To Be Or Not To Be…

Is that the question facing our nation?

When our borders are gone and hoards are being transported to every city and town across the USA, and DC is bankrupt, while states are getting DEW DEWED, and world war 3 is looming… Congress is concerned that Fetterman not be held to a dress code? Does anyone elses head hurt or is it just me?

So Rand Paul makes a statesman like statement and looks as Roman as a Roman can look, as he shows up for work at the Capital and plops on the steps. One picture does say a thousand words!

Meanwhile the farce of fantasyland in DC is getting old and people have had enough of the so called show because it’s actually destroying the nation and peoples lives. So people have to constantly be reminded this is a war and the war is being played with psyops for the goal is to steal your mind, drive you crazy, and have you surrender and get in line to do as you are told.

They hate those they can’t control! And they have no control over their emotions. They always tell on themselves sooner or later.

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Meanwhile we the people must peacefully call out the shills, psyops, and podcasters doing the bidding of the organizers of the crazy gaslight games. Everyone has their favorites, and no one likes it when their favorite “go fund me” is called out for what they said and did. So there is a lot of… “how dare you for repeating what this one or that one said”. At this point in the slow boiling destruction of humanity and especially inside the states… my answer is like the one Rhett Butler gave in Gone With The Wind….

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People know the doubles drill and it’s all looking like reruns now…except Rand Paul… now that was a good one. But, what does it prove? Therein lies the question. To me it is showing the people just how stupid the priorities are in the halls of congress and just how off the rails this entire show has gone and it is time to call for some help to clean up the mess in aisle 9!

I am no different than any others who have had to look at my favorite person of the week, only to hear their words and know it isn’t so and the choice of discernment had to be made. That choice of should I stay or should I go? I had to let go of the psyop sellers. Even when I loved the 98% of the good stuff. It is like staying with an abuser because he only beats you up a couple times a month and the rest of the time he is soooo good to you.

What part of “this is a Pysop War For Your Mind” do people not get?

We have been organized, hypnotized, mezmerized, and categorized! It’s time to wake up and pull ourselves out of the mind controlling bla, bla, bla and call out the fake shills and quit funding the same fronts that have been destroying America from within. The only way to stop the psyops is to expose them and stop funding them. Peacefully speaking… that is how it’s done.

Those who do the research and go down the rabbit holes to show you how psyops are done are not always bearers of joyful news. They are bearers of truth and when that truth is not what a person wants to hear or to know, they scream- “you lie and how dare you say that or share that!” On the flip side of that screaming, the controlled opposition can share whatever lies they put together and their networked organized schemes. You must accept what they say or they will attack you and destroy your reputation. That is how it all works in psyop land.

And what happens when you get hacked and they put out stuff on your own social media account pretending it is you who are saying it? Well that does happen. It happened to Donald Trump Jr. just yesterday!

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When this happens the person can speak up and let people know they did not say that. And so far, I haven’t heard any of the ones whose social media content was shared saying their two cents about Lin Wood step forward and say, “I never said that!” I have only heard the ones who were lied about by those squawking remarks saying, “I never said that!” And those who didn’t like it shouting, “How dare you”, in a variety of ways.

So, that being said… we go on what the person said by their own choice of words and show/expose that. So, don’t shoot the messenger. If any of those who said their opinions want to change their minds or claim they never said that… we will gladly share that they were hacked and they never wrote that, typed that, said that, or sent that out. But, so far… we haven’t heard them deny what they have said.

That being said, Donald Trump Jr. addressed his being hacked on X (Twitter) on his program “Triggered”. Therefore… listen to his video to hear what he had to say.

Remember, they are singling out and attacking the heads first, and a few of you now, as in J-6, and those who didn’t wear a mask or shut their businesses down during the government crack down to Jab America. They told you it was for the “better good of all”. Which happens to be a think tank, lockstep phrase used by the KM Oligarch puppets who are the same ones organizing and funding the organized psyops that we are supposed to be exposing and calling out!

So when you stand up and say… “That is a lie, or simply not true!” Remember the onslaught of liars will regroup and come after you! That is how the bullys do and always have done since the beginning of time. Nimrod was a mighty hunter of men by forcing his will or else “that will be the end of you” type of tactics. There is truly nothing new under the sun. It is a rinse and repeat and put on the sheeps clothing.

Matthew 7:15

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

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Matthew 10:16 – “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Therefore the peaceful way to expose the wolves is to discern with the Holy Spirit leading you in what it is you are seeing and hearing, then expose it and walk away from it. Don’t hang out with it or it will devour you.

Remember also… many there are who have gotten roped into a mess and once roped in, it is so hard to get out, if ever they can? Remember how we all have followed many on the list now being exposed. I have too at first. Why? Because we trusted them and we believed they were telling us the truth. And some begin with truth and then sell out, and some who started out as wolves repent and now fight for truth. It is that beguiling a thing. Therefore, it is a must to test the spirits first and see if they are from God or from evil. Hold onto the hand of the Lord. Amen.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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