It’s a choice between ankle boots and Biden, or so it appears to be the choice that keeps RINOs pushing for President Trump to concede his own landslide election! The same election that patriots across the nation voted in only to watch it stop in the middle of the process and get stolen by voter fraud and Dominion tampering in both foreign nations and at home in the USA! It is now common knowledge that every form of voter and election fraud possible was in play on the night of the 2020 election.

The swamp is deep and wide and only a fool would have believed that it was just Democrats that had their seats pushed, controlled, and handed to them by Dominion tactics. Bilderberg Group meetings invite unknowns, and both Democratic and Republican candidates to their meetings and they don’t stop there. The same ones in the shadows push their picks for everything from Mayors, Governors, to the SCOTUS! Not to mention all the administration department heads, Bureaucratic positions and bribes to any and all running for election that can serve their purposes and take their instructions.

“There is no way the RINOs are any different than the Democrats when it comes to the swamp! Mike Pence was always an ideologue. He was never on the Trump Train. We all watched the Never Trumper Rino’s attack the Donald. How quickly the people forget!

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If you are among those who serve the people and believe in the constitution and Bill of Rights of the people, for the people, by the people soley, you will be met with the same public fury as we witnessed on a public grand scale first with Sarah Palin, and second with President Trump. We are now witnessing the same wrath dished out against the American Heroes Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, General Flynn and any who rise up for Truth, Justice, and the Constitution/Bill of Rights for the American people!

Say what you will, but one thing is certain…each must choose the side they support. If you are wanting God, Country, Truth, Justice, Law and Order and your Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America – then you are on the side of those who are fighting for that and those individuals are with President Trump.

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President Trump is fighting for America against the globalists around the world and the globalists in our own government. Wake up and see what has been and is taking place!

If you don’t care about any of that and you want to have a global government and give up all of your rights and turn your nation over to dictatorial government and allow yourself to be cattle for a new world order then you will be rooting for Biden, McConnell, and all the Dems and RINOs that want the same. You will not mind giving up your home, your property, your business, your job/career, you ability to think for yourself, your freedom to worship, your children’s care. You will close your business gladly, wait for handouts, wear your mask, social distance and welcome whatever pharma vaccine they give to you. You will take a series of vaccines and place your health, your mind and your soul in the microsoft cloud so they can control what you think, how you think, and all of your emotions while they track you for the good of all mankind. You will also agree to having them euthenize you when they feel you are no longer of value to their world.

some republicans are looking just as bad as democrats because they are
There is a new movement for those who are AWAKE – it is a movement to restore America and drain the swamp! The enemies are bipartisan. The deals made to line the pockets on both sides of the aisle are numerous and both sides have taken part in election fraud.
Republicans have deceived themselves into believing the people love their Republican party – the truth is the people love their President Trump and are now disgusted with the RINO led Republican mess and are calling it out for what it is – AND THAT IS A SHAMEFUL MESS THAT HAS SOLD THEM OUT!

This is surreal and hard to believe but this is the cold, ugly, hard truth. We are at war and it is one that no one is going to avoid. If you haven’t taken your mask off lately then do so now. Take a deep breath and a hard look at everything going on around you in your own community, then look at your state, your nation and then take a look at the entire world. While you are at it take a look at the government and then ask yourself – what is it that you are voting for? We all now know the voting was and has been manipulated for a very long time and this last election was in our face in the light of day.

Either way, be it a civil war or a new world order, you will have all on the line. It is far better to give your life, property and purse fighting for freedom than living as a slave. Whatever the price and whatever is taken from you so … the real thing at stake is your very life, and future of your children. Now God’s people win in the end…the question is – what are you going to be found doing when the Lord ends it?

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The good watchman stands guard from the tower and calls out to warn the people when he sees danger coming – a lion approaches. Therefore, prepare and put on the full armor of God for we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers in high places. Call on the Lord and he will send mighty angels to defend you. Pray for those going into the heat of the battle and those who are not called to go to the front lines, pray unceasing and go inside for a little while until the scourge passes over.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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