Obama's Deals…Destruction Unleashed!


Sometimes what is done is not what it appears.  For example, making a terrible Iran nuke deal seemed to outrage the people, and the old trick of not letting the people, congress, or senate see what is in it worked in the past so why wouldn’t it work again?  Right?  Or was it supposed to work at all?  After all, Iran is another one of the evil ones right?  Yet, they work as a nation in a regional polar governing position. Which means respecting the sovereignty of those  in their area.  Why war with your neighbors?  It’s just not good.
Then we look at the situation again and Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran and immigrated with her family to the U.S. at the age of 5.  She grew up harboring insecurities of those who expressed western views of distrust of Iranians. It is known that Jarrett  is a communist sympathizer and has a personal mission to make others appreciate Islam in America.  Perhaps because of her Iranian heritage and what ever she experienced as a child?  Or perhaps because of her deep seated Muslim Brotherhood ties?  Who knows?  What we do know is that Jarrett  is Obama’s chief advisor and appears to be his handler.
Most all of Obama’s experienced advisors were pretty much made to leave as soon as their useful purpose was done, within the first two years.  Especially those whose expertise was on middle east issues. One by one they have been replaced by others with Islam  or communist based roots.
So this brings us to more recent events and their timing in the Middle East, and the seemingly contradictory message coming out of the Obama White House regarding uprisings throughout the region – and the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood both on the Arab Spring uprisings, and the muddled response of President Obama.
In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood was constantly rebuked by the Mubarak regime – that had for decades helped keep the peace between the Muslim world and Israel. Within hours of an uprising breaking out, President Barack Obama, who has admitted his adviser Jarrett makes every decision, spoke out against an American ally Hosni Mubarak and demanded the longtime Egyptian ruler step aside. Why was it that the first regime toppling began where the Muslim  Brotherhood was first founded, even though it spread out from there?  In Egypt.   Obama’s strong world stance against Mubarak was in stark contrast to the uprisings a year earlier in Iran (the birthplace of Valerie Jarrett) where he did nothing for the protestors or against the Iranian regime. Obama and Hillary then placed Mohamed Morsi as President.  “Oh the Arab Spring”, Hillary cackled and smiled. The Obama regime was so proud, remember?  Until the people of Egypt rose up and took their nation back, ousting Morsi.  Egypt  still has a grievance against Obama for the toppling  their nation, and just because the media never speaks of this does not make it not so.
Then came Libya, where again Obama said nothing, the same as he did in Iran, yet a week prior in Egypt Obama was against Egypt’s Mubarak. Obama did not condemn Gaddafi who had been ruler for 40 years and supported terrorist attacks against America for decades just like his Iranian counterparts. Why?
The toppling of Gaddafi was horrid, it was wrong, but it was helped by Obama and his no fly zone. So what I am presenting here is a pattern of supporting Muslim brotherhood and toppling all other regimes.  Syria is home to a mix of Islamic faiths and Christians.  Assad is not supporting Muslim Brotherhood only.  He represents many faiths and because of this is on the list to be toppled. (Or is there another reason?  I believe so.) The reason is to have the puppet masters gain control of the entire region and draw new borders.  What those will be is a mystery.
President Erdogan of Turkey is one of the most powerful arms of the Muslim brotherhood and has Obama’s full support.  Even the support for going up against Russia who is now  fighting to rid the middle east war on terror created by ISIS which was created by Obama, which was created by the Arab Spring which has many factors and we are told very little except there are moderate Islamists and then there are ISIL, ISIS, and IS.  (that is told to keep Americans ignorant of what is taking place between the factions in the middle east.)
When we look at what is taking place the dots connect to Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood push to create a Neo Ottoman Empire  which consist of Muslim Brotherhood jihadists.  But, we are told he is on the side of helping the U.S. rid the region of ISIS which was created by the U.S.  We are told these are moderate jihadists.
So if you can not see the lies, the deceit and the writing on the wall by now…you need to pay attention.  The bottom line is the Obama administration has carefully orchestrated a middle east Arab Spring and carefully decided who shall be punished and who shall not for what ever warped vendetta’s Jarrett holds.  And/or what ever her puppet masters are having her do.  It appears an artificial caliphate is being birthed in order to bring about an all out middle east bloody war.  That will cause Iran to go up against a new Ottoman Empire (Muslim brotherhood) that will outrage the entire region into a bloody war zone.  The blood bath has begun and now millions are being sent as refugees throughout Europe and the world to bring about the most horrendous jihad in the history of the world.  Why?
To bring about the much prophesied end of days scenario written in the Quran and usher in a new world order where those who worship Allah, (the opposite of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), will kill the infidel who do not believe in Allah, and have their god  brought out into the light to be exalted and worshiped by the world. That is the goal.  It is written in the Quran.
There is also prophecy written in the Bible that shows a different ending.  One where the true Messiah comes and avenges the righteous and casts out all those who follow this beast.
If you say, “You had me listening until you just said that.”  My answer to you is this, what the heck do you think Jihad is?  It is a holy war.  A religious war.  Now you know…there are still many unanswered questions and some questions we have not yet thought to ask.  All is unfolding.  But one thing is sure, if the course we are on does not change, we are headed for the days that are written within both books.  Which one are you believing in?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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