Run Rubio – You're Done! As Trump would say, you're a light weight!

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Does Rubio even understand that NATO is designed to help the nations prevent war with Russia?  He seems to think it is in place to help sword rattling Neo-Ottoman Caliph seeking Jihadist like Erdogan to commit acts of war and then the rest of the Western alliance will rush in and fight his Jihadist battles with him.  Fear not Turkey for Rubio will lead the charge. And little boy Rubio is telling that dumb NATO they had better get in gear or lose out on his support?  Yep.  He wants to get that gangster KGB Putin and put him in his place.  Rubio said, “It’s important for us to be very clear, that we will respond and defend Turkey if they come under assault from the Russians, otherwise the entire NATO alliance comes  into question.”
Poor little Turkey shot down a plane which is an act of war, and  committed a second war crime by aiding the moderate terrorists that shot a pilot parachuting downward in mid air.  Not to mention buying the stolen oil, thereby, financing them. Turkey is lucky if NATO doesn’t kick them out of the alliance. Where is Rubio’s common sense?  Where is his reasoning?  He is an impulsive child that has no more control over his impulses to go to war than he does his impulses to spend money he does not have. After all, in his world, someone always bails him out.  Just like his billionaire auto dealer and campaign donor, Norman Braman  who has personally bailed him out with several hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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Boy Rubio needs to learn in the real world there are no bail outs.  Good leaders take responsibility for their actions and look at all the information before they start a war or spend money.  Rubio needs to do a bit of back ground history on Turkey and the entire Islamic Jihad struggles.  He needs to understand  what Erdogan’s  vision  for Turkey and his Muslim Brotherhood is to build a Neo Ottoman Empire. An empire bigger and greater than ever before.  Rubio needs to brush up on that part of  history before he gives any more opinions.  Does he even know what that end game will be?    Not only does Erdogan what to reclaim all the land in the middle east region, but  to eventually rule the world under one religious political Caliphate for Allah, complete with killing any who will not conform to the concept.
Rubio needs to know that Erdogan’s Ottoman Empire ideals have created great rifts in the middle east with his neighbors.   It has alienated both Sunni and Shite regional environment, the Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Emirati, Saudi, Lebanese Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Israelis and Iranians as well as Turkish and regional liberals and secularists.  His foreign policy is in shambles and the Turkish lira is very much devalued against the US dollar.
To be fair, Erdogan’s regional leadership ideals have been encouraged by the US and Israel in order to recruit Turkey against Iran. They let him delude himself that Turkey could stand up to or sidestep the emerging Russian international polar way of governing, and the Iranian regional polar methods and the traditional regional players of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, let alone Iraq and Syria should either survive their current uprisings.
It is hard to figure out who the biggest winner in the toppling of the Syrian government would be. Especially with Erodgan’s  goal of reviving the Ottoman empire.  Israel might be as it would weaken Lebanon’s Hizbullah and Iran, but when you look closer and see how the games are being played here, it just may be  Obama and his puppet masters.  For they want the entire region to be revamped into new borders and under new control that they control.  There is no loyalty to any (as you can well see) just a lot of deceit and trickery to get people to move in the direction you want them to move toward.
And to think Obama said this will get worse if Assad is not toppled, all because of climate change.
Forget the USA, If Obama continues his fast track, and Senators like Rubio cheer him on, that will be gone, at least in any sense of a super power, if we survive the immigration of cartels and refugees who want to kill us for Allah.
Let’s say they topple Assad and climate change improves.  There’s still one big problem.  None of these nations will allow the vision of Erdogan to take root.  Especially Saudi Arabia. They will never allow Turkey to rule them, nor conquer their land? After all Mecca is on their turf and all the ports of Dubai. They like the mega towers they are building in the desert.  They like living kingly and know the game Erdogan is playing. They counter punch it by  gun running and aiding the US created ISIS?  Remember there is no honor among thieves, you always have to watch your back. In the middle east, and the entire New World Order race, nothing is as it seems.  You are definitely somewhere between  Wonderland and the Matrix.
This is why the next president of the United States has to be a wise man with grit, commons sense, cunning, and quick on their feet.  Little boy Rubio is not the guy.  Carson ….don’t even go there.  Cruz?  Carly already bought her Burka, and Hillary’s handler seems to be the Saudi Princes. (Who knows what deals they’ve made?) There is only one that I can see that can be the adult in the room and not be bought and that is Trump.  He will bring a sense of stability to a powder keg region whose fuse has already been lit.  I believe he will gain great respect from the other adult in the room, and that adult is Putin.
We need adults to fix the mess from all the refugees being sent world wide into western nations destined to do the bidding of  Allah via corrupt NWO designs to create chaos and WWIII.   The world has no present diplomatic relations, only diplomatic deceit.  There are a few good leaders, but they are often bullied into submission or outvoted. With the right leadership, strong alliances can be built. It will take respect for nation sovereignty and an entirely different approach to foreign policy.
In short, Rubio would pour gasoline on the flame of the lit fuse and the world would blow up faster. He would be a puppet and chaos would ensue as we could have never imagined, but, then again …isn’t that what the New World Order puppet masters want?
The question is, in the worst case situation if Trump is not elected, how will the puppet masters stop the jihad once it goes full throttle?  Will they nuke everyone?  What is their end game?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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