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I can’t believe the media, and the Obama administration is promoting treasonous acts over protecting its’ citizens against terrorism. I can’t believe that the GOP and democratic candidates are following suit?  Can any one else?  All but one that is….guess who?  The one who started the fire storm using common sense…Trump.
When America is under attack by radical jihadists who want to kill us, who are the same group that war on terror has been declared toward and fought against since 911, why is Obama and the media taking a stand to support more of them entering the United States via unvetted refugees?
I turned on Fox news for a minute and Juan Williams was mouthing off that Trump was denying Muslims their religious rights! Will someone tell Juan that the Islamists religious mandate is to kill the western infidel and they do not have that religious right to kill us!  These media maniacs have lost their ever loving minds!  And some have lost their moral compass and sold their very souls.
Refugees and those here on visas who want to kill us, are not US citizens and not under the protection of the US constitution.  Why are the media talking heads speaking as though these groups have constitutional rights?  Moreover, why are they supporting those who support Jihad?  The discussion should be – why are taxpayer dollars going to support groups like CAIR who teach radical Islam Jihad?  And why did Obama release 5 GITMO detainees for a deserter?  Of whom the detainees are now back engaging in active war against the USA?
Why do radical Islamist jihadists have the right to plot against killing Americans inside their mosques on US soil?  Who has allowed them this right?  And why have the government allowed Islamist jihad training camps to exist inside the USA?
Why do Americans have to be searched at every air port going state to state with photo ID’s and those in Burka’s do not have to remove their veils?  Why do Americans have to be closely montitored by NSA and condemned when using speech that is not politically correct while the hate speech to kill the infidel can be taught and shouted in the streets as a right to radical Islamists?
Why do they keep repeating the lie that Trump said to not allow Muslims into the US forever?  That is not what was said.
The line has not only been drawn – it is staring at us in 3 dimensional vision without 3-D glasses.  We all see it clearly!  War has and is declared on Americans this day.  It has been declared on us by the government and media who are doing the bidding of the establishment elite who seek to bring about a jihad on American soil.  What other explanation can be made? Look at what is happening in Europe.  It is what it is.
Donald J. Trump is the only one standing up for what needs to be done to protect America  – all the rest are siding with radical Islam and refugees against Trumps suggestion to stop all Muslims from entering until they can figure out what the hell is going on….except Ted Cruz who has sat luke warm like Laodicea on the fence saying nothing.  It’s safer that way.  Well, Christians know what Jesus said about that…he will vomit those out of his mouth.  He would rather have you hot or cold.  It is what it is.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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