Weaving Spiders Come Not Near? Or Is It Something Else?

There are many symbols out there on ancient and modern monuments, obelisks, stelas, cave walls, buildings and other things…. and symbols are said to be the downfall of the dark side. Whatever the definition of “dark side” is these days? To me it is all spiritual warfare between good and evil.

Good being those who believe in Jesus our Lord, and our Father, the God of Abraham and follow the way of the Lord, and the evil being the ruler of this world, Satan and those who do his bidding. What is it to you?

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We’re just not supposed to think. We are supposed to listen, swallow it all and obey. Or at least that is what many are trying to get us to do. But, God gave all of us free will. Therefore, we each must feel, think, seek and decide.

I recently watched a video that was off the wall and so ridiculous it could only have been made to sway those who truly do not look beyond the veil. They definitely wear it and have many extras in their drawers. The video was so bad I won’t post it here, but you can go to You Tube and find it, “THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOREVER TIME (Episode #5) THE STARGATE FOUND!” It has to be a joke right?

Oh… I give in… here it is. Beware this is NOT being endorsed. It is here for educational purposes only of what the mystics are throwing out there to confuse innocent people. There exists those who worship such ideas and conjure up all sorts of spirit guides. The truth is… it is fallen angel and Luciferian realm of the earth bound. They are not allowed beyond the dome.

Which bring us to the book of GAD. How so?

There are scriptures within the book that pertain to these last days and cross reference with Revelation. It foretells these strange and crazy things taking place inside the church.

A few years back around 2019, I was so excited to finally find the book of Gad. I had looked for it for years and years (since around 2003 or so) not knowing it wasn’t available in any translation to even find until Ken Johnson was shown a manuscript of it and he took on the task to translate it in 2016. Recently I found that Mark’s prophetic words resounded with Gad. Gad also cross references with Revelation and the coming of the Messiah and His Kingdom on earth and what will happen to those who don’t repent.

The cross referencing was amazing as far as the warnings of false teachings. I found the two messages of warning the people (Gad and Mark Taylor) very compelling.  Listen to Ken Johnson explain the finding of it below.

The Words of Gad the Seer is an Apocryphal Hebrew work known only from a single manuscript, which was produced during the 18th century in Cochin, India. There were Hebrews who settled there after a diaspora. (Now Ken Johnson said there was another manuscript that was never given out in the hands of someone in Israel?)

The only question is this… “Is the manuscript authentic?”

There appears to be a tug of war against the manuscript and the translations. I found after having some questions of my own and doing a bit of digging, that I wasn’t the only one getting a few feelings on the commentaries and interpretations being waved in the air. You see, it is generally a word here and one word there that can alter a meaning, but the message still comes through. The biggest culprit is in the interpretations. Especially to those who don’t know scripture. So, I found this analysis interesting for several reasons. Read: The Words of Gad the Seer: An Apparently Ancient Text With Intriguing Origins and Content | The Interpreter Foundation

Excerpts from “The Words of Gad the Seer: An Apparently Ancient Text With Intriguing Origins and Content”, by Jeff Lindsay

“There is also a 390-page scholarly edition in Hebrew from Bar-Ilan with extensive commentary and analysis of the Hebrew text on the source document. A little more information and a slightly different translation is available in Christian Israel’s independently published 2020 version, The Words of Gad the Seer: Bible Cross-Reference Edition.”

“The largest English volume available, as far as I know, with both Kindle and paperback editions, is Ken Johnson’s The Ancient Book of Gad the Seer: Referenced in 1 Chronicles 29:29 and alluded to in 1 Corinthians 12:12 and Galatians 4:26. This has extensive but often questionable commentary from the author, who appears to be an evangelical seeking to strongly guide the reader toward his preferred readings, stressing favorite topics such as Messianic themes, some of which may be valid. For example, he sees the condemnation of Edom as a condemnation of Rome, even inserting “[Rome]” after Edom in the text and stating in brackets that the fall of Edom by a “terrible nation” refers to the destruction of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottoman Empire. The insertion of altered text in brackets to push his pet themes is distracting. Fortunately, Johnson has provided his translation without all the commentary and with fewer bracketed insertions in a free online file.”

That was exactly what I was picking up, but not until I watched his videos. Prior to that, I had just read the book and saw how it cross referenced with the scriptures and validated the prophetic words in the old testament and in Revelation.

I also found the arguments between the “Masons and the Masons” interesting. I’ll leave that right there. The point is… the words of warning in the book of Gad are so identical to what is taking place one has to stop and take a look at it.

More Excerpts:

“As we see in the accounts of the background story, “The Words of Gad the Seer” may have roots in scriptures brought by ancient Jews who fled to Yemen. Perhaps this happened near the time when the Ten Tribes were scattered, with some from the Ten Tribes seeking new homelands. Ancient Jewish colonies in Yemen are an important aspect of the diaspora. Warren Aston has suggested that a Jewish colony in the area of Nahom/Nehem in Yemen may have assisted in providing a proper Hebrew burial for Ishmael.” 

“One aspect of the story of ancient texts among the Jews at Cochin, India, is the issue of writing on metal plates. The Jews at Cochin were said to have kept their ancient history on copper or brass plates, consistent with traditions of using copper plates in India for important legal documents going back at least to the third century bc. A hint about scriptures written on metal comes from one source who visited the Cochin colony several times early in the 1700s, Captain Alexander [Page 157]Hamilton (a British sailor, not the US statesman). In his A New Account of the East Indies, he stated that they had kept their history recorded on copper plates stored in a synagogue. He reports: They [the Jews in Cochin, India] have a Synagogue at Couchin, not far from the King’s Palace, about two Miles from the City, in which are carefully kept their Records, engraven in Copper-plates in Hebrew characters; and when any of the Characters decay, they are new cut, so that they can shew their own History from the Reign of Nebuchadnezzar to this present Time … They declare themselves to be of the Tribe of Manasseh.”

Again, I suggest to read the commentary it is very interesting and contains 175 pages with more pages of sources at the end to substantiate what is said. Read: The Words of Gad the Seer: An Apparently Ancient Text With Intriguing Origins and Content | The Interpreter Foundation

The question is, “Why are scholars now fighting over the interpretations of the book of Gad?”

That being said, read the book of Gad for yourself with the Holy Spirit guiding you and see what the Lord leads you to see. Note: Not to be confused with the book of Gad who is the 9th son of Jacob. Read: gad.pdf (parableofthevineyard.com)

Mark Taylor has been given a prophetic word to the churches to come out from their false shepherding and repent. He has stressed you can’t serve God and Mammon. His prophetic words have resounded like the warnings in the book of Gad.

Audio book of Gad The Seer:

Audio book of the Book of Gad The Seer.

Scriptures from Gad The Seer:

The First Vision

    1 In the thirty-first year of King David’s reign in Jerusalem, which is the thirty-eighth year of David’s reign, the Word of the LORD came to Gad the Seer in the month of Iyar, near the stream of the Kidron Valley, saying: 2 “Thus says the LORD: ‘Go, be courageous, and stand in the midst of the stream, and cry in a great voice: “Tarry and hasten, tarry and hasten, tarry and hasten, for there is still a vision for the son of Jesse.” 3 And during the cry face the Eastern Gate, on the east side of the city, and stretch forth your hands toward heaven.’” 4 And I did exactly what I had been commanded to do.

    Vision of the Donkey and Camel –

    5 And it came to pass when I finished crying out, I opened my eyes and saw a yoke of oxen, led by a donkey and a camel, coming up from the Kidron stream, the donkey on the right side of the yoke and the camel on the left. 6 And a great voice like the roll of thunder was following them, crying with a bitter voice: 

    7 “Seer, seer, seer, these are four mixtures that confuse the people of the LORD. 8 For the impure and the pure have been mixed, and then impurity took control over purity; a mixture from Seir [Edom] to rule over them, 9 to increase power over, and betray, a righteous doer, 10 to destroy holiness, to crown wickedness, to set up impure matters in the guise of purity.” 11And after the voice, a great quake occurred that shook over the impurity and blew the donkey and the camel into the moon with a stormy wind. 12And the moon was opened and looked like a bow, a semi-circle, and both her points reached toward the ground.  

    The Vision of God

    13And lo, the sun came out of heaven in the shape of a man, with a crown on his head, carrying over his right shoulder a lamb, despised and rejected. 14And on the crown on his head three shepherds are seen, shackled with twelve shackles 15and these shackles were of gold, plated with silver. 

    The Messiah’s Death

    And the voice of the Lamb was heard, great and dreadful like the voice of a lion roaring over his prey: “Woe unto me! Woe unto me! Woe unto me! My image [Messiah] has been diminished, My refuge has been lost, My lot and destiny has turned Me over to My spoilers, and I was defiled until evening by the touch of impurity.”   

    The Messiah’s Heart

    16And it came to pass when the voice of the Lamb ceased speaking, lo, a man dressed in linen came with three vine branches and twelve palms in his hand. 17And he took the Lamb from the hand of the sun and put the crown on His head, and the vine-branches and palms on His heart. 18And the man, dressed in linen, cried like a ram’s horn, saying:

    “What are you doing here, impurity, and how did you get here, impurity, 19 that you have carved yourself a place to combine impurity with My covenant that I have set with the vine-branches and palms?” 

    God’s Judgment on Impurity

    20And I heard the Lamb’s shepherd saying: “There is a place with Me for the pure, but not for the impure, for I am a holy God, and I do not want the impure, I only want the pure; 21 even though I created them both, and My eyes are equally on them both. 22 But there is an advantage to the abundance of purity over the abundance of impurity, just like there is an advantage of a man over a shadow. 23 For the shadow does not exist without man, and only by the man’s existence is the shadow given to the tired and exhausted; this applies in the same way to the pure and impure. 24 For all gates of intelligence are turned around since the death of the eight branches of the vine. 25 As is found in words of righteousness in the true book, but because of the wanderings of the sheep, their rest, and divisions, 26intelligence is stopped up until I do greatly in keeping grace.” 

    The Messianic Kingdom

    27 I saw that impurity was driven from the moon and was given over to a consuming wrath, ground into fine dust, and blown away by the daily wind. 28 And the day burns as a furnace to remove impurity and to erase the transgressions. 29 And the Lamb was put on the moon forever and ever. 30 And the Lamb took from the pure the impurity that had been mixed with them, and brought it as a peace offering sacrifice on the altar before El Shaddai (God Almighty), jealous LORD of Hosts. 

    The Song of the Redeemed

    31 And I heard those singing the song of the Lamb, saying:   

    32 “I shall give thanks unto You, O LORD, for though You were angry with me, You forgave. 33 For the LORD is my strength and song, and He is become my redeemer. 34 I will sing unto the LORD, for He is highly exalted; He had thrown the horse and his rider into the Sea of Reeds. 35 Arise, intelligence; arise, power; arise, kingship; 36arise, majesty and glory; arise help of the LORD. 37 For God has saved one who had taken away and obliterated the impurity from the earth. 38 He fought my fight and brought into the light my righteousness by His help.   

    39“My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:2 

    40Truly, who is like You, glorious in holiness, but not in impurity? 41 For You are great over all; raised over all, You spoke and acted. 42 For You declared the end from the beginning, and You sealed everything by Your words and turned my heart and convicted me. 43 For Your seal is upon me, my Lord, and these are three vine-branches and twelve palms that are on my heart. 44 You glorified me, You erased the vanity of fearing man, and You gave me a pure heart forever. 45 For that I will praise You at all times, and thank You among the nations, for You have greatly redeemed me for my king and showed favor to the Messiah, David’s seed, forever and ever.”  

    46 And I heard a voice crying from heaven, saying: 47 “You are My Son, You are My firstborn, You are My first-fruits. 48 Haven’t I brought You up from the brook of Egypt wholeheartedly to be My daily delight? 49 But You have put way My gifts and dressed up the impure with the pure, and that is why all these things have happened to You.

    50 And who is like unto You among all the creatures on earth? For they lived in Your shadow and by Your wounds they were healed. 51 For that, consider well that which is before You. 52 Because You have fulfilled the words of the shepherd all the days You have been in the sun and You did not leave them; therefore, all this honor shall be Yours.”   

    53 And I, Gad, son of Ahimelech of the Jabez family, of the tribe of Judah, son of Israel, was amazed by the vision and could not settle my spirit.

     The Angel Instructs Gad

    54 And the one dressed in linen came down to me and touched me, saying: “Write these words and seal them with the seal of truth, for I AM who I AM is My name, and with My name you shall bless the whole house of Israel, for they are of a true seed. 55 In a little while you shall go, and be quietly gathered to your fathers, but at the end of days you shall see with your own eyes all these things, not as a vision, but in reality. 56 For in those days they shall not be called Jacob, but Israel; for no iniquity will be found in their remnant, for they will belong entirely to the LORD. 

    57 And these words will restore your life and spirit. And this shall be the sign unto you: when you enter the town, you will find My servant David while he is reading these words from the Book of Covenant:

    58 ‘And yet for all that, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them, neither will I abhor them, to destroy them utterly, and to break My covenant with them; for I am the LORD their God.’ Leviticus 26:44. 59 And you shall tell him about the scene you have just seen; and when he sees you, he will be glad in his heart.”  

    Gad Tells David His Vision

    60 And it came to pass, when I came to the house of David, the man of God, I found him as the one dressed in linen had said, and I told him of all my visions. 61 Then David spoke the words of this song unto the LORD, saying: “I love You, O LORD, my strength.” 62 And to me he said: “The LORD has blessed you and has not removed His covenant from you, for He is true, and His word is true, and His seal is true.”

    image 13

    2. The Second Vision

    1 After these true thigs, I had a vision from God saying: 2 “Set your face eastward, northward, southward, and westward. 3 And whistle with your mouth as a bird whistles to its young and say: ‘Four corners of the earth, listen to the Word of the LORD. 4 Thus saith the LORD, who sits and dwells over the cherubim: ‘Give, give, give, take out, take out, take out My seed that I have sown in you, for the time for the seed has come. 5 For yet a little while I shall collect My seed on My threshing floor. 6 And the threshing floor will be holy; an impure seed will not be found there. 7 Prior to those days My seed was mixed with lentils, and barley, and fitches, beans, and gourds.

    Excerpts From Mark Taylor’s Prophecy from 2022:

    Excerpts: “So as it was for Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be for the Whore and the Old Religious Order that has fornicated and protected her and lead My people astray! Some Churches, Ministries, Lodges, Orders, and their man made Kingdoms will burn to the ground! Others will go Bankrupt! Some leaders will be removed from the face of the Earth!

    Why aren’t they listening? Because pride has handed them over to a reprobate mind! Being handed over to a reprobate mind is part of the Judgment! Their arrogance knows no bounds! Repentance will save your soul but it will not stop My Justice from being served! Some will say this is an attack on Christianity. NO! This is My Judgment on the corrupt System that man put in place, NOT I The LORD God!”

    “The Spirit of God says, “Read the signs, read the signs, the False Prophets are no longer hiding their true intentions, for the clash between the Spirit of Elijah and the prophets of Baal are at the crescendo!

    They will call on their God and My true Prophets will call on theirs and you shall see who the one true God is!

    Their God is Baal, Moloch, and Mammon, but I The LORD God will show myself strong and mighty, and the Spirit of the Fear of The LORD shall fall on the people”!

    “The Spirit of God says, “Woe, Woe, Woe, to you False Prophets and Pastors that have lead My people astray! Do you think I don’t see what you do in your inner chambers abusing and sacrificing My little ones? Do you think I don’t see it all? Woe to you hypocrites for you are whitewashed tombs! It would be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and cast into the sea! (Matthew 18:6)

    Woe, Woe, Woe, to you false Prophets and Pastors that are Witches and Warlocks calling down Death curses on My TRUE Pastors and Prophets!

    “Therefore if you do not Repent and you take 1 of mine, I will take 100 of yours! You take 100 of mine I will take 1000 of yours! REPENT!” (Exodus 22:18)”

    Back to the Book of Gad – Millennial Kingdom

    8 And in the end of days the sower shall be true and the seed shall be true and from the seed all the land will be blessed. 9 Be joyful and glad, remnant of Judah and rejected of Israel, for salvation is with the LORD. 10 As you shall be a curse and blasphemy to all the families of the earth, so shall you be a blessing and grace forever. 11 At that time no cursed or unholy people will be found among you, 12 for everyone will join you in the covenant, the Law, testimonies, statutes, and ordinances. 13 And you and they shall have one God, one covenant, one law, one language, for all shall speak in the language of Hebrew, the holy language. 14 Blessed are you, O Israel, who is like unto you? A people saved by the LORD, for He will go before you to fight your wars with your enemies.

    (Mark Taylor spoke of the fire of God and the gleaning of those who do wickedness and love to do evil in all the corrupt systems. As it foretells in the Book of Gad the Seer. Remember we are at war with Jews who say they are Jews but are not and the spirit of Anti-christ and the children of Satan who seek to have their global Babylon the Great!)

    15 Woe to you, O Edom, that sits in the land of Kittim in the north of the sea. 16 For your destroyers will emerge from a terrible nation. They will not even leave you a remnant. 17 For you have said: ‘I sit on high, and only I have a covenant with the God of gods, for the LORD chose me instead of His holy people, for He abhorred them. 18 And His former people, despised and rejected, did not truly know the LORD [the Father] because they did not know His image [the Son]. 19 We are truly wise and intelligent; we know the LORD and His Law, we know His image [the Son] and presence [the Holy Spirit].’ 20 But thus says the LORD: ‘Because you rose up in pride to brag about the God of gods, know that you will perish in your conceitedness. 21 For why would you put confidence in man, whose life is like a vapor, which begins in the morning, and is gone by noon-day, placing him to sit beside God. 22 For it is not you whom I knew formerly, and where is the bill of divorce of My people, that you said would be a prey; show it to Me!

    (God has NOT divorced Israel, nor broken his promises to Abraham. The covenant God made with Abraham was unconditional. God’s promise to Abraham was to have children/ descendants as many as the sands of the seashore and stars in the heavens (Genesis 15:5; 22:17). God repeated this promise to Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 26:4; Exodus 32:13). And for all who “do the works of Abraham” (John 8:39).

    Gad The Seer:

    23 Your corpses will fall among My people.’ 24 O jealous Yahweh, come out; come out of your place and smite Edom; consume them. 25 Come to Zerephath, come to Sepharad, come to Ashkenaz, come to Garmania; they shall come and fall in the lowest pit, in destruction, and in the shadow of death, for your mouth will fail you, and no one will help you.

    Michael Stands Up

    26 At the end of days Michael the great prince will stand up in war like a whirlwind against Samael the prince of this world to put him under his feet, in the wind of the LORD, and it shall be eaten up; for the LORD has spoken it. 27 At the end of days the robbed will overcome the robber, and the weak, the strong, truly and in righteousness. 28 Your God is your Savior, O Israel; with Him you will be saved, for He is a merciful God. He will not abandon you.

    Mark Taylor’s word from the Lord:

    “The Spirit of God says, “Do not Fear My people when you see these things for they must come to pass. I will split the Old Religious Order wide open for all to see, the lies that have been perpetuated against all of humanity and My People.

    Then the lost books and scrolls shall be opened and My TRUTH shall be set FREE I will establish My Kingdom on the Earth with My remnant Ekklesia.

    “The transfer of wealth and assets will be transferred from the Wicked, the System, and will be transferred to My Kingdom remnant! Then My Gospel which is FREE will begin to spread through Home groups, the highways and byways, street corners, and open fields.

    “My true Gospel will flow with FREEdom to the ends of the Earth! Rejoice for I AM establishing the foundation of My Throne on Earth as it is in Heaven for My Righteousness and Justice will reign.” Mark Taylor January 28, 2022 Read Prophecies by Mark Taylor † His Kingdom Prophecy

    image 13

    You can now get The Trump Prophecies in an Audio Book for those that would like it. Enjoy! Click Here: The Trump Prophecies: Updated and Expanded by Mark Taylor – Audiobook – Audible.com

    Also see Mark’s prophesies at Sordrescue | The Trump Prophecies

    Again, here is the PDF of the book of Gad The Seer:gad.pdf (parableofthevineyard.com)

    When you read the words from the prophets of old, in our Holy Bible and in the lost books, you know what the Lord has said that he loves and what the Lord has said that he abhors. That being said, how ought we to be? Love God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself are the two commandments that Jesus said, if you do these two, you shall have kept them all.

    It is time to stand strong in the name of the Lord and let God do the rest. For He has said what it is that he shall do and the battle has already been won. Today, the task most important is to turn from what is not of God and come to Him. His hand is outstretched still. Grab it – that is the lifeline for all generations and all time. It is the true hand of forever and ever. Just reach out, and grab on tight, the Lord will lift you up and out of the fire pit.

    Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


    By Dianne Marshall

    I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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