Maxwell’s Socialite Trial…

Here are some takeaways from the first day of the trial from the New York Times, you know the same ones who just had a judge rule in favor of Project Veritas that the NY Times could not run the story of the information the FBI confiscated and turned over to them?:

Judge Drops Major Ruling On New York Times – They Block Document Dump, Side With Project Veritas

Nobody knows how they got these documents (although the FBI recently raided PV’s offices), but they intended on publishing them. Project Veritas sued to prevent these documents from being released. And a judge just ruled on it. Read more: Judge Drops Major Ruling On New York Times – They Block Document Dump, Side With Project Veritas (

Back to Maxwell…. The same NY Times Says Here’s what you need to know:

  • 4 takeaways from the first day of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial.
  • On first day of trial, prosecutors say Maxwell and Epstein were ‘partners in crime.’
  • The first witness in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is one of Epstein’s pilots.
  • Defense lawyers say Ghislaine Maxwell is a ‘scapegoat’ for Epstein.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell ‘exploited young girls’ and ‘served them up’ to Epstein, a prosecutor said.
  • Even in death, Jeffrey Epstein looms over Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial.
  • Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?
  • Here are the charges Ghislaine Maxwell faces.
image 143

It appears that there are a handful of charges against Maxwell which indicates that either everyone in the justice system truly is in on the lawlessness themselves, or that Maxwell has sung a wonderful, glorious song at a plea bargain concert and is now just in the trial part of the show…for show.

After all the years of being involved with Epstein since 1991 … or 1994? Whichever date you want to pick….I’ve heard both of them….all they are charging her with are 6 counts…these are:

The six counts center on the accounts of four accusers. The charges include:

  • One count of enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, in which Ms. Maxwell is accused of coercing one girl — identified as Minor Victim 1 in charging documents — to travel from Florida to New York, between 1994 and 1997, to engage in sex acts with Mr. Epstein.

I had to Interject. When I do it will be in bold and brackets: (One girl. Let me repeat that again…. ONE GIRL!)

  • One count of transportation of a minor with intent to engage in illegal sex acts, which accuses Ms. Maxwell of bringing the same girl from Florida to New York on numerous occasions.

(ONLY ONE???????????????????????????)

  • One count of sex trafficking of a minor, which charges that between 2001 and 2004, Ms. Maxwell recruited, enticed and transported another girl — identified in the charges as Minor Victim 4 — to engage in at least one commercial sex act with Mr. Epstein.

(Again….only one count of sex trafficking of a minor.)

  • And three counts of conspiracy, which are related to the other counts. The conspiracy counts in the indictment are more expansive, involving all four accusers and homes in the United States and in London. These charges involve accusations that Ms. Maxwell worked with Mr. Epstein to secure underage girls for sex acts, for example, by encouraging one to give Mr. Epstein massages in London between 1994 and 1995.

(Maybe the truth is all hidden inside this package? Who knows? It’s all a show and we only get to know what the fake news tells us.)

Update Dec. 1, 2021: Just received this interesting piece:

image 2

And this one…. now why couldn’t the New York Times, the same Times that wanted to break the news on a story from stolen FBI information from Project Veritas that they were not going to publish because it was not verified….meaning they felt it was suspicious???? Why couldn’t they tell us this?

Are you seeing how parts of the FBI help create fake news with setups that lead to wrap up smears?

image 3

Meanwhile….just so you get the idea of how this will be going down….the New York Times Tells us this:

In describing how evidence would show that Ms. Maxwell helped Mr. Epstein traffic and sexually abuse teenage girls, a prosecutor sketched out the story of one accuser referred to only by a first name, Jane.

Jane met Mr. Epstein and Ms. Maxwell in 1994, the prosecutor, Lara Pomerantz, told jurors: a seemingly innocent encounter that began at a picnic table with the realization that the two adults and the teenage girl all lived in Palm Beach, Fla. It ended with Jane providing her phone number.

That was the “beginning of a nightmare that would last for years,” Ms. Pomerantz said. She said that Ms. Maxwell helped win Jane’s trust with shopping trips and “helped normalize abusive sexual conduct” at the hands of Mr. Epstein.

The jury would hear directly from Jane and from three other women who had similar experiences as teenage girls, the prosecutor said.

(Excuse me NY Times the prosecutor has a name…it’s Maurene Comey…you know James Comey’s daughter…the Russia, Russia, Russia guy???? The one who is in on the coup to unseat Trump and protects all the politico’s with the honey pot bribe ring as long as they do as they are told, and often frequent the Island???? That FBI Comey! Yea…his daughter!)

Maurene Comey: James Comey's Daughter Co-Leading Ghislaine Case
Maurene Comey the prosecutor in Maxwell’s case. Good grief…don’t look for much out of this unless it’s already been plea bargained????
Who Is Alison Nathan? Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Judge

(Oh and the Federal Judge is one Obama appointed her name is Alison Nathan who also worked as a special assistant and councel in the Obama White House.)

Back to the NY Times:

A few minutes later, however, a defense lawyer, Bobbi C. Sternheim, told jurors that recollections from witnesses like Jane, who are expected to testify under oath about Mr. Epstein’s abuse, were not to be trusted.

She suggested the accusers had “unreliable and suspect” memories that could have been “corrupted” over the years or “contaminated” by “constant media reports.” She also suggested the accusers were motivated by a desire to win “a big jackpot of money” from a possible civil action against Mr. Epstein’s estate.

“Each accuser’s story is thin,” she told jurors. “They have been impacted by lawyers, by media, by things they have read and things they have heard and by money, big bucks.”

Ms. Sternheim painted Ms. Maxwell as a “scapegoat” who is on trial only because Mr. Epstein had killed himself in a federal jail. That suicide, she told jurors, left “a gaping hole in the pursuit of justice” for many people. Ms. Maxwell is “filling that hole,” Ms. Sternheim added. “Filling that empty chair.”

“Ever since Eve was accused of tempting Adam with the apple,” she said, “women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men.”

The first witness for the prosecution was not one of the accusers but a private pilot: Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., who had worked for Mr. Epstein from 1991 to 2019.

Mr. Visoski described, in broad strokes, the role Ms. Maxwell played in managing Mr. Epstein’s households and properties, describing their relationship as “couple-ish.” Guided by photographs presented as evidence, Mr. Visoski also described ferrying Mr. Epstein and his guests to various luxury residences in New York City; Paris; the U.S. Virgin Islands; Palm Beach, Fla.; and Santa Fe, N.M.

“Pretty much every four days we were on the road flying somewhere,” he said. Mr. Visoski said he did not always know precisely who was flying on Mr. Epstein’s planes with him. Read full scoop….What is Ghislaine Maxwell Charged With? Full List – The New York Times (


The CEO of Twitter resigned
The CEO of Walmart resigned
The CEO of CNBC resigned

Lin Wood shares that- Byrnes puts out video telling weird poem to Lin Wood…about dog dying….

image 142


Lin Woods responds to sick poem by saying:

“Since Patrick Byrne seems to be obsessed of late with publishing propaganda videos related to me, today strikes me as a good day to re-visit the TRUTH of Patrick’s actual words.

“I have little time and no enthusiasm for engaging with the likes of Byrne as I have better things to do (like play with my puppies), but in fairness, since he seems intent on attacking or even threatening me, I think I have the right to respond. Surely it is abundantly fair to respond with his own words.

“By the way, despite his claims to the contrary, Patrick’s call to me was not to engage my legal services as is easily discerned from his own words.

“I don’t really know Patrick. He was a guest at my property in SC for 2 nights in November 2020 when I was told he had offered his private jet to others to fly them to SC.

“I do know that I would never do business with the likes of Patrick Byrne. I would never endorse the likes of Vernon Jones either.

“Hopefully, Patrick will now leave me alone and return to his work on the Council of Foreign Relations.

“Just sayin.”’ – Lin Wood

It is a waste of time to seek justice in the system the way it is this day. Know that God is watching and He is shaking up all of their deceptive games. He has opened the eyes of many of His people and more are opening each day. The evil ones will show their true colors. No matter how pretty they have painted themselves in our land of America coloring book. We will simply follow the trail of broken crayons back to their nests in the tunnels! There we shall shine a big spotlight and expose all the evil they have and still are doing.

Keep Pressing forward into the Kingdom….press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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