To The Future… American Know How!

Americans are waking up and looking at ways to rebuild America because we do know how to do it!

Farmers are looking at ways to get around the BIG FOOD oligarch restrictions!

The alliance is rising up and the dark side is losing the battle… the way we stand together is by not allowing the dark ones to divide and conquer the light side! Keepers of the light are stronger, more powerful and hold the power even in all of Hollywood films… why? Because in reality… those who seek the light and the truth are always the most powerful of all, and always prevail once they figure out how the dark side works and what their weaknesses are!

And the main secret is….wait for it….. when those of the light side, discover their own true power lies within themselves! Be it Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz discovering the power was within her own ruby slippers and all she had to do was click them and see herself going home…. or Sleeping Beauty being put to sleep by a spell from the Queen of evil so she will not be the fairest in the land and marry the good Prince… but, alas at the end of the story she is finally awakened from her sleep by Prince Charming and lives happily ever after.

Now there are those who say, I’ve no time for cartoons… well, I say, there is a story within these that is the same story that shows the Biblical battle between good and evil. The Rose is given a crown, then lured by the hypnotic spell and cast into a deep sleep by the queen of all evil, and even those loving spirits guiding her know she has to make up her own mind, for she has free will. And just when it looks like she is doomed forever, alas the Prince comes and through a kiss awakens her. This is very much like those who have been lured into the world’s hypnotic trance and must awaken. The Lord calls, “Come out of her my people”.

Even in the film Star Wars…the cotton swabs fall down. Watch and see the full exposure…coming in Season 3 Episode 18 of “The Show”!

When grifters make front page headlines and Al-Zawahiri gets buried in page 15… you know the truth is emerging and the fake news knows what people aren’t buying. That happens when people wake up and know 911 was an inside job and the rest is boogey man fear porn.

image 36

And then there is the reality that is happening right in front of our eyes! Many are in a trance and cannot see it. Others never fell asleep and saw it coming and were prepared.

Craig Cope is 100% correct! There are a lot of people out there that have no clue what it is like to run a small business! Small businesses are the back bone of America and a big part of the American dream! Planned demolition from within is set out to destroy this part of America…the part the Khazarian Oligarchs call NON ESSENTIAL. Vangard and BlackRock have sat in the great merchants seats running the corporate world for far too long.

During the lockdowns we saw how it was okay to herd 150 plus people through an essential chain store but closed down the non essential business that may have 3 or 4 customers coming in at a time. We saw how all of this worked….so after seeing it and knowing it… what are we doing today to stop it?

Across America many of these had to close permanently. In fact in May of 2020 there were over 100,000 small businesses in America who had to close permanently! Read: More than 100,000 small businesses have permanently closed due to coronavirus, study estimates โ€“ The Hill

This affected many families who also depended on their livihoods from the jobs these provided. This was all part of the herding America into boxes and greed from Great Merchants… destruction from within and a battle axe at the American Dream. Well, America is rising up and small businesses are opening back up…and it is time to crash the chains and support the small business again! Why support Burger King and their petri dish burgers when you can support a small local owned restaurant?

A small local hardware store offers better service than a big chain warehouse of merchandise! Local lumber yards provide a higher quality of lumber than the big chain stock piles where warped boards are sandwiched in with the straight ones. And you pay the same price.

image 38

A few years ago when President Trump said to boycott those businesses who were against the people… I wrote a piece summing it up to block Vangard and you block them all. At that time, it went over people’s heads…as they didn’t realize the system was rigged at the tippy top nor how it was rigged. Today… they see it and know it. These same ones use your 401K retirement earnings as monopoly money to build up and to tear down…and when you lose your retirement….tough…that’s the market. Meanwhile they have it rigged where their big Corporation investers never lose for they always know when to sell off and avoid the crash…and they never tell you that it is the massive sell offs that caused the crash in the first place! People now know the game… the essential concept is global new world disorder and always was.

But this lesson was learned by watching clients and people I knew lose their retirement investments over night in the crash of 2008. One person I know who was a successful landowner and builder lost 15 million over night and had to start over. He had his rental shopping centers and some small hotels left…but his savings was wiped out! Clients who were recently retired with nice 401K’s were wiped out…and had no cushion left. The too big to fail got a bail out…but none of the little guys who the too big to fail used their moneys to be too big to fail!

The too big to fail scheme was designed by the Khazarian run central banksters to insure their future and control the finances of their banking system. No matter what evil corrupt idea they put in motion…they would be protected. The same ones who manipulate the entire financial system were the ones who made sure they won no matter how much YOU LOSE!

The new gold backed system Putin and the BRICS have launched will put these fiat crooks out of business! Therefore you can see why they are scrambling and shouting and pushing to blow up the planet in anyway they can start world war III. Now in order to have a world war that blows up the planet you have to have the cooperation fo the super powers who can blow it up. Or at best you have to have little nations you can pin it on….such as North Korea of which they used as the wreckless boogie man until Trump entered the Presidency. What was left were other parts of their hidden infrastructure that they maintained in secret, smaller more easily controlled nations like Ukraine, and Taiwan of which we now see have been and are being diffused!

The dark Luciferian ones, have built strongholds inside all nations including the super power nations! All the nations have been infiltrated, each one served their purpose and they believed they would never fail for they had so much embedded like a cancer throughout the world. That is why a strategic alliance was needed to bring the giant down.

image 40

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense has currently given a full disclosure to several countries including inside the EU military, reports and declassified information regarding the Biden regime and its connections with Obama, and the George Soros Foundation that has created the Nuclear weapons in Ukraine, bioweapons and world money laundering schemes.

These reports show that it’s all connected to HUNTER BIDEN running these labs with Rosemont Seneca in UKRAINE.

image 39

Taiwan is awake and they see through the evil corrupt deeds of Pelosi and the minions that sent her. All the corrupt ones think to do from here on out will be met with the unveiling facts that expose the true desire and intent of the dirty lies told.

The president of Taiwan has said it best when she said of Pelosi’s precious form of her twisted demon-cracy….”This kind of democracy is like a robe with lice crawling all over it.”

For those who believe Pelosi is on this flight… your next booster shot is waiting for you.

On the homefront….In Florida, Governor DeSantis shows strength in enforcing the laws and using the law to stop corruption in high places! He suspended States Attorney Andrew Warren, for vowing to not enforce the law which when he did so, is in and of itself an act of lawlessness. No one is above the law! He is not going to have Florida turn into an anything goes revolving door of lawlessness and have some sit as kings inside their own little mental kingdoms deciding what laws they will and will not uphold, nor who they will or will not prosecute who break it.

DeSantis actually did what he said he would do and sent law enforcement to evict Warren from his office!

image 37

The nation needs more of this and it is coming!

Now here is an interesting tidbit to ponder….

image 35

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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