Tell Gov. Inslee We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists, We Arrest Them!

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Is MADNESS, They Are Demanding ...
The Autonomous Zone in Seattle has now given notice that they have a list of demands that need to be met or they will?????  They will what? Hold the area in Seattle hostage? Commit acts of terror? Deface and destroy the businesses within their new zone? Bully and steal from their new citizens of the Zone? Occupy the District Police Station? Fight with anyone they desire on the street? Shout to defund the police? Wall in the city?
It appears the terrorists have no bargaining power whatsoever. They have already done everything that would justify any source of negotiation, if, that is, the government were ever to entertain the idea of negotiating with terrorists. To see the list of terrorist demands, click on this article.
The newly occupied Zone of Terror (my name for it) is left with a Mayor shouting “Summer of Love” with no chance of re-election, and a Governor who is negotiating with the President via Twitter over holding Seattle hostage for COVID resource money or something crazy like that?
seattle gov
Really people, you can’t make this stuff up. It sounds so crazy it is difficult to take serious, but, if we don’t wake up and address the insanity of lawlessness now it will continue to get more and more insane.
President Trump is not amused by the antics of the progressive Democrats and their silent war that is now SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF ITS LUNGS across America. Governor Inslee is now on the skids establishing what can truly be called concentration camps for law abiding citizens that don’t do as he says even if it is unconstitutional. Read about “Lunatic Governor Caught Setting Up Concentration Camps” Here.
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Tick tock…it is almost the midnight hour, that time when all the gold lined carriages and perceived escorts turn back into pumpkins, rats, and mice.
This is a war, and it is real and not a movie.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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