2022 Prophecy Kim Clement

Kim Clement 2022 PROPHECY [Shocking Last Prophetic Word Over America]. The is one of Prophet Kim Clement’s last prophecies released over America.

A powerful prophetic word! We must be ONE Nation UNDER GOD indivisible…AMEN!! NO spirit of fear!!

What if all of this new revealing and confusion is part of a bigger plan to flush out the bad operatives that have filtered into the arena of those fighting for the Republic?

We know there are those who act like they are on the side of the people to save America and are wolves in sheep clothing…and we know there are people on the side of the people who are just dragging their baggage with them…and we know when someone just doesn’t sound right…and when it doesn’t make sense to have certain people doing certain things. And as Christians who look for the good and redemption in all….we can be easily taken advantage of in our tolerance and patience in others. But that does not mean we are stupid. Not at all.

So, now we are watching a flushing out on a grand scale. Like watching fireworks being shot off in the sky. What does this mean? What if we look at it for what it is and not play along with the game? Let’s look at the show from different angles. Open a new conversation?

What if this is a plan by Trump and the team were signaled to begin internal psyops? Or what if internal psyops have entered in to create confusion? I think it is the later. What can we learn from this?

What if all of the main criminals were already arrested back when they all first looked different? Back when congress was empty and armed guards were everywhere? When Marjorie Green was running around kicked out of congress committees telling us she had nothing to do? What if she is part of the psyop with nothing to do because there was no congress meetings taking place? Remember for months congress was empty and even yet now… congress is not filled up. Nor was the senate. Remember how it really was. Remember the fake inauguration. No one in their right mind, and especially deep state would allow such a mess as that was. And when did Hillary shrink to half her size next to Bill? When did that happen? Why wasn’t anyone smiling at the inauguration? They all looked like they were at a funeral?

I said it then, just saying it again. It never was what they told us it was.

image 1

While the Whitehouse was fenced in and armed guards crawling the grounds, the underground tunnel system was being escavated and destroyed. The only ones talking of this were the conspiracy nuts like me and others who were shouting…look at what they are doing. and then we go on and act like Joe is the president and fear, fear, fear????? Yet we were given the Trump clues.

Here are some excerpts that went with this photo of the underground tunnels and the story titled:

Washington, D.C. is home to a fascinating labyrinth of tunnels

The underground passages, some of which date back hundreds of years, connect key buildings beneath the nation’s capital for a multitude of uses.


Even before this week’s unprecedented siege of the U.S. Capitol by a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump, which you can read about in the War Zone’s rolling coverage of the events as they unfolded, there were ominous indicators of what was to come. This included the discovery of pipe bombs in the vicinity of nearby Congressional office buildings earlier in the day, which had prompted evacuations, at least in part through underground tunnels. When the Capitol itself was breached, members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence, among others, were also ushered to safety via subterranean passageways.

“These incidents highlighted the large tunnel network that lies under Capitol Hill, as well as other underground links throughout Washington, D.C. Many of these are used on a day-to-day basis just to conveniently get between government buildings without going outside, but, as was shown yesterday, they also have a clear value in helping people escape to safety during a crisis. Legislators had already been advised to make increased use of them on January 6, simply to avoid encountering pro-Trump protesters. Read more here: Washington, D.C. is home to a fascinating labyrinth of tunnels (popsci.com)

All along the way we were given big fat clues. Most reacted to them instead of use them.

We saw the back of the White House all dug up busting up tunnels. We knew and heard of the explosions. I wrote about the underground tunnels in DC and showed the video of tunnel fires and the underground tunnel explosions. Most, at the time would have no part in hearing it. Many did, but many scoffed. What if…just what if….”When the Capitol itself was breached, members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence, among others, were also ushered to safety via subterranean passageways.” What if arrests were made right then and there? Ponder that one. Not saying it did…but consider something happened that we were not told. That I believe for sure. Remember all the videos that were definitely showing scenes so crazy. Scenes that would never be allowed to happen even at your own town courthouse let alone the Capitol Building of the United States of America!

Ashil Babbitt's husband files lawsuit seeking ID of officer in Jan. 6 fatal  shooting | National | stardem.com

January 6th….remember the photos. Remember the ridiculous staged false flag or crisis actor videos and photos?

There has been no Marine Guard at the Whitehouse doors and no lights on since the Inauguration except a few times for brief minutes. It is what it is. Remember the people taken away by armed national guard and put on buses at the capitol building at night?

Learn to trust God and God only and rely on the Holy Spirit to discern all things. Expose all falsehoods and uphold truth. Remember there are always two sides to a story.

And do you really believe this is how anyone would decorate the Whitehouse for Christmas?

White House Christmas Decorations Through the Years – SheKnows
What if each present represents someone who either was or will be arrested?

Truth is somewhere in all the show…..

Also learn that when distractions like what we are watching take place there is something big going on that the ones in the game don’t want you to see.

It can’t be the Maxwell trial because of the nothing burger charges and the nothing burger prosecutor and Judge…both deep state and fake news reporting is all we will hear of it and we know that liar drill. The Holmes trial is another ruse and deep state reporting from liar media only….so it can’t be that either.

Smolette case is of the same cloth…so it can’t be that.

The new Rittenhouse road show is aggravating…but it’s a nothing burger whose purpose is to create infighting and aggravate Lin Wood. The kid is either being mind controlled or a crisis actor, that’s obvious. They lie and they are deep state. For all we really know the entire street scene could have been a big fat crisis acting show. This is what they do in this show and many shows past. But, because we got to watch the whole trial, that tells me it really was a show. In other words, it was all staged. It had to have been a show. Just like the inauguration.

So, while everyone is yelling and pointing…. and fake news is reading their scripts…. it is time to ponder, reflect, and watch and see. Who knows the new inspiration that will come from this? One thing is sure…nothing is as it appears in this abstract world we are watching on social media and TV. When we get in our cars it appears normal….and then we go out and see people in masks and we remember we are still in the Truman Show. At least for a while longer.

This is the time when we must praise God for revealing so many things and praise him for revealing all the truth, no matter how painful, and no matter how surprising it is. The most important person for us to be concerned about what they are doing in this show is ourself. That is the only one any of us can change. That being said, we are the only ones responsible for our free will and that is the process of what we each, as individuals think, feel, and choose to do. We are not going to have to answer God for what Trump did, or Flynn did, or Lin did…or Pelosi did or Joe. We are going to have to answer to God for what we did.

Let us focus on what we can do to bring about the Kingdom of God and not what we want others to do. This is our test…no one elses but ours.

It is up to each one of us to ask the Lord to be close to us and ask for the Holy Spirit to teach us and to guide us in using the gifts the lord God has given us to be used.

And in doing so, remembering always the easy yoke the Lord gave us and that is to love God with all of our heart, mind, and soul and to love our neighbor as ourself. And by doing those two things we shall have kept all the commandments of God. The Lord also said to be as wise as serpents and gentle as a dove. So in this is what we must strive for.

The Lord said the Kingdom of God is within you…and in knowing this…we must come out of the ways of this world and put on the whole armor of God to resist the evil principalities and powers. We are to pray unceasing and fear not. Stay focused on the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to teach us all things, and discern all things that are put before us. One by one, together, we shall usher in the way of the Lord which is our preparation for the Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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