The Programming Is Evil!

How far will people allow crazy to get before they see it? Sadly, many accept crazy and participate in it as though it was right.

When you see something that is wrong and you ignore it. You are now allowing evil to grow. You are now part of the evil. The same thing when you see someone gaining from unethical means…and you know it is wrong, but they say it is not because it is legal. Does that make a wrong thing right? Does that mean it is now okay to do something that is wrong?

We have watched when city mayors told the police to stand down and let gangs burn down peoples businesses. They said, they had the right to do it because they were angry at George Floyd’s death. Or whatever crazy reason they used. They weren’t always clear on why they did that, they only said it was okay. And they catered to them and allowed innocent people to be terrorized and their businesses burned down. They allowed angry gangs to harm innocent people because the angry mob was angry. Innocent people became victims with no recourse, no law, nor rights. Why? Because of lawlessness over ruling the rule of law. But, only for select groups and for certain causes in order to create chaos to serve political agendas.

In the new lawless America the Dems are building back not better one jab at a time (pun intended). Their goal is to make sure that innocent victims are not allowed to fight back, and disannul their right to defend themselves against people who are angry, even though the victim did nothing to the angry people. So we are teaching people to allow angry people to kill, steal and destroy as long as it serves the dark agenda. Why is this now okay?

This is the world the democrats are building back not better. A world that fits the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah so picture perfect, all they have to do is dress like the ancients and no one would no it was not 2300 BC.

And the programming has been in our faces at every turn. From public broadcasting stations, to the Simpsons.

Is this supposed to be funny? Or was this another Simpson coincidence?

So a Simpson’s cartoon from 2018 with jab attacks aimed at children. In this cartoon, the doctor is out to Jab Bart the child resister, no matter what! What sick message is this? And to think all of the sick cartoon ideas are now happening in real time? Who would have thought this was what they were warning us about? Or do you still think cartoons and Hollywood Films are just coincidence and nothing more than entertainment?

People are standing up and they are pointing out all the crazy things that some are believing are okay.

Meanwhile, what message is this church service sending? What on earth is this all about? Throw me a bone here, I have looked and I still haven’t found this in my Bible for anyone to do.

Uncle Solomon, tries to explain it. In a church in Johannesburg, which is the largest city in South Africa these people are very much misguided and a cult. This is not what Jesus taught, nor any prophets of God…who and what taught them this?

Uncle Solomon said it well…he said, “When you are deceived….YOU DECEIVE OTHERS.” This is why we must correct others and talk about the things that are not true!

Now you know why the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to teach His people. We were never supposed to follow man made cult rules. These things take place in America also. The subtle lies in man made doctrines and rules are far away from God’s will and God’s word. Cults in the name of God are just as bad as Cults in the groves sacrificing to Baal. The same evil has entered into them. The sad part is the people are searching for God and this is what they are being fed by wolves.

This is the world we are to come out of. These sad, sorry people are believing that God would have them do these things in order to be pastors in His ministry.

What is your pastor telling you that you must do? If any man tells you anything that is not in the Word of God…Run from that place, run as fast as you can!


And no one wants to talk about a lot of the things that bother them until it happens to them. Then they find how frustrating it is to deal with these things that no one wants to talk about and everyone wants you to shut up about and be silent. Your baggage is not their baggage. You would be better off to go to Johannesburg and let them whip you. At least that is the helpless point many reach and why they commit suicide.

When will it catch on to love thy neighbor as thyself? What has to happen to usher that concept in? We are watching the world prepare itself to explode like a raging volcanic eruption! Or so it sure appears something of that magnitude is about to take place. This crazy lawlessness is not sustainable and neither is THEIR MISSION TO BRING ABOUT WORLD TYRANNY UNDER THE COMMAND OF A LAWLESS GLOBAL CABAL. A DARK EMPIRE that hates humanity and is culling them like cattle in broad daylight. These have no shame, no conscience, nor heart. There passion and desire is to control EVERYTHING.

But….look a squirrel! And behind the squirrel is an army of humanity…they are standing up. They are looking around and their eyes are filled with truth. They are winning elections and taking back school boards, they are not jabbing. They are speaking out. They are praying unceasing and the lord is showing them how to use the Holy Spirit within them to say to this mountain move and it is moving! As others look and see the mountains begin to move….others are rising up and they are saying…God I’m here, use me too and God is using every one who says…here I am Lord, use me!

So fear not… the dark show is a false show of evil to scare and create fear so chaos can flourish. But none of it can happen when love of your fellow man fills your heart! Evil falls…and it falls hard when the Holy Spirit fills the heart, mind and soul of the people!

“We will come back. Our country has gone through a lot. The last period of time has been very, very tough watching what you had to watch. But our country will be back and we’ll be back stronger than ever.” President Donald J. Trump

So stand America…stand and press forward into the kingdom of God….it is in you and it is manifesting daily! The heavens are rejoicing for the remnant is pressing forth and they are pressing together for the Kingdom of God!



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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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