What’s President Trump Up To?

Looks like some serious world business … what do your eyes see?

On August 2, 2022 President Trump met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who is also a close ally of President Vladimir Putin. Orban is a far right nationalist and took a strong stand against Zelensky’s mercenary troops and migrants setting up camps inside their border. No squating allowed and no NAZIS. Orban, another leader who calls things out like they are and stands by what he says he will do, or at least his track record shows that as he was re-elected this past April 2022 on that platform of keeping their borders guarded.

Trump posted on Truth Social that he and Orban discussed many interesting topics and celebrated Orbans election victory.

image 43

The key words here, to me are “We discussed many interesting topics – FEW PEOPLE KNOW AS MUCH ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY.”

They both have held a close relationship and Trump endorsed Orban in his race to win a fourth term in office. Trump called him a strong leader who has done a powerful and wonderful job protecting Hungary and STOPPING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Orban won his election in a landslide.

Biden, with his hands all over the corruption in Ukraine of course snubbed Orban by not inviting him to a democracy summit he hosted. (I’m sure he didn’t miss a thing and already knows everything about progressive (communism) democracy.)

Back to when President Trump met with Orban

President Trump met with Prime Minister Orban at Trump’s Bedminister, New Jersey, golf course. This was a very interesting meeting as it contained all of the Hallmarks of an actual Presidential meeting and not that of a former president.

image 45

Renato Cunha explained it this way: ” Here we can see images of the Trump meeting between Trump and Orban. Let us pause to see how Trump received Orban. The line of security cars, along with the protocol of the two delegations greeting each other and the diplomatic table set with the flags of the two countries on each side was very telling. A former (?) President has never had the power to conduct his foreign policy nor does a former President have around all the agents of the secret service that Trump has. In January 2021, something happened that messed up the Biden administration’s settlement which from then on was weakened.

See Video: https://t.me/patriotsstandstrong/2072?comment=592520

image 46
President Trump with Prime Minister Orban both giving a thumbs up.

“The most likely hypothesis suggests that Trump transferred his powers to the military by signing the Act against the Insurgencies. The farcical commission of inquiry on January 6 is what it’s probably really looking for. He is looking for evidence of that signature but unfortunately they will be left empty-handed. End of quote.

image 47

Note the two nation flags and the eagles at the top. Left the American Flag with yellow fringe and to the right the Hungarian flag with gold trim. Photo below you can clearly see the yellow fringe on the American flag. Now when are the yellow fringed flags used? Generally yellow fringed flags are used by the military in times of war, and in government buildings or when representing such official government business, in line with protocols under admiralty law.

image 48

So, the question is, why is President Trump conducting a business dinner/meeting with a foreign Prime Minister with the formalities of a presidential session?

image 49

This set up sure looks like two world leaders talking about where they are going with their national efforts. I can’t even imagine Trump saying anything else. I sure don’t see him planning this meeting as a casual, “Hey Orban…the Oligarchs are destroying everything, and I mean everything. Have you seen the mess in Ukraine?But hey… come have lunch and let’s play golf. I’ll even play president and put out the presidential yellow fringed flag for you and we’ll put your flag up too. It will be fun.”

All the press can say is “They had a NAZI meeting” and things like that. They aren’t talking about the flags, or the line of security cars. They’re just hitting on how bad the two of them are.

image 50

Read: Hungarian PM Orban Meets Ex-US President Trump Ahead of CPAC Conference (yahoo.com)

President Trump attended a CPAC Conference in Hungry in May of this year and the media blitzed it with many tags…such as NAZI, Racist, and many other names making it look like these men who love their nations were the ones who wanted to push communism. So now, Orban has been doused with the loving fake news “name bashing titles and rhetoric”, the same as all people who love their nation and do what is best for the people.

So here we have a meeting between two leaders who believe in sovereignty of nations and do not want globalism, who highly respect each other and we add to that the fact that Orban is also highly respected by President Putin and President Xi. Now this makes an interesting foursome. We add to that the respect and admiration of a number of other nations (including the BRICS plus) and it gets even more interesting.

And a few days ago, Bloomberg News puts out a story with a “trashing tabloid headline” with scathing bullet point subtitles:

Trump Meets With Viktor Orban After Immigration Tirade

image 51

Meanwhile Russia outlines its new foreign policy strategy.

Moscow is working on a collaboration with the countries of the Eurasian zone. Many of them are countries that belonged to the USSR, but this time this type of alliance is not founded on Soviet imperialism but rather on mutual respect for the sovereignty of each single country that participates in it. If this bloc joins the BRICS or becomes an appendage to them, the liberal West will be completely overwhelmed by an agreement that sees different continents and nations unite, always united by the principle of defending the sovereignty of nation states.

BOOM! The unipolar West is the past. The multipolar world is the future!

Read: New Russian foreign policy priority outlined — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

BOOM! BOOM! Cooperation with the West is over – Russia

Moscow only needs “transactional” deals with Western states, a top official has explained- Russia’s decades long attempt to integrate with the west is not only over, but even cooperation is now off the cards, a senior strategist in Moscow has warned. Aleksey Drobinin, head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Foreign Policy Planning Department, believes that future dealings can only take place on a “transactional” basis. 

image 52

Drobinin, head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Foreign Policy Planning Department, in a keynote article published on Wednesday August 3, 2022, he explained that the West is trying to protect its power from an emerging multipolar world, which means countries like Russia which reject Washington’s so-called “rules-based order” must resist.

Drobinin warned, “We have to realize that the Russophobic-minded collective West is a dangerous and motivated … opponent that remains strong, has a leading military-technological potential and controls a large portion of the global markets, financial resources, logistical chains and flows of information.

We have to realize that the Russophobic-minded collective West is a dangerous and motivated … opponent that remains strong, has a leading military-technological potential and controls a large portion of the global markets, financial resources, logistical chains and flows of information.

“For many [nations] the acute problems are access to cheap energy (not a switch to ‘green’ technology), socio-economic development (not the ultraliberal version of human rights), security and sovereign equality (not the imposed Western-style electoral democracy),” he argued.

As for dealing with nations that Russia deems “unfriendly,” it is currently “only possible on a one-shot transactional basis … in cases where Russia would benefit and where there is no suitable alternative.” 

READ: Cooperation with the West is over – Russia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

image 53

Now we see that CNN is falling is falling and…

The fake news networks have lost billions, $500 Billion is what Trump is saying…while still bashing the good guys. This shows that people are waking up, they see the propaganda and they are not listening like they did. They keep putting out ridiculous spins and distractions with no one to watch their sloppy liar visions. Read: ‘When you’re already $500 Billion DOWN, you can’t lose!’ (cnn.com)

We are seeing a lot of signals that the Alliance of Nations who seek sovereignty are getting more open than ever before. This is a sign of confidence in winning. It is also setting the stage for a lot more openess. At least for those who see all the signs. Ask yourself this question… “How would all of this appear to be, to me…without the input from fake news calling it everything except for what it really is? ”

Take what you see, and discern it. Not what someone tells you is happening…look at what you see happening. And if someone doesn’t have the same nose, jawline, and their body features change from day to day… then that is odd and that is not the same person. As you go along and look at things twice… you will begin to either laugh or get really mad… and that (your reaction) will depend on how long you couldn’t see it and believed the lies. And that is how you look at the truth…!

When the nations that we have been told are evil are fighting to liberate humanity and the ones with the organizations that are supposed to be helping humanity are lining up ways to transhumanize you and take all your property and rights, giving you nothing and telling you don’t worry after we alter your brain you will be happy, and they do this in your face and you don’t see it??? That is some serious mind control you are under.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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