BIOWARFARE WORKS BEST WHEN VICTIMS LINE UP OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL. We are at war and most people are still clueless!

Dance with the devil in Nashville and jug down a beer as you smile and get a selfie with Jill. Soon you will be just like Joe. He’s not moving around too fast, but he’s still moving. What will it cost them to have you take the vax? What’s your price? The going rate is beers, dancing, lotteries, free admission to zoos, amusement parks, handing out savings bonds, gift cards and other freebies! What’s your price? Have they hit on it yet? Next stop Orlando!

Jill is on a roll, and just arrived in the Orlando area this afternoon (24th June), where she’ll first tour a drive-through vaccination site in Kissimmee run by community health organizers with Dr. Fauci.

Coronavirus live updates: Fauci will join Jill Biden in Florida to promote  vaccinations - The Washington Post
Aren’t they darling? Fauci sure looks different..Jill? who knows? Somethings going on and it smells rotten.

COME ONE COME ALL AND GET THE SHOT JAB WITH JILL AND FAUCI…(Is anyone else getting sick or is it just me due to reporting this?)

  • Shots on Ice at Amalie Arena – 4:30pm-6:30pm
  • Free Pfizer and J&J one dose vaccines courtesy of AdventHealth
  • Pictures on the ice with Thunder Bug
  • Prizes
  • Free shots on net

What could go wrong? Tick Tock.

Next Jill will travel down to Tampa for an event with the Tampa Bay Lightning and AdventHealth called “Shots on Ice,” where residents will be able to get the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson shot on the ice at Amalie Arena. She’ll probably phone Joe in between to let him know it’s time for his next pill and remind him to say he’s president at his news conference.

All I can say is watch what the left hand is doing. Anytime they separate Joe from Jill and have dual news that is irritating taking place simultaneously, there has to be something bigger taking place. Keep your eyes and ears open!


And then there is still the exposing of the monsters in power who control the puppets that dance for those who want to dance. Are they the very same monsters behind world global RESET? Could it be the experiments of mind and body control in Hollyweird were so successful they decided to use it on the entire world? Tick Tock…life is all an illusion and those who rewrite the scripts are bad directors. The key producers are all the same. What are their names? Who are they? Who funds all of this? How have they gotten away with it for so long? Who sells fame and fortune? Who buys it? Who supports it and dances while they sing the songs of the pied piper? Are you still above ground or down the rabbit hole?

Can you answer these questions? Or would you rather sit and observe, offering a critique now and then?

Don’t expect the global swamp to tell you anything that will lead to the truth…they will offer you none of that. Silly Alice it’s up to you. After all…you have no business looking into things that you do not understand. Now move along, there’s nothing here to see. And when you find the Walrus…ignore him too.

sell your health for jill and a beer
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Human and child trafficking is real. If the same globalists concerned with vaccinating you were truly concerned about the children and you, they would not be doing all the evil they are doing to our land, air, water, and humanity. They would not partake in the billion dollar industry of human and child trafficking, nor organ harvesting, nor adrenochrome labs.

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Ask yourself, why they would feed you toxic food and tainted water if they were concerned about your health? Why would they need bio warfare laboratories if they cared about your health? Why would they put toxic chemicals in your food if they wanted you to eat healthy?

These are of the same regime that believed 500,000 child deaths in Iraq were worth it for their take over of Iraq. If they were concerned about the little children of the world…why would they kill half a million of them in one clean sweep?

Trump removed these vipers in November 26, 2020 have you heard a peep from any of them since? One would have thought Joe would have added them back by now, why didn’t he? Former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright was finally removed from the Pentagon DOD Advisory Board along with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former ranking member of the House Intelligence committee Jane Harman and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor – where are they now? Who is even asking this question in the news? THE PURGE BEGINS! PRESIDENT TRUMP REMOVES KISSINGER, ALBRIGHT, AND MORE! – THE MARSHALL REPORT (

Hang in there America…let what has to be, be…and stay strong! Remember, there is nothing new under the sun….and in Florida…it’s shining bright today. What do you see?


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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