Church and State of Affairs…

Are you tired of watching minions burn things, destroy things, organize riots in the streets, cause pandemics, and lie in your face that it’s you not them? I’m talking about your government here.

And now we have the organized church and state that is doing its reign of terror openly and blaming you the sinner and everyone they can blame that reveals what they are doing and so with their Bible or rosary in one hand they can condemn you to hell and pound their fist with the other hand. All in the name of the world council of churches who want a one world religion. The old one is so outdated, but only Christianity, not the others, just the Holy Bible. But this was all prophesied to come. By the prophets of old and our Lord and now also by Albert Pike. Only Al’s version was for the fallen ones and their plan to crush God’s people.


Prosperity Teachings in the name of Mammon – From Gurus, Cults, Mesmerized Congregations, Guilt Tripping in the name of God – and of course…  taking it to the fork in the road to the grifters banquet of self-survival – the new “one world religion(s)” concept of revival?

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As Mark Taylor has said many times, the 501c3 Church has a list of government rules to follow – in a nutshell – it’s the modern-day church and state.

But don’t listen to the messenger… just do your own research while you can. Take it to the Holy Spirit and ask for discernment. The Lord will show you the way for you to go. Everyone has their own life’s journey to travel. God has a purpose for everyone… and it’s just not always the same “Purpose Driven Life” … sometimes it has a lot of eye opening, knee bending twists and turns.

You don’t have to step into a burning building in order to see it’s on fire. Before I continue, I want to say that when the flames lap upward on your neighbor’s house and then blasts out windows as flames leap outward, while you are minding your own business next door… you may want to pay attention and stop thinking this is none of your business. You may want to water down your house and possibly evacuate. Gather your family up and run! To me, that’s a good metaphor for where we are at in America today. The dangers are not just in Big cities – it’s in Small Town USA!

It’s always been a Federal, State and local battle. We were just obeying what we believed was God’s message – most had no idea that the way the pastors were dishing it out was certainly not the way Jesus taught it. I don’t recall any first fruit sermons on the mount. Nor do I recall the parts of scripture where Jesus said things like “If you don’t give to this ministry, you will not be blessed with prosperity.” Nor did he ever put out announcements.

Announcements like:


I plan to have THE LARGEST CONVERSION OF JEWS AND OTHER NATIONALITIES IN THE HISTORY OF JERUSALEM! Each attendee will receive  fish, bread and a souvenir with which to remember this amazing service. Attendees will meet my 12 Apostles!  Peter, John, and Judas will be available for autographs! This is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity–do not miss it!  THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING LIKE IT IN THE PAST; perhaps there will be nothing like it in the future. DON’T MISS  THIS GIGANTIC, SUPERCOLOSSAL HISTORIC GATHERING on THE FIFTH OF SIVAN.”

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That was just never anything Jesus did, nor did he ever say for his Apostles to do. But today… it is what most Mega Explosions do in their revival prosperity survival Mega events. Everything is Mega… not to be confused with MAGA. That’s totally different and not associated with Mega, except for the fact that the Mega Pastors swarmed the Whitehouse like vultures to put their hands all over the Trumpet man. They fed off of the popularity of the president in order to collect on more prosperity and popularity points of their own. Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!

image 18 1

Is anybody else sick and tired of watching the sharks, heisters, grifters, and political hopefuls grifting off of Trump? What’s worse is watching everyone claim to be the thing 1, thing 2 and thing 3 in the Kim Clement Stargate Prophecy. “I’m the Clark!”, “I’m the Stone!”, “We’re the movement he spoke of!”  Oh, does your head hurt yet? We even have them now hunting for the one with Big Eyes and anointing oil to heal the masses?  Hinting it is Kari Lake. Oh, please… give me a break! But we all have a tendency to try to find the ones in the prophecy so we can say, now we know and lay it aside.

I must admit, I am guilty of doing the same darn thing. I have had my own attempts at it. For example, If we are still looking for a new Snowden… that would have to be Julian Assange. No one seems to want to point to that person. Why is that? Who are they going to point to? This is starting to sound like someone is doing some pre or re-programming?  Maybe Clay Clark will claim that one too? Who knows?

I am not saying the prophecies weren’t so given… they did come from Kim. It is those who are claiming they are the “ones” Kim was waiting for that tarnish the entire basket of fruit. At least that’s what my eyes saw. And possibly a handler and a few programmers here and there. What do they do in their Stargate Programming? That’s the real rabbit hole here. But hey… that’s a conspiracy, right?

 Someone will do something with it. Putting the snippets aside, this is a serious time in America. Discern all things and pray for the families who have been harmed and affected by these tragic events.

The most serious part of this side of Stargate is the sadness and grief that Donne’ Clement has in trying to figure out the death of her father. This is a serious matter and one not for the faint of heart. Her expressions, and frustrations in telling the story behind the story of his last prophecy show clearly that she is struggling to find an answer. Her hard questions and reveal of some private matters have certainly left Trey Smith looking perplexed.

image 14 1

Donne’ stated, “This was a targeted tumor. The tumor grew in exactly this spot. Right here which is where the brokers region of the brain is and controls the right side of your body. He could not play the piano anymore, he could not walk, and he could not speak.”

Trey breaks away to a new screen and says, “I’d also like to dedicate this film to the life and memory of the prophet Kim Clement.” it cuts off and goes back to Donne’ and Trey. It appears to pick up mid-sentence showing that Trey put the edit in there by design. Donne’ continues the midsentence conversation that was cut into, ”Someone…

“Someone didn’t like it.” Says Donne’.

 Trey says, “People did meet with him that were… so okay… let’s couch that.” Donne’ asks, “Can you give someone cancer?”  Trey answers “Well, I don’t know.”  Donne’ snaps back, “I’ve heard about this, the CIA’s cancer pens. I’ve heard all sorts of things. I mean those are conspiracies and rumors, I don’t know?” Trey breaks away to a new screen where he says, “I would also like to thank Jane Clement, the wife of Kim Clement as well as her daughter, one of her daughters Donne’ Clement Petruska, and they run House of Destiny Network. And that would be at House of Destiny. Com.” The screen turns back to Donne’.

image 14

Trey sure has a funny face and what’s up with the neck? What other things look odd to you?

“That is an attack, it is a targeted attack and I don’t know who to look at for this. I don’t know who to blame. I don’t know if it’s just the devil did it. Did some CIA operative do it, was it the FBI who did this to him? Who did this to him. Because he was seeing too much. He saw BRICS (or bricks?). Trey breaks away again to another screen and says, “I’m Trey Smith of God in a nutshell. And this prophecy….”

Watch the video below.

There is a lot packed inside this video, information like Kim was involved with Project Stargate and was wanting out just before he got hit with four strokes and a cancerous brain tumor. Donne’ said her dad wanted out of it but they wouldn’t let him out.

The video above is the shorter version. The original is over two hours long and can be viewed at “God In A Nutshell” here: The Last Prophecy | A Film by Trey Smith (

 I have been pondering on why Trey Smith would release this information on the video?  Why he did not edit these parts out? Why do you think he left them in?

Below is an interesting piece of dialogue between Donne’ and Trey from the long version of the video:

“He said they, a, they were writing things down that I cannot repeat or I will not be alive next week. December 13, 2014 he said that.  Within a month a tumor was growing in his brain.” Donne’ Clement

Trey inquires, “Do you want to talk about that?”

Donne’ with lots of expression of the terrible recall answered, “Sure, I will talk about that.” A clip of Kim Clement telling his vision (a segment of Kim’s Last Prophecy) is shown. Afterwards, Donne’ speaks again, “What he thought and what he prophesied, he didn’t know. Sometimes he wouldn’t even remember what he prophesied. “

Trey cautiously explains, “I am going to be a little bit careful on how I couch some of this. It is true that these are commonly considered … these prophesies is at the end of his life. He had three progressive and fairly rapid strokes that quickly ended his life. And they came directly following what some consider, myself included, to be some of the most heavy and intense prophecies that he ever gave.

The clip begins and Clement is saying, “They have made a plan to enter the schools of America… no, no, no this is a long-term plan. What about your children? That is what the enemy wants. To cripple your economy and to cripple your children.”  Watch the video above for the entire wording. 

image 17

Donne’ says, “So he had strokes, he had four strokes and at the end of that he found out … over a four or five month period, he found out that he had a brain tumor. So, we asked them, we asked the doctor… how long has he had this one this brain tumor? They said by measuring the rate of growth, we would say it began growing in his brain in January of 2015.”

So here we have Trey corrected from 3 strokes to 4 strokes by Donne’. And a brain tumor that began growing in his brain… approximately two weeks or so after he said his last prophecy declaring there were things being written down that he could not repeat or he would not be alive next week. We also hear him telling of the children and the enemy crippling them and the economy.

“Now think”, says Donne’ as she taps her forefinger strongly in rhythm on the table. “December 13, 2014, he says I see Putin and four others there writing things down, and if I say anything I’ll be dead next week.” Trey interrupts, “I won’t be alive”.

In 2015 Kim had a prophecy where he said, “I see a king falling.” On April 1, 2015. In this vision he saw a wall, a takeover already a plan. Kim said, “Iran, you have wicked plans. Your wickedness cannot be covered. I’ve seen you said the Lord. I’ve already spoken about you.”

“He wrote the FBI after 911. Because 911 happened and he had prophesied that in 1996 and it had become a big deal.” Stated Donne’ as they showed the clip of Kim on a tv program.

image 15

His prophecy was on July 25, 1996. Donne later says, “The FBI showed up at my parents’ house. At the time we were living in Texas.”

image 15 1

Donne’ has a dazed look and her eyes are glazed as she says that. Trey looks just as dazed and eyes just as glazed. Something doesn’t feel right about this? What do you think? She snaps out of her daze and says, “The FBI shows up at the house.” As though she is saying it for the first time. She shows excitement now as she says it the second time. She laughs and slaps Trey’s arm and says, “What’s funny, is that my grandmother was staying with my parents, and she had her own room upstairs and the air conditioner had broken, and the air conditioning repair people were supposed to be coming that day. And so, the FBI agents come, and they want to search the house. And my parents said sure, of course you can search.”

Trey interrupts and asks did you meet them? Donne answers no she wasn’t there. I don’t know where I was, but I wasn’t there. So, I wasn’t home, but anyway my grandmother’s upstairs, the FBI walked in because they’re searching everywhere and she goes, oh look up there. And points and says the vents, it’s right there, because she thinks it’s the air conditioner repair. So, the FBI agents they all go rushing into the vents!

image 15 2

“That was all so silly, but at the end of it they realized my dad legitimately had prophesied this and had no inside information. They were like, “How did he know?? So, they investigate. How does this man know? They don’t believe in prophecy… they think this man must have known something. And at the end of it, they obviously figured out no he doesn’t. He didn’t remember prophesying it?  They were so impressed they asked him to join this “Project Stargate” or whatever it was called, I can’t remember now.” Trey says the timeframe she is talking about when Kim worked with these projects, the FBI was roughly and mainly began with and was during the Bush years when he was president. (that would be 2001 – 2008 but Trey never spelled it out).

image 15 3

Donne’ said, “What happened is they gave him an encrypted email address. And if they would give him an email and they would get on the phone with him and he couldn’t tell us anything. He wasn’t allowed. He was able to tell us once that he was able to help find a lost child. A kidnapped child that he had helped with that. That’s all we really ever heard. And he was very irritated, he didn’t like doing it. 

At the closing part of the video Donne’ shows a serious side that she believes he was killed by an inside job. She said, “That is an attack! (stomping fingers on table) That is a targeted attack. And I don’t know who to look at for this. I don’t know who to blame. I don’t know if it’s just the devil did it, did some CIA operative do it, was it the FBI? Who did this?

At the end of the video, Donne with strong feelings, says, “I don’t know if it’s just the devil did it”…. (Look at Trey, does he look like himself to you?)

image 15 4

The look on Trey’s face when Donne’ says, “I don’t know if it’s just the devil did it?(Just a note, after listening several times, I thought at first she was saying “the table did it”. What does it sound like to you?) did some CIA operative do it, was it the

FBI? Who did this? Who did this to him because he was seeing too much. You saw BRICS…(last word unclear sounded like BRICS? As she points.) Trey cut her off as he tried to say something and it all gets cut off. Video goes to thank you for watching and one last time hearing Kim’s last video of his prophecy.

image 15 5

Trey doesn’t seem to look like himself. What do you think? When she finishes with…”Who did this to him, because he was seeing too much. He saw BRICS?” Trey looks very sick. Maybe it’s the rubber?

In closing…let us ponder this:

On April 4, 2007, in Redding, California, Clement again predicted that Donald Trump will “be a trumpet” and that Bill Gates would play a significant part in the future of the church. Also, he said that God will anoint a future president with His Spirit and that there would be a man or prayer present in the White House at all times.

“I will raise up the Trump to be a trumpet and Bill Gates to open up the gate of a financial realm for the church, says the Lord. … It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering My name. But God said, ‘When he enters into the office, he will be shouting out by the power of the Spirit, for I shall fill him with My Spirit when he goes into office, and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in the land.’ (Again, is this why an army of Mega Church pastors and prophets surrounded Trump in the oval office every chance they got?)

image 18 2

Now we all know Bill Gates 1.0 is not out to help any church except if it is a part of the World Council of such global order at the UN. (Maybe the 2.0? Nah.) We also know that the script being played out today on a world scale is one written by the think tanks of the globalists. We also know that the CIA projects have been involved with global domination with technology from Nikola TESLA, and all patents that can do anything like that have found their way into the hands of DARPA programs. Since the very beginning of all discoveries in the patent offices which began as early as in the 19th century in the 1800’s with the midst of the so called “Industrial Revolution”.

There were some major religious leaders writing blogs that effectively stated, “I told you so,” as the year 2021 came to a close and Trump was still not back in the White House despite charges of voter fraud.

This same coalition of church leaders formed a Prophetic Standard Statement in an effort to salvage the Church’s credibility following what was considered as an incorrect prediction of a second term for President Trump. This PSS is a real control document, check the link below.

The fact that Trump did win a second term has become more and more clear as evidence is revealed. Trump has everything.  Yet some of the church leaders are still trying to defend their decision to believe that Trump lost the election.

Read the alleged control system for who gets to prophesy what and when and to who: Prophetic Standards Statement – A Unified Call for Prophetic Accountability

We are watching a very important transition of power and not the kind of a presidential election. We are watching, just like Mark Taylor said, a transition of an entire government overhaul and the mules of the 501c3 church cabal.

Mark was called by the spirit of the Lord to speak and not to be halted before a group of men who have taken it upon themselves to smear his name and act like fake news to censor his voice and boycott his message because it wasn’t the same one they were shouting. The same playbook as fake news. We’ll just call this one Fake Church.

God is watching all of this show from the tippy top to the lowest bottom. We are now watching as many have been, and yet are being exposed along the way in all the systems from heads of state to A.I. mis and dis information fact checkers in dark dens. Many have repented and many have dug in their heels to fall further into the miry clay of the deep state swamp. Mark’s refusal to parrot the opinions of others has led him into a flurry of false accusations and wrap up smears being slung at him. But, through all of that, Mark is still standing while many who ignored his voice of warning to repent have been convicted of such things as child rapes, child grooming for sex and other sex crimes, while some for illegally increasing their prosperity. Funny how that all works now isn’t it?

That being said, the sly attacks surrounding Trump and Trump supporters is off the charts. Pastor programs working with Homeland Security take their cues from the government. That must be why many church leaders opened their churches and pushed the vaccines to their congregations and anyone in the public. This appears to be the new FEMA round up crew for mass destruction and other forms of depopulation. What else would you call the now obvious crimes against humanity by CDC, WHO, EU, UN, Big Pharma, Big Food, Gates and Soros funded vax projects, and many of our own churches endorsing all of it? We now have many Mega church shelters complete with frequency towers and surveillance on their buildings and in their lots. Mark Taylor revealed this a year or so back. Who listened?

This is what the church of demonic infiltration does. This is what God is not going to allow to continue… not in His Holy Name. Enough is enough. If it looks very dark and Satanic, maybe that’s because it is? What are your thoughts?

This is why Mark Taylor is still speaking out exposing the corruption.  Enough with coddling and protecting the abusers… it’s time to listen to the victims of real cults and abuse.

Taylor’s road has not been easy. He has been met with every form of mis and disinformation propaganda by the churches who moved in like vultures on an unsuspecting animal. Maybe one day he will share his experiences?

Meanwhile, it appears that the corrupt church structure has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

But wait… there is another facet – it’s called New age and Enlightenment – it’s not a SECRET anymore, it’s just one of those more charismatic outreaches to humanity.

A video that shows influential figures and their new age ideas of going to the light and spirituality

While there are many churches whose leaders have been arrested, we have Mike Bickel’s Church once again in the headlines – IHOPKC’s Forerunner Church closes with final service amid Mike Bickle scandal – May 22, 2024-

In the meeting, Bennett said lawsuits from the victims alleging sexual abuse and misconduct by Bickle presented the ministry with “significant liabilities.” “Were the people to sue at the end of the day,” he said. “That produces significant liabilities.”

Boz Tchividjian, Billy Graham’s grandson, an attorney and longtime advocate of sexual abuse survivors who is representing one of Bickle’s alleged victims, said if IHOPKC leaders believe the ministry can just shutter, then re-emerge as a rebranded organization to escape liability, they are living in “fantasyland.”

“The notion that they can just shut it down and start a new organization and all of that prior potential liability is wiped away is fantasyland,” he told The Roys Report. “To suddenly take all the property, put it in name of [a] new organization to limit liability that would what I believe be called a fraudulent transfer. A court would not allow that.”

Bennett reportedly said in the leaked recording that while IHOPKC has been looking at different ways to navigate the Bickle scandal, they have found no way around the liability the organization has been exposed to as a result of the allegations of the ministry’s mishandling of the abuse allegations. IHOPKC’s Forerunner Church closes with final service | Church & Ministries News (

Other scandals:

Read: Southern Baptist leaders release a list of accused sexual abusers : NPR

Read: Look Up Priests Who Have Been Deemed “Credibly Accused” of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct – Credibly Accused | ProPublica

The Dark World of Mega Churches… Is sowing your seed tithing with the devil? Or is it serving Mammon? Just asking.

Lastly, I had no idea that there were more people coming forward with their own investigations of this strange Stargate Prophecy Thing.

Listen to the NWCZradio program on Paul Cain MK Ultra CIA Operation Stargate Prophet!

He goes into the rabbit hole of why the crazy things seem to happen inside the crazy church of Mike Bickel. And other places.

image 15

Click here to listen to Paul Cain MK Ultra CIA Operation Stargate Prophet:

The question is… what’s in your church?

When the church cabal began to fall… were you paying attention, or simply making excuses for men in the flesh?  Just curious.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press.


image 17

You can now get The Trump Prophecies in an Audio Book for those that would like it. Enjoy! Click Here: The Trump Prophecies: Updated and Expanded by Mark Taylor – Audiobook –

Also see Mark’s prophesies at Sordrescue | The Trump Prophecies

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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