Trump exposes the fair weathered warrior… and all the kings men!

Who couldn’t put Humpty DeSantis together again….or something like that.

The phrase, “Winning isn’t everything”, depends on who you ask. Sometimes it is how you played the game, and other times it’s EVERYTHING!  In this battle between good and evil… it is both! It’s how you play the game and how you WIN because when the future of all humanity is at stake, then it boils down to EVERYTHING!

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Many podsters are shouting things like “It’s going to be like this until everyone wakes up!”, and “It’s going to get worse in order to wake people up… so now’s the time to buy this and this and this….bla, bla, bla…!”

It’s time to STOP and think!  Who in their right mind would even think to win a war by destroying their own people who make up their own labor forces, and nations?  Whoever came up with that jargon is either not a critical thinker, or part of the mind washing… or just parroting what they heard because they now have accepted it because they have heard it so much. Which brings us back to “mind washed”. Even the wicked operate from a pyramid structure with little workers all at the bottom…why? To feed them and consume.  

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I have never yet heard President Trump say… “We are going to pummel you more by destroying our infrastructure and crashing the economy and make living harder on all of you because we need to wake up sleepers and normies first and then we’ll make America great again.” And until I do, I’m just not buying into that train of thought that this is what White Hats and Trump are doing. The truth is, the entire world is at war and America is a battlefield. The weapons of choice are lies/propaganda and biowarfare.

Especially when we were in the onslaught over our heads BEFORE PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS EVEN ELECTED!

In fact it is President Trump who has said many times, it wasn’t him they were after, IT IS YOU, and he was just in their way! So as long as we have those who stand in the gap and take the bullets so we can live to wake up… it is more like TRUMP IS TAKING THE BULLETS SO THEY CAN’T GET TO US!

Where is the podcast cry to STAND WITH TRUMP instead of “It’s going to be like this and worse until sheep wake up”. Wake up to what? To knowing they are screwed? Or knowing what the podsters don’t know or say they know and can’t tell you? Good grief America come out from all the garble and stand outside of it, and take a good look at what is taking place with your own eyes and listen with your own ears and ask the Lord what is this that I am seeing and hearing. Wait and the Holy Spirit will answer you.

Meanwhile, to make sense of this behind the scenes war… at least the banking part of it… there is a key piece of the puzzle that many have either missed, or aren’t talking about. It starts a long while back in the Pentagon’s DARPA, but its beginning to its end starts in Kazakhstan. Many may be asking, where the heck is Kazakhstan?

Well it used to be part of Russia when it was the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan was given its own sovereignty the same as Ukraine. It shares a long border with Russia and has a large ethnic Russian population. And the same as Russia has a different agreement to intercede in dangerous affairs of Ukraine as was put forth when the Soviet Union was disbanded, it has a peace keeping alliance agreement called the Collective Security Treaty Organization with other nations that includes Kazakhstan. So when unrest evolved with protests in the streets, the decision for the CSTO intervention came just as Russia had demanded security talks with the US over Ukraine and amid fears of a Russian intervention there. See how it works?

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Well it has long been known that a world capitol of sorts for the KM Oligarchs was in the process of being built. The UN had its hands all over it, along with USA, Inc. Read: Kazakhstan – United States Department of State

But the concern was over protests that broke out allegedly over high fuel prices.

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President, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, called on Moscow to provide CSTO to help him regain control. The Collective Security Treaty Organization comprises Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.  At the time there was an internet blackout across much of the country (bad thing for Crypto Mining), and Tokayev blamed “terrorists” trained abroad for the violence. (Just like ANTIFA and other matters). He said they were being sent in to create the chaos and destruction. Which was also after all the weapons and tanks were left in Afghanistan??? Just saying.

And so, Moscow-led ‘peacekeeping’ alliance entered Kazakhstan amid violent clashes between protesters, police and army!

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What are the protesters angry about? Remember they tell you one thing and hide the truth.

They told the world that the protests started at the weekend and were sparked by rising fuel prices in the west of the country. The protests quickly spread to other regions and was turning into another orchestrated “Ukraine on Fire” type orchestrated color revolution, this one against corruption, poverty and inequality. Protesters were said to be angry with Tokayev and benefactor Nursultan Nazarbayev, who ruled Kazakhstan between independence in 1991 and 2019 and has remained powerful behind the scenes. The writing was on the wall that this was an attempt to topple the Tokayev administration.

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Putin stepped in and made arrests and as fast as it started, it was ENDED!

The facts are that any protests, if they even were grass roots at all, were hijacked by criminal groups who attacked law enforcement officers and set government buildings on fire. Opposition leaders and human rights activists pointed at possible collusion between criminal elements and members of the ruling regime (KM Oigarchs), who sought chaos to justify the use of force against peaceful demonstrators. The Moscow led CSTO went in with orders to shoot on sight any terrorists and nearly 10,000 people were detained. It was over swiftly. Read: Why Kazakhstan’s Protests Aren’t Like Those in Ukraine and Belarus (

Read: Russian paratroopers arrive in Kazakhstan as unrest continues | Kazakhstan | The Guardian

What they didn’t tell you was that Kazakhstan holds the ideal to one day be the capitol of the One World Order. Nor did they mention it is the world’s second largest CRYPTO CURRENCY MINING OPERATIONS!

Which lead us to the CIA, FBI, Dark Markets, Money Laundering, Silicon Valley, Stolen Elections, Crypto Digital Currency, Propaganda, WEF, EU, NATO, UN and WWIII.

Brief background summary: Kazakhstan is the second largest crypto currency mining capitol in the World. From this we go back to 2019 and recall’s CEO and Founder Patrick Byrne who he and his partner were crypto code architechs who got into the crypto markets and had the midas touch in coding new block chain crypto start ups. We recall Byrnes telling us all of this in the same famous Fox News interview in 2018 when he spoke like a sinister child prodegy claiming Warren Buffet was his rabbi, while he was under a big investigation for crypto mining efforts that cost him to step down from because of the “tiny little thing” as Byrnes described it.

Of course he told the world his version of the story, but from what we all know now… it was a lot. He was very sloppy and messy. He worked for the CIA and the “Dirty Tricks Squad”, including FBI’s Peter Strzok, Carlin, McCabe, Comey oh how he sang like a bird and no one seemed to talk much about it. Why is that? Was he trying to save his life or just stay out of jail? Or was he on a new assignment? What we know is what Byrne admitted to on air to the world, that he was a part of the political espionage during the 2016 election cycle. and his company was presently under investigation for crypto scams in 2018: Overstock reveals SEC is probing its cryptocurrency ( And all charges dropped in September 2020: Gets Crypto-Dividends Suit Tossed | McGlinchey Stafford PLLC

We add to this the Whistle Blower Testimony docs that Lin Wood showed us in 2021 which was evidence that the CIA and FBI used crypto currency for purchases on black market trafficking, money laundering, payoffs and payouts to their own members. No more words on that even though all dots connect to DARPA and dark hats in the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and Bitcoin. Who could have possibly thought that up to use in all those creative ways? Or perhaps stolen a patent for such a thing? It certainly wasn’t a Japanese man who mysteriously appeared and just as mysteriously disappeared. It was undoubtedly the masterminds at DARPA. The same ones who stole the patent from Leader Technologies and created In-Q-Tel which brought us Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and all sorts of digital A.I. tracking.

Connect these dots with the fact that all charges were mysteriously dropped on the Byrne scandal (POOF, JUST LIKE THAT), no more words on any of that. All dots lead to the dark hats in the Pentagon, DARPA and intelligence advisors like General Flynn, who happened to take Byrne as a partner in a new foundation “America Project”, just in time to head up the audit in Maricopia County and open a road show introducing Carnival Barker Clay Clark to the Evangelical world of voters from UN World Council of 501c3 Mega Churches of which Clay made money showing them how to merchandise the Word of God for profits making claims such as, “No one is going to follow someone who looks like they are from a van down by the river”…. even though John the Baptist very well fit that Clay Clark description and Jesus did go to him and was baptised with the Holy Spirit.

So as the Byrne and Flynn Show find a once in a lifetime carnival barker to lead the way… we are off to Save America with the Thrive Time traveling road show with tickets priced at $250 a head or whatever your pitiful poor arse can pay.

Of which Lin Wood’s name was given a top billing to draw in the masses, but Lin never quite fit in with that bunch and so quickly departed. In hind sight he recalled the warning signs of corruption when Byrne flew Flynn, and Powell to Tomotley to discuss how to fix the stolen election and phone conversations thereafter, which that is a big book all of its own. So, we’ll skip that for now and just say…it’s in our archives from 2021 starting in April and ongoing.

We will fast forward to Crypto King Byrne and his “Last Hoorah”, that’s what he called it, another big life confession or plea for help given at the road show. Where he shouted things like, “They can’t arrest me because I have cancer.” and “They can’t kill me because there’s no sense in it”, or something like that?

At the same time we have Uncle Sam Bankman Fried and his FTX crypto crashing, and the connection from congress to Ukraine, back to FTX and on to political campaign contributions. (Money laundering). Then the Silicon Valley connection with Sam’s Mother Barbara Fried and her Stanford University techies and .org ‘Mind The Gap’, and all the little .orgs for foot soldiers of the George Soros sorts that all get “Open Society” funding from him, did we mention Bryne received $100K from Soros to put Crypto in South America?

Are you seeing the crypto mining connection with Kazakhstan yet? The timing of it all… Kazakhstan January 5, 2022, that is foiled and so…. Ukraine war begins in February 2022, A lot of money is laundered via money to Ukraine. Soon to be revealed as to the many ways they have to do such things and move monies around into different accounts world wide. And the sheep keep working and pay twice as much for everything as they poke jabs at their faces pushing boosters of toxic goo made in biolabs in Ukraine, around the world and at home.

Next comes Bankman-Fried’s crypto trading firm called Alameda Research, reported by Coin Desk as having troubled balance sheet on Nov. 2, 2022. Following on it’s heels on Saturday, November 5, 2022 is Byrne’s “Last Hoorah” confessionals (where he looks like a cross between a scared rabbit and crazy man). All the while from November 2 – 8, 2022, FTX has massive sell offs and on Nov. 6, crash inevitable with 5 billion crypto withdrawls in one day. See: FTX Crash: Timeline, Fallout and What Investors Should Know – NerdWallet

The world watches FTX, and follows the money to off shore banking in the Bahamas and watches arrests, meanwhile Ukraine wants more billions while Putin is building a strong sovereignty of nations adding nations like Saudi Arabia to the BRICS on their new gold standard, crushing crypto and fiat dollar efforts and Silicon Valley Bank Collapses in March 2023, starting a domino affect for other major laundering banks like Signature, First Republic and Suisse, along with the crypto A.I. world and “the most always” unprofitable UNICORN tech jobs take a dive world wide. Almost as though some fountain of funding was cut off? Now how could that possibly be?

Which bring us back to President Trump out to save America and DeSantis who is selected by the same bunch who selected all the other honchos heading up the big fat world mess! Whose wife happens to work for BlackRock. DeSantis is brought to you by, the same global never Trumpers who control the UN’s World Council of Churches, WHO, World Trade Imbalances, Climate Change, and want to bring about a world wide RESET so they can continue to depopulate, harvest adrenochrome and continue human and child trafficking, while chipping people’s brains to achieve a transhumanized society where they have nothing and will be happy and the new digital card where you can’t buy or sell without a good social score so you better OBEY.

Meanwhile, President Trump is standing in the gap, taking the slings and arrows meant for us… and he is winning… and in Trump’s plans, there is NEVER ANY ROOM FOR EVEN THINKING FOR ONE SECOND THAT WINNING ISN ‘T EVERYTHING!

So you see, it is not about inflation, recession, nor DeSantis, it is about those who want to control the world versus those who want sovereignty of nations and a free people with a level playing field on a solid gold and silver monetary system!


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And that is just one layer of what is taking place. Remember this is an onion and there are many, many layers and so much taking place at the same time. This is just a fast track overview to see how to follow the money. You can follow it from many directions. And one thing is sure, the ones who have lined up behind any opposition to Trump are aligned with global RESET goals.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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