Trump Supporters, How About This Idea…

We could all add our names to the candidate list, we have as many votes as the bottom rung. This is ridiculous. ZERO votes is ZERO votes. 
I swear if the losers don’t drop out, we should all tell the pathetic  GOP we are running for president and demand media air time. Then we can all take our opportunity to trash the ones we don’t like.  Why?  Because we are running for office.  This entire GOP is a joke. They have allowed the worst ever tactics imaginable and they are continuing to get away with it. Allowing losers to continue to run just to trash opposition. That is the game here.
Who will join me to run for president since you only seem to need a big fat ZERO number of supporters to run for the highest office.  If you get your family and friends to support you, you will out perform the bottom rung.  What a joke and a shame they are looking so pathetic and they do not even have a clue how they are coming across to those who are still SANE in AMERICA!
Meanwhile, the GOP is planning an all out attack on Trump because he is the front runner.  They would rather have the worst loser than Trump. Why?  Because the worst loser is a puppet.  That is why they are all still on the list.  Puppets don’t think, they don’t have a brain, and they can’t see how they look to the audience because they have no power to comprehend it.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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