The Power Is Within You!


The time has come to remember what took place leading up to the January 6th event and what made the communists tremble on that day. It wasn’t just that day…it was the entire past four years that had them desperate, so desperate that they would even dare to pull another coup. This one aimed at all the voters who did not want Biden and never voted for him and watched as the election was stolen.


Little did we realize we would be struggling to figure out how to navigate throught an inside hit job that the deep state had planned for years to spring on us, nor did we realize that the entire past year(s) would be used to push false narratives, and deep state psyops and even push what is a deepstate religious cabal into full force. Meaning those who were trained, ready and willing to sign on, along with those who were already signed on for perks by pushing one world global religion and false Bible interpretations to help fulfill it. Oh they show them how it is all done and they take them under their jet wings and they fly as high as their contributions will let them in their missionary air craft. But, they will all tell you God annointed them to do it…and if you are real good and obey the rules they just might bless you so you too can be annointed and maybe, just maybe be worthy to talk to God like they do. But first you have to give until it hurts real good. We’ve all heard it, seen it in action, and there is no denying it exists.

How many are asking where is Trump? Where are the ones who are going to save us? What shall we do with all the infighting?

When people called by God’s name quit looking for some man or woman to save them and look to the Lord, then they shall see the gift of the Holy Spirit within them and the Lord who dwells inside of them.

When they see this, they shall have learned what all of this was meant to bring about….it was meant to bring about the truth that the Lord is not far, far away….no He is not. He is WITHIN YOU AND YOU ARE IN HIM AS ONE. You are NOT alone…you have the Lord and the Super Power of the Holy Spirit within you. THIS IS YOUR TREASURE THAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN FROM YOU! CLAIM IT!

When you see this truth AND CLAIM THIS TRUTH, you will build your faith and you shall move the moutains of evil in the land. YOUR PRAYERS AND PRAISE SHALL MAKE THE DARK FORCES TREMBLE!

For God has given you the power to cast out demons and send them back to hell where they belong. You have the Super Power of the Holy Spirit to give you discernment and to teach you all things. Look not to man….look to the Lord for He is IN YOU! If God be for you, who then can be against you?

It didn’t happen over night and many are just beginning to see things for what they really are.

Remember we all awake at different stages. One thing is sure. When the people see it is a swamp, then know it was a swamp, they demand that horrible lawless swamp be drained. The more that is revealed the more people want something done about it RIGHT NOW…RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. And because of legal processes and lawlessness the process is slow. Because the lawless ones continue to do lawless acts and many who are in charge of the law are also lawless, it becomes a horrid thing to watch.

Add to this a horrid lawless plandemic to top it off and ask why along with millions of others. I’m sure with each of the ten plagues that came upon Egypt, the people asked the same thing. For us, it is not hard to figure out. We are at the end of five years of waking up.(Some were waking up long before President Trump, but Trump was a trumpet waking up the masses.)

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Deep state hates Trump and all who support the same causes Trump supports. Things like child and human trafficking were some of the first issues to be addressed by the Trump Administration…this angered the cabal and so the war began. It wasn’t until after COVID and the 2020 election fraud that the majority of the people knew WE ARE AT WAR. So most who were blind to the swamp and all the evil being done in secret behind closed doors and even in the light of day were now seeing this election was lawless and a fraud. The people learned the lawlessness now expands to foreign nations and is a giant global web of destruction. Not just a USA voter fraud issue. They watched as all sovereign nations were on lock down and being abused by their globalist elected nation leaders.

There is only one to empower you and that one is the Lord Jesus the Christ. May you all invite him in and receive the Holy Spirit to guide you, protect you, teach you, give you discernment and empower you with the almighty protection and power of God, through his Son, Jesus the Messiah for all.

Who Is This Jesus Christ? - Bible Study

Here is a good easy exercise to help you to FEAR NOT AND GROW YOUR FAITH: Pray with your pen and paper and write your present concerns down the best you can as you think of them. Write to the Lord as if you were writing a letter to a dear loved one. Jot down things that happened in the days leading into the Kingdom of God as it is coming on earth as it is in heaven. Recall what you knew and when you knew it. Write how you discovered your Holy Spirit Super Power and what it meant to you when you realized the Lord was not far away….but He was right there INSIDE YOU! The moment you realized that all the church mandated doctrine and rules were never told by Jesus but were man made covenants that lent nothing to God’s Word, tell the Lord how that made you feel? Write what it was like when you freed yourself from the dos and don’ts of manmade doctrine and rules. Tell Him you are ready for all the truth in all things. Ask him to help you to discern through the Holy Spirit. Thank Him for making the dos’ and don’ts so simple as to love God with all your heart, mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Now that you are FREE to look at all the psyops and all the liars and the propaganda with the Holy Spirit to discern all of it, you will see it all for what it is and that is a vain attempt to harm God’s people. It isn’t always necessary to know the why of it all… sometimes just to know that God said no….or don’t, is all you need to know. Just heed it. So as we learn the many things God wants us to learn, and He shows us what we are to do, all we have to do is say… “Here I am Lord, show me what I am to do.” He shall show you. Each have different gifts, different callings, and different plans for God to work in our lives. (I was never sure where I fit in but I always knew I was a special little joint. And that was all I needed to know.)

Open the Bible and ask God to teach you what it is you are reading. He will fill you with the Holy Spirit and you will find new understanding. Pray unceasing and behold the Power of God as he shakes the strongholds and punishes the Goliaths that have harmed God’s people.

Fear not and know the Lord is in you and you in Him and remember, He promised he would never leave you.

Keep pressing forward into the Kingdom and press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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