Osama Bin Laden Was Murdered In 2001. Benazir Bhutto attests to his death in a matter of fact statement in 2007.

So who is telling the truth?  Was Osama Bin Laden killed in 2001 and his name kept alive to fulfill a major false flag operation on terror or was he alive?  I have always believed Benazir Bhutto the former President of Pakistan. She had no reason to lie. Bin Laden had already been murdered a long time ago. In an interview where she was questioned on the dangers of returning to Pakistan to run for President, Bhutto reveals that if she is killed it will be by the same man who murdered Osama Bin Laden.


And who assassinated Benazir Bhutto?  Were they the ones she had suspected would kill her if she were to be killed?


So why have we all been lied to all these years?  Why did the US continue to seek to find dead or alive Bin Laden?  Could it be that he was a key figure to keep alive a false pretense in order to continue the war on terror?  It sure looks like it.  Could this explain why they had to kill all of Seal team six?  What else is our government lying to us about?


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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