Moscow Hit With Drones – Calls Terrorist Attack by Ukraine!

This is a warcrime and guess who did it and guess who helped make it possible?

But of course the dancing boy denies it was Ukraine. But, this time Zelensky and his western backers have gone to far and the entire world can be sure that Putin is not impressed with Zelensky’s big fat mouth that lies, lies, lies.

Russia defended Moscow against a massive Ukrainian drone offensive by bombing back quickly and precisely. But, hey…what did they expect? What do you think any nation leader would do, especially a super power? Any sovereign nation will defend their people, and especially Russia when they have the sniffling liar bloat Zelensky puppet aiming his Western Drones at their civilians. Videos emerged online showing two high-rise buildings in Moscow damaged from the drone attack. Reports confirmed that the drones crashed into 25th floor of a building in Moscow, smashing windows. Russia intercepted and counter attacked smashing Kiev. And yes, the west has acted this out and yes, they have been that stupid!

But wait… this time it’s the United Kingdom who kissed the behind of Ukraine. They are up to their eyeballs now in retaliation from Russia!

Meanwhile, a few days ago the warmongers met to gloat, “Russians are Dying,”…”It’s the best money we’ve ever spent.” boasted US Senator Lindsey Graham.

It’s as pathetic as it is funny how this recipient of an award for his part of the orange revolution and all the Ukraine on Fire that went down during the Obama Regime is still yet so emboldened. This little piggy went to market, and should have stayed home!

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He and Zelenksy think alike. Both Ukraine incubator babies really believed and yet believe, they are going to get away with supporting lawlessness and shouting their mouths off at Putin and get away with it. Let alone all they did against Americans and the rest of the world with all of their incubator of bioweapon labs, money laundering and human and child trafficking. These ones are sad, very sad to even look at, let alone listen to them chirp, chirp, chirp.

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Watch video here:

BUT WAIT – Zelenskyy is to be investigated for “High Treason,” by Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation.

So who didn’t see that one coming? He has long been a scapegoat for the EU, NATO, UN, Joey Avatar and all his minions. The crimes committed didn’t start with the dancer/actor… but they are ending with him. He will be singing a new song that goes with his new script that in the upcoming episode has he ratting on the many who pulled his puppet strings.

Zelensky is now subject to the ruling of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv, by which the court obliges the State Bureau of Investigation to conduct a pre-trial investigation at the request of Leros. In his message on the Telegram channel, the deputy clarified that the court ordered to initiate a criminal case “against Zelensky and co” under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (high treason). Read the details in Scotland Today Online: Scotland Today online – Zelenskyy to be investigated for “High Treason,” by Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation

Also read: Scotland Today online – Zelenskyy’s evil Kiev Regime record of Abductions, Kidnappings, Detentions and Murders

Zelensky was in the midst of a reign of terror as well as being the overseer of the KM Oligarchs den of biolabs, money laundering, human and child trafficking and dark market sales of things like military grade weapons and of course drugs are in this mix somewhere.

And little Lindsey is not far behind Zelensky as the entire show blows their cover wide open. The details have been perp walked in the Oliver Stone documentary “Ukraine on Fire” and finally it is getting the attention it so deserved back when it first was made and shoved under the rugs by fake news shouting “poor little Ukraine… the world governments are here to help”. Because of this and so much more they had to shout “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

But now Joey Avatar has put the world in the line of fire by his efforts to hide his own past sins and those of the entire Obummer administration, the UN, EU, NATO, and WEF.

In the video below, Glen Greenwald takes you through the history and updates you to where we are now with Russia and the world with their fingers on the red buttons.

Propaganda at its best is now being met face on with truth and that is getting in the way with the KM Oligarchs and their plans to rule the world, kill us with plagues, and turn what’s left of us into transhumans they can control.

This sure looks like a “Perp Walk” Lindsey last speech sort of thing.

What has happened to Lindsey Graham? He just doesn’t look the same. Did he get a nose job and gain some weight overnight? What’s up with his mouth? Good grief he looks soooo different.

image 329

Colonel Douglas Macgregor tells the truth about Russia.

So now we are down to the wire as the debt ceiling talks collapse without Republican backing and Joey thrusts us into world war III. But, FEAR NOT for the wicked ones are falling and falling fast! McCarthy today is a double and he has set up the dominoes to fall and awaken the real Americans in the congress and the senate who need to stand up and say NO to the disasterous DEBT CEILING DEAL that will DESTROY America if allowed to pass! What is falling is the corporation of USA, Inc. owned by the Vatican and the Crown! The Republic, the true Republic is strong!


In the video above, Putin spells out what happened to Trump and who did it. Verifiable facts that now have come out and validate every word Putin has said!

image 328

America awake and know this war in Ukraine is being fought to save the ones who are out to enslave all of YOU! It is NOT ABOUT UKRAINE, it IS ABOUT THE KM OLIGARCHS WHO DESIRE TO RULE THE WORLD!


Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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