Bitcoin + Paraguay + High-rise Collapse versus Biden Vax Tour?


Something doesn’t sound right here… now that we know the way progressive dems roll out their drills, we see the “Ka-Boom” that was coming and not all of it is clear yet. Suddenly we have a highrise collapse in Miami very similar to a 911 style, and missing in the rumble are relatives of Paraguay’s first lady. Among more than 99 people missing and unaccounted for are members of President Mario Abdo Benítez’s family, identified as Sophia López Moreira, the sister of first lady Silvana López Moreira, and her husband Luis Pettengill. Their three children and Lady Luna Villalba, a worker accompanying the family, were also missing, Acevedo said. So far one person has been pronounced dead, with ten injured. 99 missing, 10 hurt and 1 dead in high-rise collapse near Miami Beach, officials say (

Was Bitcoin moving to fast for the Great Merchants? Did they need to slow it down? Can they? Or is it all just a tragic coincidence?

Bitcoin Photo: AP file photo

According to euro news, on June 8, 2021, El Salvador made history by voting to make Bitcoin its legal tender. The decision was applauded by politicians in many Latin American countries, including Panama, Argentina and Brazil. The El Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele introduced and passed legislation to recognize Bitcoin as an official currency alongside the US dollar just three days after announcing his intention to do so on June 5 at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami.Paraguay set to make Bitcoin legal tender after El Salvador – Foreign Affairs News

Lawmaker Carlos Rejala in Paraguay is presently implementing legislation to be the second country to do so, introducing measures to make Paraguay a hub for foreign crypto investors on his social media accounts. Rejala outlined his vision for Bitcoin use in Paraguay, saying he was working with “the Paraguayan crypto community in order for Paraguay to become a hub for the crypto investors of the world and subsequently to be placed among the ones on the cutting edge of digital technology”.

What does this mean for Central Banks?

Let’s put this in perspective, while Bitcoin is making its way into the financial system along with Cryptocurrency, stablecoins, and decentralized finance (DeFi), Central Banks are not going to just sit down and say, wow…we had a nice run while it lasted. They will come back with their own RESET CURRENCY to counter.  Central Banks are preparing for a payments revolution of their own, one which could see decentralized solutions like Bitcoin and DeFi pushed further to the fringes of our global financial system.


So the financial currency war is right on track REARING ITS UGLY HEAD in the SHOW along with COVID BIOWARFARE, TOXIC JABS, LOCKSTEP RESET, STOLEN ELECTIONS, AND CYBER WAR, also known as WWIII. Will President Trump throw a wrench in the giant digital currency cog with the Gold Standard or will this money out of thin air invention…reach a pinnacle so high it sticks? Read more here: Banks – CoinDesk

The financial revolution is not on the horizon, it is taking place right now while we are busy trying to undo the disasters of lockdown mandates. To understand the other facets that are under attack and in play, here is a site that explains the dollar war. The SWIFT is what Central Banks favor…they want to secure Adoption of ISO 20022, to take place over a four-year coexistence period starting this November 2021 to coincide with adoption in the Eurozone, US, UK and other major economies. They want all financial institutions to be able to receive and process ISO 20022 payments in November 2021. Read more here: swift_iso20022_thirdpartytoolkit_final.pdf

Who will win out? Tick Tock….


Sidney Powell gave a new update on the COVID toxic killer vaccine!

“Employers who are mandating vaccines are literally murdering people by demanding the vaccine be taken”, states Sidney Powell! Listen to her War Room statement!

Meanwhile Joe and Jill set out to counter the truth by hosting a combo of a “Beer-a-thon free jabs”, and “I am your president, so RESET AND JAB IT!”, fake news vax tour! At the same time the CDC has come out and acknowedged the adverse reactions are a concern!

Hold the line…here we go. Remember in the end the meek shall inherit the earth. Meanwhile…hold the line!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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