Today’s Wizard of Odd…

Today’s news is that of chaos and confusion. And who is the bringer of such things? It sure isn’t the light of God. This is the darkness of Lucifer who does his bidding through willing flesh.

Why do all the lizard hatchlings show their tongues?

Another deep state hoax thwarted by some truth. Whitmer hoax is backfiring! NOT GUILTY!

ABC News reported that fourteen men were charged over the plot to kidnap the governor from her Antrim County vacation home in 2020. The last three to be tried were Eric Molitor, along with twin brothers William Null and Michael Null, and today were found not guilty on all charges by a jury after a three-week trial.

It was found that the FBI had a role in the plot, with several defendants arguing that FBI agents actively encouraged alleged participants to engage in illegal activity. Previously, a jury acquitted two men alleged to have been involved in the plot after the defense argued that the FBI’s encouragement of the plan constituted entrapment. Attorney, Michael Hills, who represented a previously acquitted defendant, Brandon Caserta, called the FBI’s conduct “unconscionable” in April 2022, according to the Washington Post. FBI Special Agent Mark Schweers testified that there were some meetings where FBI informants outnumbered those plotting the kidnapping, according to Fox 17.

There were at least 12 FBI informants or undercover agents involved in gathering information about the plot, according to Buzzfeed. (RELATED: FBI Informants Involved In Whitmer Kidnapping Debacle Allegedly Smoked Weed, Shared Hotel Room With Accused Plotter)

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Although we celebrate their not guilty verdict, there were nine Wolverine Watchmen militia group members that have been convicted in the plot, according to ABC News.

This type of FBI pin the tail on the donkey and bam you committed a crime has been the common theme in the land of lawlessness. The jury finding the framed victims not guilty is a lot to shout about. Finally some justice is given out, even though the suffering and undo stress inflicted on the innocent are scares that people can’t see, God sees and will heal all.

Meanwhile, FBI Whistleblower Talks About Hunter Biden And Alleged Pro-Trump Bias At Bureau …

The back story… attacking patriots as militia and far-right groups

Preceding the 2020 United States elections, law enforcement officials, members of Congress, and groups tracking extremism in the country warned about the increasing threat potential from militia and far-right groups. (This has its roots as part of the plot to destroy America from within, set up by DOD Homeland security during the Bush and Obama years.) The Anti-Defamation League identified Michigan as a state where the modern militia movement found its roots and where a number of militia groups remain active. However, Jon Lewis, a research fellow at the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, said the Wolverine Watchmen group, which the suspects were members of, “flew under the radar”, adding, “This is simply not a big group that we’d ever heard of.”

The Wolverine Watchmen group was reportedly an offshoot of the Michigan Militia. The day after the suspects were arrested, the Michigan Militia issued a statement disavowing the group. Other Michigan-based militia groups also distanced themselves from the plotters’ actions and intentions. The Michigan Home Guard, a militia that one of the suspects had once been a member of before being kicked out in 2020, released a statement condemning the Wolverine Watchmen’s actions.

The plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer developed from June through September. Within the week preceding the Wolverine Watchmen arrests, there were at least three other state and federal arrest operations linked to the boogaloo movement, to which the Wolverine Watchmen group’s ideology adhered.

See also: American militia movement

And what about that good ole Reagan and his conservative movement?

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The roots of this type of lawlessness goes way back with the forming of such agencies as CIA and FBI, etc., but we will just start with the Reagan years and his formating REX 84 through Oliver North and I am certain guided by his V.P. George Herbert Bush, where all of the executive orders that could be signed to enact during martial law were placed in a cluster where by the signature of both the president and the attorney general they would all be enacted at one time. Allowing the government to seize control over everything at once; i.e. a totalitarian state under military control. Little by little more things were implemented, and after 911 Bush signed the ready to go… Patriot Act ( Everything they do is somehow always ready to go, directly after some engineered crisis. See REX 84 Rex 84 FEMAs Blueprint For Martial Law in America-3 | PDF | Federal Emergency Management Agency | Emergency Management (

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But, as I said…everything they do is always ready to go. REX 84 was actually the King Alfred Plan… See: The King Alfred Plan (bka) Rex 84 [pqn863rodkl1] (

Because of all the rogue agencies it has been easy for such type of manipulation as we see in the case of the FBI and Gov. Whitmore where innocent people are charged with crimes they did not commit. And though police tell us what they were thinking, plotting and how it was going to all end had they been successful. These are the same type of think tanks that write for DAVOS and the lizard King, Klaus Schwab. And to note Whitmore was said to have attended the lizard meeting in DAVOS this past year.

Conservative Reagan and Republican Nixon at Bohemian Grove. Nothing to see here…just ask Roger Stone.

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See who else took part with the Owl Worshipers in the Grove. Inside Bohemian Grove – the sustainable play reader

Most citizens of the United States have no idea as to the length and magnitude this nation has been deeply infiltrated, nor the dire circumstances it has been facing as we all tried to live by the rules, pay our taxes and raise our families. If Donald Trump had not won the election in 2016, no one today would be having these conversations about any of this. And if President Trump had not taken action from day one in office, and placing his own executive orders and making his own house cleaning by taking into his administration the devils in disguise… to expose and fire them one by one… even his administration would have been nothing but a bump in the pathes of those who sought to destroy the US from within.

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The power headed puppets have all been removed. The alliance of nations who desire sovereignty are working together to end the reign of terror the lizards have been manifesting and plotting to drive their final nails into the coffins of what they deem useless eaters and foolish nations. Today we are watching the final battles of the puppets of the lizard people of DAVOS, who desire Babylon the Great, against We The People who desire freedom and God given liberty.

We are in this up to our eyeballs and nothing is as it appears. Have faith and know that God is opening the eyes and ears of people world wide and calling for all to come out from her my people.

And what’s up with the church… that silly problem with that??

When you say the scriptures say this and that and the other person says, but Joel said this, or Pastor goo ga said that? Are we not doing the very same things that the naysayers were doing to the Apostles within the early churches? Truly there is nothing new under the sun.

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Remember Lucifer said, “I will be like the most high God”. But all he does is opposites filled with deception, mockery, and chaos built on down right lies.

Man is forever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. What knowledge is it in the world that will set you free? Is it the new smart phone technology? 5G? Space based weaponry? Trips to MARS?

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How about a new banking system? Is Gold and Silver going to save you or is it the jab? How about SMART cities or how about saving the planet by giving up your right to live off of it? Knowledge of man is not much power, it is powered by the ruler of this world with his programming.

The Lord said the truth shall set you free. The question to ask is… free from what? What was he telling the people 2,000 years ago that they needed to be set free from? There are many scriptures where the Lord describes all of the heavy burdens placed on the backs of the people. He knew the man made laws of the Temple were out of control and tyrannical. He told the Pharisees that they sat in the seat of Moses making laws that bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.

Jesus went into lots of woes to them covering their many bad deeds. In Matthew 23 he covered a lot, but my favorite woe of all is,  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” That one just says it all.

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Those who run to do evil do not have knowledge of God. They have knowledge of the fallen ones… Lucifer was kicked out of the heavens and fell to the earth. He is earth bound. He can shout all day long that he will be like the most high, but God said NO.

Satan’s only power now is his whispering to man what he wants them to do. If man wants his stuff, he will strive to do the bidding of whoever offers him what the world has to offer be it fame, fortune, or power, or all of it! He never tells his victims that it will cost him their soul, nor that he only has powers of the lessor things. He is like the great and not so powerful Oz that mind washed the little Munchkins into believing he was all powerful.

Man’s technology is remastering the lessor things thinking this time, the Atlantis will reach into the heavens and he’ll have a light saber battle or whatever his imaginations are.

But, the Lord told all the disciples to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.

The question is… are we seeking the lessor things or are we seeking the greater things of the Kingdom of God?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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