Lizard People Want To Scare You!

Don’t buy into their psyop mind control! Expose Their lies with the truth!

Global Puppet World Update…

So buying up our state aquifers and selling us back our own water in bottles, like Nestle and beverage soda makers et al have done wasn’t enough in our face? Adding fluoride to the water supply wasn’t enough? And contaminating with pollutants from Industrial/sewage waste dumps, and chemical runoffs wasn’t enough. So now they want to just take all the water away? Is that the WEF’s plan now?

It’s time to arrest all these evil ones for crimes against humanity. They have now admitted that climate change is a hoax to bring humanity to their knees. So now, where does humanity go from here? God is watching all of this and them. Pray unceasing that His mighty hand reaches down to intervene!

What in the new world order did they just say? It’s time for Nuremberg action for their crimes against humanity! Enough already!

Either they are acting out in a crazy type of plea deal to show the world just how evil their plans are in order to wake up the people for the white hat alliance, or they are that evil and care not what you think of their plans to destroy humanity? Each must pray and discern what the Holy Spirit tells them and do as they are led to do.

For you see, I have come to understand that God uses all things to test, prepare and to move his children into positions they need to be in, in order to help them and others the most. People are diverse, and learning at different levels, therefore each person responds uniquely to dangers real and perceived. So in order for each to move into action and or the direction God is leading them to take, he knows what they need to learn, feel, experience, and know, and what will motivate them to go from A to Z. Some are stubborn and need a whole different chain of events (sometimes extreme) in order to trigger them into action, where others are more obedient and need another set of actions and or triggers.

We are all special little joints with special gifts and quirks and God knows us more than we know ourselves. He will never give us more than we can handle, but he will often lead us way out of our comfort zone in order for us to grow in faith, spirit and His truth. He is within us and we are one with Him. Talk to Him and ask many questions, He will answer you. Smile.

image 234

That being said, let us help one another knowing we are all moving through this chaos at different levels of faith and understanding. We each have different personalities, emotional triggers, quirks and skill sets. Be patient with one another, as God is patient with us.

It is also important to NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED. Be kind to all, but that does not mean be a door mat for others to walk on, or not to defend yourself or others, not at all. It means don’t hangout with those who are not good for you or to you, and avoid danger when you sense it, see it, and hear it. When that happens you will know it. Listen to your gut feeling.

image 233

Today in Madrid the citizens have had enough. They like their lives. And they are not going to give them up for a bunch of lizard appointees thinking up ways to take them away in their WEF think tanks.

What’s this? Joe is told to back off and don’t touch the flowers? Guess he’s not the POTUS they told us he was. Or maybe the officer was just concerned with Biden’s allergies? I’m sure the press secretary and fake news will have some scripted reason???

Meanwhile, it looks like Netanyahu will not be seeing his Smart World, nor his red marker white board project through. Nor his death to whatever it is he is proclaiming death to??? He has a serious case of 3.0 neck cancer. That’s when the 2.0 mask inhibits oxygen to the skin and the mask no longer adheres properly due to tissue loss. (Please don’t quote me on that, I’m not a doctor and this was just sarcasm as we are supposed to believe everything is normal here when it’s not.)

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Remember Netanyahu 1.0 and his excitement about his content makers? Well, that’s not going so well either… momma’s are having a few fits. Pallywood is the new name for fake Palestine war with Israel? What about the real deaths? What do they call those?

Why can’t this be fake too? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern.

We are either watching a 2.0 perp walk of the 1.0 or a very bad psyop to mess with our head. I will just call it a 2.0 psyop and leave it at that. When in doubt, use common sense and ask yourself, if this were not planned… do you think they would have ever allowed it to be shown, let alone happen? To me it looks like they are letting us know he sold state secrets which is treason. What do you make of it?

Nikola Tesla… did what?

FEAR NOT and know the Lord is with you and knows where you are, even when you feel lost and alone in the middle of this evil world!

Just call out His name, and He’ll be there.

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John 17: 22 “And the glory that thou gavest me, I have given them, that they may be one, as we are one,”



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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