Hypnotic Lives…It’s Time To Wake Up!

A form of “Highway Hypnosis” has happened to most all of us at one time or another. Be it in performing mundane every day tasks, or doing things you aren’t excited about doing, a mental state of not consciously remembering what you did yesterday afternoon, last week, or ten years ago appears to leave a partial or complete amnesia of what you did. Can you even remember every picture you drew as a child, or as an adult? Can you remember all the things you have written? Can you tell someone everything you have ever seen? How about can you count every trip you ever made and all the sights along the way? Do you recall what your first job was like and what was said to you during the first week working? Every day?

Have you ever had a friend or family member tell you of something you did or said and you don’t ever remember doing or saying it? Or you remember it totally differently? Almost everyone can recall having that happen to them at one time or another, like at a family or high school reunion?

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Now that you are forming a picture of the questions… and pondering to see if you can recall what you said when you were 12 ….or how much you can remember or who said what to you and you didn’t agree with them on how it was, let me say there is no right or wrong answers… there is no prize for the one who remembers the most. This is to show how by going forward in time with your life, the time spent in the past is over and little of it is important to keep in the frontal lobe. What we cannot see, cannot recall, and what we may be told by so called experts in the field as being lost in amnesia…is yet still, always in your memory banks.

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Every moment of your time here on earth is recorded in your own memory. From your first days as a baby when you were hungry, curious, needing someone … that is in your memory. Whether we can recall it or not… different things trigger memories from our past. We may not know why we respond with emotions to different things when they happen… like anger or rage… but there is undoubtedly something that either built up or was triggered from your past memories. Sometimes it is like the last straw where you blow up at someone who didn’t really say anything wrong…they just said it at the wrong time.

These are things we can take to God in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit why? And ask how to mend or heal this part of you. Now, I am not talking about the obvious things like when someone slaps you and you are not happy that that happened. That is common sense that you would want to retaliate…but to what degree is what is needed to know. A rule of thumb is…anything that you will have to apologize for later… is something NOT TO SAY OR DO.

Knowing that what we read, see, and perceive to know… preempts us to feel. We use our emotions and memories to form a feeling of a thing that happens, or of what we see….from these we form choices and make decisions.

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Everything in your past and what you believe about your future, affects your present.

If you believe that God has given you eternal life through His Son Jesus – you will seek the Word and desire to know more truths. If you believe that we are in this world and when we die, it’s all over you will seek the things of the world and desire to live as long as you can for tomorrow you die. If you believe that you will be reincarnated and start over, and life is a continued cycle of being reborn…then your life will be even more bizarre with how you perceive your purpose here.

To follow the world is to follow the mindwashing, gaslighting, lies, and propaganda. You will be in a hypnotic state very much like “Highway Hypnosis”. You will move along and not see what you are passing on the left and on the right, let alone what is ahead of you. You will somehow arrive at a destination without even remembering how you got there. You will not even give it a thought. You will simply go about your purpose.

You will turn on the news and believe it is true. You will listen to the pastor and believe they tell everything truthfully. You will listen to the eye witness of a thing and question your own eyes … if the witness is convincing you will believe they saw it better than you did and accept what they say as true. Just like when America watched a plane fly into the Twin Towers made of steel and the fragile wings of the plane stayed in tact and barrelled through the steel and accross to the other side of the tower. You will forget that even a bird flying into the nose of the plane can damage it…and believe the nose of the plane was able to crush through steel. You will believe that the entire plane made it into the Twin Towers. Why? Because you are in a state of highway hypnosis and no longer using critical thinking to form your own conclusions.

How did we get there? Let’s take a look at a good example. September 11, 2001. Also known as 911. One question I had was, “How did everyone make phone calls on their cells? Remember this was 2001 and calls from planes were not capable during flights. Well, people believed what they were told and never questioned it. They stayed focus on the calls and what the news reported was said. They told us all how to think…they covered their tracks, or tried to.

The news explained the phone calls this way….

According to the FBI, thirty-seven phone calls were placed from on board Flight 93 between 9:28 when the plane was hijacked until the time of the crash at 10:03. Thirty-five of these calls were made on the Airfones located on the back of the seats in the last nine rows of the plane. Credit card records reveal the time of the call, Airfone caller’s name, the number or numbers dialed, the duration of the call, and the row from which the call was placed. These phone records were entered as evidence during the sentencing trial of Zacarias Moussaoui in 2006. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, the series of calls from the flight provided vital information both to the ground and to the passengers.

Calls from on board the plane revealed that:

  • the plane had been hijacked
  • the hijackers wielded knives
  • the hijackers had entered the cockpit
  • the hijackers had a bomb
  • the hijackers wore red bandanas
  • the passengers were forced to the back of the aircraft
  • a passenger had been stabbed (reported by at least two callers) and the victim had died (reported by one)
  • two individuals were lying on the floor of the aircraft injured or dead, possibly the captain and first officer
  • a flight attendant had been killed

Through these phone calls, the passengers and crew learned that:

  • The World Trade Center Towers were struck by two commercial airliners
  • The Pentagon was struck by a commercial airliner

Read all the phone calls here: Phone Calls from Flight 93 – Flight 93 National Memorial (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)

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Critical thinking and even common sense tells you that if the people were all herded to the back of the plane…. by hijackers, they certainly couldn’t all take out their credit cards and make the calls without getting stabbed or harmed like the others? This did not make any more sense than a fragile plane going through steel and exploding to the point where the Towers collapsed in a perfect domolitian type style. Yet, all the people were mezmerized by the hypnotic news reading the same propaganda scripts.

This was just one of the many, many news reports that people always believed. Anyone pointing out any other descriptions were called names and belittled. This has always worked throughout history to control the thinking of the masses.

ENTER – The Greatest Mass Mind-Control Operation in World History Now fear you little ones and go to sleep….

Beyond Highway Hypnosis we have the World Hypnotic Trance brought to you by the Tavistock Institute, officially established in 1921 by Luciferian Jesuit agents serving the Vatican’s Khazarian controlled one world empire. The sole purpose of Tavistock then and now is to devise methods of mind control in order to socially engineer the masses into subservience and ultimately “slavery.” This is the invisible agency with unlimited funding that works closely with other infiltrated NWO agencies such as the CIA, FBI, MI6, media corporations, Hollywood and advertising programs that distract and ultimately mind wash the minds of humanity world wide. Read: Tavistock the shadow behind the shadow government – The Final Wakeup Call – English

Today we are bombarded with propaganda from all directions. Rumors of nuke wars, and actual real wars as Putin takes down the head of the snake in Ukraine, while world war III is being fought in our faces stripping us of our basic needs like food and gas to get to work, while at the same time we are bombarded with every twisted distraction based on fabricated FEAR SCRIPTS, propaganda, gaslighting, and faux doubles paraded in our faces by fake news.

Then we have among the propaganda… a form of truth that is left up to the eyes of the beholder…such as what President Trump loves to apply….or shall I say imply…

image 12

These such tweets or truth most always have a clue within it. What are the clues given in this message by President Trump yesterday? He appears to be acknowleging something more here. Most look at this message and see a bash at Joey’s mindset….when in reality…for those who critically think, they can see there is a deeper hidden message. Can you see what that might be?

And now we see the Biden versus China War Drums over Pelosi’s hell bent decision to visit Taiwan. Are you afraid? Do you fear yet?

Xi’s warning: “Those who play with fire will perish by it…”

As I always do when considering all aspects of a situation, I put on my critical thinking cap. Here are my first thoughts: We know there have been eyes on the South China Sea and Taiwan who is presently independent. We also know that after WW2 North Korea was governed by China. Prior to that it was governed or overseen by Japan.

In December of 2019, China, Japan and South Korea reiterated their commitment to ending North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs at a trilateral summit at a time when Pyongyang was wanting relief from sanctions. Free trade and economic cooperation were at the forefront of the meetings between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu.

It was in May of 2019 that President Trump made his famous, but under reported visit to North Korea. Now tie this in with the sword dance with King Salman of Saudi Arabia in May of 2017, and his new alliance with the the King of Saudi and the Royal Prince Salman, later followed by the attempted assassination on Prince Salman in Las Vegas, which then were followed by the arrests of the Saudi Princes, among those Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal… for an attempted assassination in Las Vegas in Oct. 2017, who later had to relinquish his fortune (along with the other princes), including his second largest share holdings in Twitter….and we see an alliance of sorts building.

Now we add to this the information that it was said that North Korea and their nuclear missile projects were funded by Saudi’s Alwaleed bin Talal and other globalists for their causes…and we now begin to see why the assassination attempt and why the underplaying of such importance of a historical event Trump made when he befriended the ever evil North Korea. We also see… why China…who was never going to allow a global order to rise over them… is not allowing the globalist group to enter Taiwan.

image 13

Brief Backstory: In 1895, military defeat forced China’s Qing Dynasty to cede Taiwan to Japan, which then governed Taiwan for 50 years. Taiwan came under Chinese Nationalist (Kuomintang, KMT) control again, after World War II.

China will not allow NATO, DAVOS, the UN, EU, or any of the Khazarian Oligarchs to get their hands on Taiwan. They will not let it become a progressive democracy for the oligarchs. Therefore… the seriousness of the situation is indeed the things that wars are made of. So what does this have to do with North Korea?

North Korea’s nuclear missile program was during Trump’s presidency all but dismantled by the downing of the controllers of the project meaning the global alliance via the Saudi Princes and globalist Oligarchs. Thus the happy Kim Jong Un. (The story we are told is much different than the real one. We are to believe that North Korea through coal and crypto currency funded their project. The numbers of dollars do not add up along with many other missing key elements). Secrets are slowly emerging… and the truth is skewed between bits and pieces of the puzzle, but rest assured, nothing was ever as the news had told us. Ukraine had it’s Oligarchy claws in all of the world chaos. To find out why Zelensky was demanding nukes…and big puzzle pieces…. READ: Exclusive: Ukraine Developed North Korea’s ICBM’s and Nukes Against US, Now Wants Nukes in Return – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

Now to allow the Global World Order to get their claws on Taiwan…is like having your enemy in your own back yard. The same as Ukraine is on the border of Russia and that evil snake head grew into a monster… so will Taiwan be in the grip of the ones who seek to control the world…and therefore it will never be allowed by China to be in the hands of any progressive demoncracy.

So what we are watching are very serious war moves…and it is not about two senile idiots; one whom is an acting fake president and the other one- the queen of the communist gavel. – also known as Joe and Nancy.

Trump was the very first foreign leader to dine in the Forbidden City since the founding of modern China!

Read: Trump to become first foreign leader to dine in Forbidden City since founding of modern China | CNN Politics

Remember, the actual war we are in is one between the new world RESET Khazarian Oligarchs and the alliance of nations who want sovereignty which include other Dragon Societies within China and Japan. Who also have the support from Putin, and those who have also made an alliance of sovereignty of nations… with the same one who had the honor of the Sword Dance (guess who?), and the US white hats. Taiwan is needed by the RESET Dark ones to put a military stronghold that will be a threat to all national doors in the pacific region.

That being said… the real dangerous regime are the puppets of the Khazarian Mafia…and their orgs which are NATO, UN, EU, election thief Biden regime, et al.


I predict this is going to play out as the sovereignty of nations alliance wants it to, as the global Khazarians have already lost. So, I predict this will play out to the advantage of all humanity and be used to take down evil strongholds… of the Khazarian nature and reveal to the public what has been taking place for a very long time. Remember, they have snakes infiltrated throughout the world. This will also be used by progressive dems to push their depression…now they can blame it on China as they scream on the way to GITMO for treason and war crimes!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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