Here comes NEVER TRUMPER HOLDOVER – Jenna Ellis attacking – first Sidney Powell and now Lin Woods! What was Giuliani thinking when he brought her on board to fight against election fraud? Maybe she gets the coffee? Who knows? Did he even know she was a NEVER TRUMPER? So when did Jenna have her come to Trump moment? It isn’t looking like she has.


Never Trumper Jenna first put out a very sloppy tweet that alluded the press to believe that Sidney Powell was once part of the White House Legal Team and then was fired by remarks she said. The same remarks that were less riviting as the remarks the nation had heard from Giuliani as he made his many rounds on News programs. The same remarks that are lawfully legal to state. And we all know that to this very day, the media is still having fun tarnishing Powell from that damming sloppy tweet.

So now NEVER Trumper Jenna has attacked Lin Wood. It is now obvious Jenna is not on the same team. She is looking more like a McConnell, Bush, Romney, Graham “concede, concede, concede” promoter.

jenna should have kept her mouth shut never trumper at large
Here is my (Marshall) personal answer to the Jenna – The “IF”. That “IF” is sure and true. No different than Giuliani shouting the same type of things – like these people are all going to jail. Do you even know how you sound? Jenna your argument is weak and shallow. Do not approach the bench with it. You lost before you started.

This from the very same Ellis that created a windstorm for refusing to apologize for misrepresenting a health secretary and was labled a “bully and a bigot” on Twitter. But she seems to only be a stupid, immature NEVER TRUMPER, RINO that happens to have somehow made her way under Giuliani’s coat tails to the White House in an advisory capacity thanks to Rudy.

Trump Advisor Refuses to Apologize for Misgendering Trans Health Secretary  | them.
Refuses to Apologize for Misgendering Trans Health Secretary

So Jenna is a NEVER Trumper who is prejudice against the same one she is defending? Or what the heck is she doing? One thing is true – she has started a twitter fire and I hope Giuliani can put that little smart allec constitution attorney where she really belongs…and it sure isn’t on the team. This seems to be another one of the White House Attorneys that need to hit the road along with Meadows and Cipollone – or is that whose side she’s really on? What a loser. She is just to young to be in that ballgame and lacks skills, and especially needs to learn this isn’t 2016 anymore and people are angry at the NEVER TRUMPERS!


She is in way over her little smart arse head and her remarks may win brownie points with the RINOs but it just ruined her career with MAGA and WE THE PEOPLE!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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