Graham Calling For 100,000 Boots To Syria…Why Now?

It is obvious to any and all who have been following  Obama’s Arab Spring, nation toppling, ISIS building jihad in the middle east as to why Graham is calling for 100K troops.  Those who are connecting the dots are aware that Russia is now sending in 150K  ground troops to finish the job of taking out ISIS.  Putin has placed missile defense systems in Syria close to the Turkey border and is bombing the crap out of ISIS strongholds.
It is also obvious Obama is not happy with Russia’s progress in toppling ISIS and the moderate rebels who are Obama’s creation.  The 100,000 boots on the ground, along with the moderate beheading Islamic radicals should be enough to keep things stirred up.
Congress will be sending troops to their death under Obama’s commander in chief disguise for it is all a Muslim Brotherhood jihad at this point to topple Syria. (my opinion and the opinion of others).  Many are now connecting the dots and seeing the real deal going on.  There are many stories out there now saying what I have been saying for a while about Obama’s aid to ISIS.  Thank goodness I am no longer the only one making such outlandish statements.  In fact, supporting evidence is now flowing off news pages written by credible journalists.  It is all dripping down like ice cream from a cone on a hot day!
I agree with Trump, at this point let Russia take care of it.  Especially when knowing our military has their hands tied behind their backs with rubber bullet rules.  If there were a real commander in chief for America in charge, I would say yes- go help Putin!  But, unfortunately Obama has only one goal – topple Syria and then go after Ukraine all the while keep the Muslim Brotherhood leading Jihad and send them as refugees throughout the world. If there is no jihad, there is no reason for refugees – so keep ISIS alive.  NATO is about to break up from what I see….it has failed to prevent the nations from stirring up Russian aggression.  They have been poking at the bear who has now walked away from his sanction cage, and doing his share of sanctioning back at their wild NATO member Turkey.  They are about to reap a mighty wave of Karma if they don’t back off.  That is my opinion anyway.
Read about Graham here:
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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