If Truth Offends You…Welcome To Your NWO Caliphate. If not, vote Trump!

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I am not sorry if the truth offends others.  I am not apologizing for telling the truth.  There are times when it may sound like I am trashing another, yet, I am just telling you what is.  When it is my opinion – I state it. After all, a blog is a commentary.  I just happen to list facts and quote the real words of others and elaborate an opinion based on what they did or said.  When it is news I support it with the source.
So often, as always, the message is one that others don’t want to hear.  This is what has led America into a complacent politically correct demise of ruin.  Not listening to the truth about a person who is running for office is what gave us Obama.  Now look and see what he has brought not only to America but into the world.  A Jihad of untold proportions has unfolded under his direction.  Not only in the world with the Islamic extremists, but right here in America with his pitting race against race and authority.  The lawlessness abounds.
Are we reliving the days of Colombia where the drug cartels took over the government and all manner of side deals for dollars and or for fear for ones very life took place in order to advance an evil agenda?  It sure appears to look that way.  Ours, however, is the establishment Cartel.
If Colombia had went against the evil cartel in the beginning with the same all out blast it did in the end, without intimidation – they would have brought the cartels down long before they allowed all the death and destruction.
We are now as Columbia.  The writing is on the wall – why else would the people not take out the evil regime for the treason that has been stamped all over the constitution, government offices, the military, and the judicial system itself? It is an internal corrupt system being run by an establishment elite cartel.
Can the people  not see that there is only one candidate that is putting everything on the line to stand up against the evil that has devoured this nation?  Who do you think is standing against this order of destruction?  Hillary?  No, she helped create it and does exactly as the drug cartels do – destroy any one who gets in the way of the progressive goal, or who could bear testimony against her and Bill.  Many articles, documentaries, and books have been written showing this as an unarguable fact.  (Just because you get away with a criminal act does not mean you did not commit it.)
The Arab spring is a strong example of an Obama, Jarrett creation implemented by the likes of Hillary and all who they pulled into their plot. The entire ISIS creation is an abomination that has Obama’s name all over it.
To even consider that a failed Secretary of State who was forced to resign because of her bad dealings in Benghazi and gun running to the Islamic extremists who hate us is any type of candidate to run for president is absurd and an out right abomination.  Not to mention she is still under investigation.  This could only happen in a lawless nation that exemplifies the nature of Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of their lawless governing.
The candidates in the GOP are not much different in their desires to do the bidding of the establishment that have allowed the entire lawless mess to grow.  There may be a few against it….but, their platforms surely do not show it.  Nor do many backgrounds show they have the grit to lead America at this time of distress.
So, if truth is what America despises, then she shall reap what she has sown- more lies.  If truth is worth standing up for, America will vote for the one who can lead and put their own money where their mouth is and that one is Trump.
That is why I vote for Trump and stand for Trump.  I want to see America restored, and sadly that is why the establishment and the  GOP fear Trump.  He will ruin their devious plans to redistribute America into a third world Islamic nation.  The NWO plans are not for a sound united America.  Not at all. Read their agenda for the 21st century.  But, then again, if you do not like the truth – don’t read it.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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