they can’t go after the big lions who can turn and eat them alive!

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President Trump laid out his plans for the Republic of the United States at his rally in New Hampshire on Veteran’s Day! God bless America The Land of the Free!

The “Real Trump Supporters Group” did a great meme!

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It is TIME TO GET OUR HOUSE IN ORDER and CLEAN THIS NATION UP! Call out the lies and speak out the cold hard truth!

In this time of getting censored and “kicked to the curb” so to speak by the giant social mind washing sites that DARPA had us sucking on like Dum Dum lollipops…like seeds in the wind…without any control over where we would land…many have landed here at the Marshall Report.

In an effort to figure out how to grow and where to go…there was no where to go but up…and in up, specifically and precisely…no where to go but to the Lord, and our Father God. Most of those who found there way here already believed and we each hold our sacred truths in the Word. We each have been well seasoned with our own lifetimes of trials and tribulations. We all landed in the Twilight Zone with a touch of the Wizard of Oz and much Game of Thrones, Black List…and of course we are all now in Alice and Wonderland… waiting to find our way home before we have to battle more flying donkeys. So in this perplexing and most unusual season in the prophesied ages to come….we journey together and have bickered some, praised some, and supported ideas as well as built new friendships and gathered strength from one another.

I see and feel the Holy Spirit working and the mountains are beginning to crumble as each builds faith and focuses on learning to wield the most powerful weapon on earth and in the heavens and that is the power of God, through His Son our King of Kings and Lord of Lords whose Kingdom and Glory is Forever, and the empowering gift of the Holy Spirit!

In closing, I leave you with a story I told a few years ago… it’s about God’s little seeds that he has planted among the tares….

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In the middle of Spiritual Warfare, we can often be deceived and tossed about like seeds drifting in the wind, looking for a place to land and take root.

Eager to find where the wind shall take us, we see many beautiful meadows spread out beneath us.  In their beauty we hope, “There, there, land me there.”  Yet, we drift further out  and come upon a land laid barren. “No,” we whisper, “No, not there.” And as though not heard, the wind ceases and we land with other seeds in a barren valley.

“Why here?” we cry, “Why in such a barren ground?”

As we naturally burrow into the ground, we wait and wonder. The gentle rain quenches our thirst and we begin to take root. Time that seems like forever passes in the  darkness surrounding much growth.  Then,  finally a light shines as we begin to  miraculously break through the fertile earth… we feel warmth as the sun gently kisses our movement. 

As we feel its’ warmth, we lean toward it as we struggle to sprout through the soil, and then the cold night overtakes us as the sun hides with its warmth. We shiver, wondering  how long until we again feel the warm kisses of the sun. 

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At dawns light, we no longer feel the coldness for we withstood it. Time passes and the warm kiss of the sun is felt again. This time there is a stirring inside and  miraculously  we bud into a new green growth. It is then we recall the barren valley, before the darkness in our planting. We dread to look out, but we must face our lot. We slowly open our eyes…

“How can this be?” we gasp as we behold a valley filled with new growths of all sorts. Each waving in the gentle breeze kissed by the sun. We smile for we have turned a barren valley  into a lush green field… each growing strong for a harvest.

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“The wind was wise to  bring us here,” we whisper one by one, and then we shout in unison, “Together we have brought much  beauty and joy to this barren land. Hallelujah!”

Note: Did you know those pesky little dandelions are full of antioxidants and medicinal properties needed for good health, immune building and fighting cancer to promoting liver health and fighting inflamation? Read: Dandelion: Health Benefits and Side Effects (healthline.com)



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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