The United Nations Human Rights experts expressed PROFOUND CONCERN over the fact that the United States Attorney General called the organized anti-fascist activities of rioting, burning, looting, and terrorizing citizens caused by ANTIFA and other groups, domestic terrorism. It appears the UN Human Rights apply only to Globalist goals of one world government to be achieved by any means possible. Therefore, we are watching ANTIFA and other group movements terrorize the entire globe in the name of so called – human rights.

THEN CAME THE BACKLASH – Due to a huge outcry against their tweet, the UN decided to take down their message of concern. With the major cities burning, it is clear the UN CAN NOT walk this one back?
ANTIFA is organized, trained and has units ready to deploy world wide. What do we call that?

While the U.S.A. news media is promoting for their viewers a basement soy kid image, ANTIFA is far from a bunch of radicalized teens and minors. It is an organized group that is trained and ready to take out whatever they are ordered to take out. I trust that if the United States Government has investigated ANTIFA and found it to be a terrorist organization, IT IS!
President Trump has already withdrawn from the UN Human Rights CouncilĀ  He Did It: Trump Officially Withdraws from the United Nations Human Rights Council! and is presently NOT FUNDING the UN World Health Organization pending an official investigation on its’ ties to China and giving out wrong information during COVID-19 pandemic. Trump: US to Cut Ties With WHO
President Trump has also officially removed the US from the UN sponsored Climate Change Paris Accord. One of the UN Sustainable Development goals for their new world order.

Little by little the United States is removing itself from the UN Sustainable Development Goals that do not serve our nation. Isn’t it time we tell the UN to leave the USA and withdraw from it all the way? Or is it best to just remove ourselves one step at a time?
It is time to have a restructuring of the organization that is supposed to serve the nations collectively. They have lost their way for nation serving, if they ever had one. It appears the UN Agenda has always been for Global Control. A modern day tower of Babel.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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